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God the last time I published one of our conversations you said that things are going to happen, and are happening already that need discussion with you. You said that you need to explain and unfold those things to people. And now lots of people are asking me to get you to expand on those things. Shall I ask you more about the things that are to come?

Of course.



What do you mean?

Mark I always want people asking me what’s on my mind, as often as you have the energy to talk with me. You’re human, which means you don’t always have the energy to be in a conversation, not even with me. But as often as you have the inclination and the energy I’d love to be having a conversation, a human sort of conversation, back and forwards like a friend.

God different people mean different things by a ‘conversation with God’.

They do. But when I say conversation I mean conversation. There are no rules, but if you are not having a conversation with me like you would normally have a conversation with a human – the back and forward sort of conversation, they speak, you speak back – at the normal human rate of exchange, then it might be prayer, it might be meditating, but it’s not conversation. It’s not conversation in the way you would normally do it. And that’s what I want; conversation in the way you would normally do it, with a friend. I’d like to be your friend.

Well that’s going to put me offside with a number of people – thanks a million for that God!?!

Mark if people want to pray, or wait on me, or sing at me, or ask a question and then leave it to me to answer sometime, then that’s fine. All I’m saying is that’s not a conversation.

You make it sound like you’d prefer a conversation?

Mark if I answered that it WOULD put you offside with a number of people – so I won’t. People can ask me that question themselves, better they hear the answer direct from me.

But God if they do ask you they might not hear the answer.

That’s true of course. If they pray and wait for an impression they may wait days, weeks or years. It’s not that I’m any slower to answer when they pray the way they’ve been taught. It’s simply that they don’t expect a more immediate answer like they do when they’re having a conversation with a friend. And because they don’t expect one, they often miss it when it comes. A conversation puts you in the frame of mind to expect an answer – and of course when you expect something you are more likely to recognise it when it comes.

Ok God we’re getting a bit off-topic here. We were talking about you wanting to explain the things that are to come.

Yes I do, but actually the conversation we are having here is not off-topic at all. In fact it is fundamental to me being able to explain in specific minute detail the things that are to come.

How do you mean?

Mark without a conversation, let’s say you pray and then wait for me to give you impressions, then you won’t hear enough of what I want you to hear. Yes you’ll hear to a level that will reassure you of my presence, but actually I want to talk, as much interchange and talk as you’d expect to have with a friend. Mark if you had a conversation with a friend for an hour you would hear them say many many things in the course of that hour.


And yet if you have an hour long ‘quiet-time’ with me you’re lucky if you hear me say one or two things. That doesn’t satisfy the place in you that needs to hear the day by day meaning of your life. Mark I want conversation, deep, specific, topic by topic conversation. Every, every day.

Now listen carefully here Mark, let’s get back to your question about the things that are coming, some of your readers are getting frustrated, they want to hear what I have to say about events on the horizon.


Mark long before I explain details of the events that are coming I need to explain how to handle the events that are coming. But there’s even a step before that - if you want to hear me explain a thing, THEN FIRST YOU’LL NEED TO UNDERSTAND how TO HEAR ME EXPLAIN A THING. I don’t mean the odd impression or sentence from me – I mean you’ll need to learn how to hear me speak in full sentences and paragraphs and as often as you have the energy to talk back and forward with me.  Do you understand what I’m explaining here Mark?

I think you’re saying that a back and forward conversation, in lots of detail like this, detail that is specific and enough to be recorded is what you want?

Yes of course, and…

I also think you’re saying there are three stages of hearing you, certainly about the things that are going to come?

Good, carry on.

Ok, well I think you’re saying that the three stages are;

·         Learn how to hear you speak in full sentences and paragraphs - learn how to have an actual conversation with you.

·         Then once we know how to do that, listen to you explain how to handle the events that are coming.

·         Then finally, listen to you explain what those coming events are.

Yes. You’re beginning to understand this. But Mark there’s a twist in all this that I don’t want you to miss. There’s an unexpected direction in the way I’ll speak to you about the things are coming – and here it is; I’m NOT focused on the same aspects of this as you are. I’ve got a world to change. And you DON’T change a world with political events. You change a world like you change a human; from the inside out.

My focus is not to fulfil the book of Revelations, don’t rebuke me Mark, Revelations will happen soon enough. But right now I have an earth and humans I want to work with and change. Here’s the clue; you’ll notice that very few times did I, or Paul or Peter or any of the others explain much detail about future apocalyptic events. We referred to them in passing, but you Christians spend hour after hour trying to work them out. We just didn’t seem as interested in those things as you are. And do you know why Mark?? It’s because we’re not!! ‘Let tomorrow take care of itself’.

All those things will happen soon enough. If you focus on what’s coming and finding out what those things are, if you’re constantly trying to determine the way current world events fit with biblical prophecy, you’ll miss something MUCH MORE important.

You’ll miss the relevance of what’s happening in your life right here, right now. Life is NOT about future events, it will be when the future has arrived, but not until then. Right now those things are not happening yet. So give them little notice.

Mark I am the God of LIFE. RIGHT. NOW.  I think I demonstrated that well enough in my conversations with the bible heroes from Adam onwards. I turned up and was interested in what was happening to them right then. And I also demonstrated it in the way that when on earth I didn’t spend much time prophesying about the things to come. That was rare. My focus was always on the lives of the people I came in touch with, and guess what; that hasn’t changed. There are plenty of scriptures to back up what I’m saying. Google them if you feel uneasy about what you can hear me saying.

I am always much more interested and focused on explaining the life lessons of the moment: How to live life right now, how to get on with others, how to get the most out of life. I love the life I’ve given you Mark. I love this world. When I finished creating it, I said that it was good. So be careful, too many of you Christians have an escapist mentality. You want to get out of here. But I don’t want you to get out of here, I DON’T want you to pull the cord and jump. I want you focused on what’s happening in your life, work and family right now. You Christians might have given up on earth, but I haven’t. I like the concept of earth so much that when it’s all over I’m going to build another.

But God didn’t you say that the final stage is to hear you explain how to handle what’s coming?

Yes I did. But when I say ‘what’s coming’, I may not be talking about an end time, apocalyptic thing. I’m sorry to disappoint you but I might not even mean a big change in the way your church and religious systems work. I’ve always been prepared to fit with the way you do things, even if it’s not the way I’d like them to be. When I use the term ‘the things that are coming’ I might simply mean that I’m going to move all of you away from trying to listen to me through others, or through your religious systems and books. Instead I might want to move you back into what I intended in the first place -- a full back and forward conversation with me. That might be ‘what’s coming’. That’s what you humans are designed for - to be able to hear from me in actual full sentence conversations.

So I MIGHT tell you what I’m thinking about the political situation in your country, or in the U.S. or in the Muslim nations, but honestly Mark I’m MUCH MORE likely to talk to you about your job and your mortgage and your family. Think about it; how often did I or Paul, or even John the Baptist who was often making sweeping proclamations – how often did any of us talk about the Roman/Jewish Political situation?: Seldom if ever unless directly questioned about it. 

So you’ve outlined the three levels God…

Yes and the first stage is to know HOW to hear me explain things in as much detail as you can hear a human saying a thing. If you know how to hear me like that you have the keys to everything. That’s all you need. First and foremost you need to know how to hear me. Most of you don’t.

God good Christians often find that a bit offensive.

Mark the fact remains that the vast majority of Christians, the ones who go to church and the ones who don’t, almost NEVER have a back and forward conversation with me. Yes they hear me from time to time and of course quite a number pray at me a lot of the time. But you know yourself that even the most amazing Christians, when you teach them this conversation with me they are astounded. Having thought that they were in regular contact with God they are just like you were when you first stumbled on this conversation; gobsmacked! Just like you were, those who try this, no matter how much I’ve been using them, say they never knew that a human could have such a fluent, ongoing, back and forward human conversation with me. They become intoxicated and addicted to hearing me speak just to them in such volume. And yet this conversation is supposed to be the norm.

Ok God, but there are lots of people who are asking me to ask you to expand on what’s coming… you know; the future. They want to know what’s around the corner. They want to know the relevance of politics and world events and also about the church and how that all sort of works out.

Yes they do. But have you noticed that I’m a lot less interested in all of that than the rest of you are? For instance rather than talk about the Roman domination of Israel, the first recorded time that I spoke at any length to or about the Romans was to talk to the Centurion about the principles of praying for healing and to observe that he had more faith than anyone else I had ever met in Israel.

Ok God now you seem to be changing topic, now I think you’re saying something about apprentices??

I am talking about apprentices, but I’m NOT changing topic. When an apprentice builder enters training as a young man it’s not the time to explain what is going to happen to the building industry in the next 30 years. First he needs to understand how to learn to build. And then after that how to build. Until he understands how to build he has no frame of reference with which to process the information about what will happen to the building industry, no way of understanding the ramifications that the changes will bring to him. Do you understand?

Yes I think. But how does that relate to you explaining things we need to understand to be ready for what’s coming?

Mark all kinds of things are coming in world events, and are already here and brewing in the background. A wise and astute mind can see much of what is taking place. But pay it no mind. Leaders and political movements come and go. But I’m constant. No matter whether the people are for you, against you or ambivalent, what’s most important is that you need to know how to hear my voice and live in conversation with me in order to know how to respond to the prevailing mood of whichever age in which you live.

Learn to hear me, and you will find yourself living in the REAL reality. That will put you in good stead for whatever is coming. Don’t worry about what’s coming, give attention instead to a closer conversation with me


The Freedom Diaries will stretch you. It describes Mark’s real life struggle with Doubt as he discovered that he could hear God’s voice every day.Dr Mark Virkler. Author of 4 Keys to hearing God’s Voice. Buffalo. New York.

Like a child on Christmas morning, I was delighted to discover how simple yet wonderful it is to place my hand into the hand of God and listen to his whispers and enjoy his affection.  I could only ask why no one had ever told me he was this good and this close.  I wish I had read this book a long, long time ago.  Daniel Walker. Founder and Executive Director of Nvader. Author of God in a brothel.

This is new and exciting. It’s not the idea of hearing from God that’s new, it’s having conversations back and forth, question and answers. That’s new for most of us. Now I am enjoying my own conversations with God, which always leave me with hope. David Garratt of Scripture in Song. Hawaii.

You can purchase your own copy of Mark Holloway's book, 'The Freedom Diaries - God Speaks Back' on this website.

IF YOU HAVE TROUBLE THINKING IT'S YOUR OWN IMAGINATION WHEN YOU TRY TO HAVE A CONVERSATION WITH GOD - read the 'Practical Tips' section. How to have your own conversation with God in The Freedom Diaries. 



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