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Experience Rest by Learning How to Delegate

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Everyone delegates. Delegation is one way we can reduce the stress in our lives. I am amazed at how effectively my son and daughter-in-law delegate jobs to their children and how well my grandchildren do these jobs. Through this my grandchildren are learning key life skills and being paid in the process.

Moses was experiencing burnout because he was the only one judging the Israelites when they had quarrels. Jethro, his father-in-law, taught him how to delegate. Read the story in Exodus 18:13-22.

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God's View Concerning the Value of Spiritual Advisors

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The following journaling was done by Sara Cornett as she worked her way through our training on 4 Keys to Hearing God's Voice. We emphasize that there is safety in a multitude of counselors (Proverbs 11:14), and that every rhema is to be confirmed by two or three others (2 Corinthians 13:1). This keeps one from getting lost in their own subjectivity, while providing encouragement and faith to continue on, as our spiritual advisors affirm to us that our journaling did indeed come from God.

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A Witch Doctor Gives His Life To Jesus After Demons Are Bound

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This story is in the form of an email dialogue I had with Pastor Erick from Uganda.

Pastor Erick – Mark, I need your advice. Two months ago, 213 students gave their lives to Jesus during school outreaches where I share daily messages about how to hear God’s voice. Part of this training is having them share what God has spoken to them. Two months ago, when 213 students joined the fellowship and gave their lives to Jesus, a certain girl aged 19 years also gave her life to Jesus. When she told me her father is a witchdoctor, I gave her a copy of Your Extraordinary Life and a Bible.

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Opportunity to Give to a Church in the Bahamas for Hurricane Relief

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Those of us who live in Florida are very grateful for the prayers of all of our friends during the threat of Hurricane Dorian. We are grateful that we were spared most of its damage. And we are aware that many still live in its potential path, so our prayers continue for our neighbors to the north.

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Release God's Creativity and Transform Society by Bill Dupley

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Knowledge versus Wisdom - One of the most challenging things I needed to do in my role as a Chief Technologist was staying current with the ever-changing state of Technology. This week I watched a video of a Microsoft Conference Speaker using a hologram of herself to give a speech. She spoke in English, but the hologram spoke in Japanese. I was amazed. 

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How Do I Come Back to God After I Have Committed a HUGE Sin?

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When we fail, we can beat ourselves up for several hours, days or months, or we can be cleansed instantly and return to peace and rest. Demons howl in laughter if I beat myself up, for I have removed myself from God’s presence, and stepped out of the Kingdom of peace and joy in the Holy Spirit (Romans 14:17) and into the kingdom of demonic lies and accusations.

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God Says I Am Healed Yet Symptoms Persist

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Restless leg syndrome started seven weeks after open heart surgery. I prayed for healing and then journaled and God has told me I was healed physically. Yet the symptoms of the infirmity persist. So now what do I do? Acknowledge I still have restless leg syndrome, or acknowledge that I’m healed?

Download this “Inner Healing for an Organ – Prayer Worksheet and complete it (free and interactive), or you can do your journaling in your journaling notebook.

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When Everything Changes

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Words of Life: From the Father's Heart of Love

by Graham J. Marriott | 115 Pages

This is a book of two-way journaling accompanied by pictures on nearly every page. You will be blessed and inspired as you read! 

God has spoken to us most clearly through His Son, Jesus, the Living Word. He has also given us His written Word, the Bible. However, He is a living and loving Father God who delights to speak to us, His children, today. One of the ways of hearing what He is trying to communicate with us is to keep a journal.

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49 Lies Package

49 Lies Package

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If you have ever believed any of the following lies, then this book is for you: "Emotions are soulish;" "Money is evil or secular;" "It is wrong to seek vision;" "Don’t trust experiences;" "God gave me a mind and expects me to use it;" "Politics are evil;" God is always beating on me;" or one of 43 more such detestable lies...

This package is composed of two books, 49 Lies I Rejected When I Renounced Phariseeism  (100 pages of God's revelation through two-way journaling) and Release from Religion which contains 100 pages of Bible meditation where we search the Scriptures to see if they confirm that these things are so.

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You can be the parent God wants you to be: loving, encouraging, trusting and able to raise up your children in the way they should go, fulfilling their own unique destinies. Parenting was not intended to be a burden, and anyone who tells you differently has bought into a lie. You will learn to enjoy parenting as an exciting, joy-filled, divinely-ordained opportunity, not a wearying responsibility.


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Benefit from 40 years of training by Drs. Mark and Patti Virkler. They are passionate to lead you into Spirit-anointed living by providing biblically-based, real life, "how to" training manuals on Christian spirituality. Their down-to-earth teachings are perfect for personal and small group training experiences. Special Bonus: Includes teaching materials by their daughter, Charity Virkler Kayembe. This is an ideal library of materials for a home, church or Christian school to have on hand.

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