Love God, Love Yourself

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My guest post this week is from my friend Reyna.  I’m excited for you to hear her story.  I know you’ll be blessed. 


Love God, Love Yourself


A few days ago I was cooking dinner and thinking about auto-immune diseases and the people I know who suffer from them.  I was having a conversation with God about it.  “God, what’s going on with all these autoimmune diseases?!  I mean you designed our immune systems to help us, not attack us!  Is it because people don’t really know who they are in you and, quite frankly, hate themselves? Don’t you think that if people really loved you they would love themselves too?  You know, like what your Word says,


‘Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.’ This is the first and greatest commandment.  And the second is like it: ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’” (Matthew 22:37)


I was just being real with God, so don’t get me wrong.  I don’t believe all autoimmune diseases stem from self hatred.  I believe it’s a spirit of infirmity, an attack from our nemesis, the devil.


And I know there are other causes too, like diet etc.  I whole heartedly believe that sickness does NOT come because we have sinned and God is trying to punish us.  Jesus took all of that on the cross.  I was just being honest before God.  I just knew I had the answer. We have to love God more! 


Then I heard the Holy Spirit so clearly, “Reyna, love yourself as your neighbor.” 


The statement rocked my world.  It’s true.  We often love and treat others so much better then ourselves.  It’s like we do and do for others, but never stop and think, “Hey, I need to rest right now and just refocus!”


God reminded me of how I use to act out and self-destruct in my early 20’s by way of binge drinking, promiscuity, and acting fancy free like nothing could harm me.  I was the lead singer of a band and we traveled from bar to bar.  One of my favorite songs went like this:


I am my own worst enemy. Cause every now and then I kick the living s*** out of me.”


I thought I was hot stuff, but in reality I was kicking myself.  God showed me that even though I grew up in church learning about his great love, I didn’t really believe it.  I actually hated myself.  I didn’t know who I was in God’s eyes.  I didn’t know how precious and awesome I was to him.


This isn’t a narcissist attitude.  It’s understanding that you and I are the apples of his eye.  He looks at us and says, “Wow, that’s my son and daughter.  Aren’t they amazing?  Look at them.  My heart is swelling with love for them.  I can’t contain my love.  I have to let them know how much I love them.  I have to give them all of me.” 


And that’s why He sent Jesus.  I heard a friend tell me the other day that she heard Kim Walker say (paraphrasing) that when God created us he took a part of his own heart out and shaped it into a unique image (us).  Then he took that part of his heart and put it back inside himself. 


God reminded me that my old self was a great actress, creating a daily act to get people to notice and like me.  You will like me if I act a certain way.  That’s what I was really doing and that is what many of us do whether consciously or subconsciously.  I still do it every now and then.  And it even happens with God.  We think if we act a certain way he will love us more. 


When God started delivering me of fear, he told me he’s not disappointed in me and never has been.  “Even when I was partying?”  I asked.   He told me he wasn’t because he doesn’t put his hope in me but in his son, Jesus, who will always come through for him. 


Friend, you are awesome!!  And God is not mad at you or disappointed in you.  If we will really receive these truths then the lies we aren’t good enough, we have missed it, we will never get to live our dreams, we are ugly, fat, too tall, too short, etc. will fade away.  Yes, the enemy will tempt us to believe those lies again but if we have fully received the truth of how God feels about us then we will never go back. 


Receiving the truth prepares a way for us to receive the love of Christ that is a jealous flame stronger than the grave.  No more can those lies tell us to quit, lie down, and die.  NO!  When you love yourself, you give that precious love back to Jesus as worship in Spirit and in truth. 


You can say, “Take all of me Jesus—whatever it looks like.  I’ll go anywhere you send me because you’re worthy of my whole life.” 


When we can get our soul (emotions and feelings) to marry our spirit that is seated with Christ in heavenly places, there are no bounds.  Because where the Spirit of the Lord is there is freedom.  Freedom from all the junk the devil has put upon you: sickness, doubt, fear, discouragement, unforgiveness, hatred, sexual immorality, jealously, laziness, depression, judgments, pride, and all negativity!


Let him kiss me with the kisses of his mouth for your love is more delightful than wine.  Pleasing is the fragrance of your perfumes; your name is like perfume poured out.  No wonder the young women love you.  Take me away with you, let us hurry.  Let the king bring me into his chambers.   Song of Songs 1:2-4


God takes you into His chambers and loves on you.  Then you take that love back out to those who are hurting and lost.  Love God AND yourself!




Reyna Little


Wife, Mother, District Director for Chi Alpha West Texas, and completely in love with Jesus


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