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How Healing Emotional Trauma Was a Key in Healing My Cancer by Margaret Cornell

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When I developed cancer, I realized that there were five or six events that happened in my life like a tsunami, which l believe had lowered my immune system and had opened the door for cancer to flourish.

Over the years I have learned to process my emotions through journaling prayer and worship, but during this period of time, everything piled into my life in such a way that in the end I was completely broken. Some of the pain that I had experienced was a direct result of God instructing us to take certain courses of action. My spirit knew them to be the right thing to do but my soul just couldn’t cope with it.

A lot of the time I was so busy dealing with several crises at once that I was completely unable to deal with any of them individually. I was in total overload in a way that I’d never ever been in my life. 

I believe that it was Satan’s plan to kill me, which I was not planning to cooperate with, although at one point dying seemed very attractive. I have outlined these events in my book called Why Me, God? and some of the ways in which I dealt with things and enabled my complete healing. However, I knew I was grieving and I was completely exhausted emotionally and physically.

After the diagnosis, I took a week to seek God as to whether to take treatment or not and to ask Him how had I got into this condition. I knew I must take serious action. Over a period of days, God revealed to me the things that I needed to deal with. It was a very painful few days. At the end of it, I sat with my husband and I told him everything. He listened and held me while I cried and cried until I could cry no more; until I knew that the trauma and grief and everything that had been held in my heart was gone. I felt complete peace and enormous relief and I knew that I was then free to hear God speak about what to do.

I heard God clearly and I took the treatment, but I was never relying on the treatment to heal me. I went to war with every Godly weapon I knew. I meditated on the word of God. I sought the Lord for a special Scripture that I could stand on. I confessed the word on healing even when I sounded weak and pathetic.

I worshipped and found key worship songs that particularly lifted me above events. I knew about laughter being wonderful medicine so I found lots of wholesome things on the internet that made me laugh. I took some supplements. 

At all times I cultivated the presence of God. I had prayer from many dear friends and I kept Jesus central in my thinking despite everything that was difficult to bear.

The result was that although they said the treatment might not work in a woman of 73 and that there was only a 50% chance of getting rid of the lymphoma which was extensive, I ended up in complete remission. Just three weeks after the treatment finished I was vibrantly full of health and strength, and I have never looked back! 

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