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Two Movies You Should Support!

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It’s not often that there is even one must-see film with godly themes at your local theater, but now we have two! We have seen them both, and they are excellent! First, check out “October Baby”, a movie with a very life-affirming message. You can find out which theaters in your area are showing it, and read all about it here. 

God Gives Intercessor a Prophetic Dream about the Chardon High School Shooting in Ohio

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Some dreams are prophetic. Especially if God has called you to be a prophetic intercessor, which sure appears to be the case with Danielle Brown-Davis, who states: "I have been a Christian all my life. I was practically born in the church. I got saved at age 12. My husband and I attend Huntington Baptist Church in Huntington Village, NY." 

Training Your Child to Encounter Jesus - Godly Imagination & Visions

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Introduction from Mark Virkler: Once children are taught to use their imaginations, they can step from godly imaginations (i.e., picturing things the Bible says are true), directly into visions, and they can do it a lot easier than adults can. Read this story of a two and a half year old named Lance, as told by his father Brent Engelman, and you will be brought to tears!

Vision Accomplishments in 2011 - Video Blog

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God continues to enlarge the work of CWG Ministries with 2011 being our most amazing year ever. Our passion is to see training materials in every community teaching how to hear God's voice and how to live by the Spirit. 

A Prophetic Dream and a Prophetic Word

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Below are a couple of prophetic items which have been received around the first of March 2012. I sense God is about to do some great things. Read them and pray about them and see what God speaks to your heart.

Freemasonry - How Do I Break Off These Curses?

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Question: I have been working through 7 Prayers that Heal the Heart and God has revealed that Masonry is a spirit that is part of my history from my Dad and grandfather who were both Masons.  Do you have any specific things that I need to consider as I work through this issue towards deliverance? 

Lord, When Is “Priming The Pump” Acceptable and Unacceptable?

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Journaling from Colin Tucker: Lord, when is “priming the pump” acceptable and unacceptable?

Journaling in Song: “Speak to Me” Music Born by the Spirit

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By Steve Beukema, Ph.D., Worship Director - Pathfinder Church, Portage, MI I’m a left-brained person.  I make my career as a scientist, and I’m also a musician and worship director at my church.  A couple weeks ago Dr. Mark Virkler came to my church to teach a weekend seminar on Hearing God’s Voice. 

Explore the Life of Christ with a Spirit-anointed British Scholar at Your Side - Dr. Andrew Hardy!

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A brand new product! CDs or DVDs by Dr. Andrew Hardy take you through the Gospels in 10 sessions providing you an in-depth overview of the Life of Jesus.The lessons follow perfectly with the "Through the Bible" text by Mark and Patti Virkler. This training package is ideal for either individual or small group use.

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