Jesus singing?

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Do you have a mental image of me? Is it correct? Do you see me singing? This is how I rejoice over you and I am the Chief Musician after all. If your image of me is grim and austere then you will move in the same direction in error. I rebuked a wicked and slothful servant not because he failed to make money in the marketplace, but because he falsely accused me of being a hard man. Even though you see in a glass darkly I want your image of me to be correct, for that is the image you will be transformed into. If you do what you see me doing, then you should rejoice, for I rejoice over you. 

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I keep seeing him singing over us and not the other way round. You hear God! Keep it up. The rest of us need it. MARK HOLLOWAY

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Dear Dale,
I just want to thank you for sharing these words of God to your heart. Very uplifting and encouraging. I have shared them several times with many others. Thank you for your obedience to God.
Andra Lance

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Andra - Your positive feedback means a lot to me. 

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Every time I read you guys posts, I am awe. I always learned new things. My understanding is transformed. I bought everything that has to do with how to hear the voice of GOD, Dvds, cds, every book. But I still can't hear. Most importantly, I can't picture Jesus. It's just hard for me. Quieting myself is easy but the rest is just hard. Perhaps demons are involved. How long did you have to practice the exercise in order to hear.
I even bought the book of Mark Holloway, and it helped me healed on a tremendous scale. With this post I have had it. I want to hear, and I want to have the right image of Jesus. Please sincerely, help me.

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Please just relax and rest in Christ. Have you given your life to Jesus and accepted Him as your Lord? I'm assuming yes. Know that the Lord loves you so much and wants fellowship with you even more than you want it with Him. He designed you so special to Him. Just rest in Him. Perhaps listen to worship music, quiet your mind and concentrate on the simple messages in song. Keep your eyes closed and imagine the things you are hearing in the songs. God showed me that it is okay to be involved with imagining on purpose. Read the gospels and take serious time to imagine that you are one of the disciples in the story. Meditate on how you would feel in the story. Imagine in detail... what the weather may be like, what the smells may be like, how excited you may be to be following such a master, whom you believe to be the Messiah. Imagine you are Peter in the storm iin the boat. Suddenly a ghost like figure is walking toward you on the water, but you discover it is Jesus. Immediately you want to go to Him. You heart is bursting to go toward Him. And so on. Romeo, I too have had some trouble with the hearing God exercises, but this type of imagining brought a flow of the Spirit showing me such exciting things, because I was relating to Jesus as myself, yet through the story. Have fun. Andra Lance

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May God bless you for your obedience.I always love to read your posts (GOD`S words) as they are uplifting , encouraging, and builds us up.
Thank you Lord for using my brothers and sisters to communicate to us in multiple ways.

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Thank you so much for sharing the truth of God's word and the vision of your heart in seeing God singing and rejoicing over us. This is so incredible as it shatters religious spirits and it shows that the glory of God is His goodness. We can respond in kind as we see God singing and rejoicing over us. You are such a blessing! Thank you and I wish to share this truth and the revelation of your vision in how the eyes of your heart see the true depiction of God's heart for us!

Love in Jesus,

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