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What Is My Daily Health Routine?

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Two years ago, God directed me to focus on Vibrant Health through Miracles and Gifts of Healings. This research is done for now. 120 articles record my progress, and they are all listed here! My health is greatly improved, although I still find a couple of things I am working on. Seems like the healthier you get, the more in tune you become to when things are not working perfectly, and then you go after those things. Patti and I both have big visions from the Lord. Patti feels she will need to live to 120 to fulfill hers!

The Life and Death Choices YOU Must Make

Compassion: So what can I say? Well, first of all, I thank God for all He has shown me. I am thrilled to be getting healthier at age 62. Secondly, I realize that getting healthy is a lot of work, so I fully empathize with each and every one who is on this path. We are all on a journey toward maximum health and healing. We choose to support each of you as you travel. I become increasingly aware that health issues I had "just put up with" assuming they are the way I am created, I may not need to "put up with". As I apply additional techniques I discover, they go away and I do not need to live with them.

Passion: Our passion must be, "I will not quit until I am vibrantly healthy, as that is God's will for my life. So I will continue to press in, and get counsel from every valid source I can find, and try it and experiment and see what works for me." My vision is "cruise ship, not nursing home."

Rather than trying two or three things which don't work, and then quitting in our pursuit of health, to win we must do what Edison did with the light bulb. 6000 tries, and we had a working light bulb. In the past, I have quit after trying three things that didn't work.I have repented (changed my mind) and now if sickness attacks, I pursue miracles plus all 30 gifts of healings, pressing in until I receive my healing.  

Result: Life and health continues to improve! It is an amazing and an arduous journey. It is an unfolding path. Excellent coaches/health care experts can be a great asset, especially those who use natural God-given means to heal the body.

The Health Care System in the U.S. - The U.S. ranks 49 in life expectancy out of 220 nations, and yet the U.S. spends more per person per year in health care than any nation on the planet. In 2015 the U.S. spent $9451 per person while Israel spent only $2533 (1/4 the amount). And Israel is a nation where, in spite of death from wars, people live an average of 3 years longer than people in the U.S. The American health care system is ranked 37th amongst the nations of the world by the World Health Organization. The statistics on doctor-induced death rates (approximately 1 million annually) and my personal encounters with those who have been subjected to the U.S. health care system make me choose to opt out if at all possible (See this recent article). I am very thankful for the amazing daily health advances coming forth, and many are coming from hospitals in Israel. I have subscribed to the daily email from Amazing Health Advances, because I love being inspired by what is occurring in the field of health.

Danger/Warning - All of that says to me that something is terribly wrong. I really want to know why we spend way more in health care, per person, than any other nation, and have 48 other nations which live longer than we do (some up to 10 years longer!). The FDA and government regulation are not really fulfilling their responsibility to us, so we need to decide to take back control of our own health if we want to live long vital lives.

I believe the food industry and health care industry in the U.S. are not serving us the way they are supposed to. I believe these industries are controlled by money and greed rather than service. I can’t imagine what other explanation there could be, and I am open to suggestions, so feel free to comment at the end of this blog.

Here is one indicator from the first years of our marriage. Throughout Patti’s childhood, she spent months of the year in misery with a dry cough that would not go away regardless of what the doctor prescribed. A lady in our church suggested it could be dry air, so that night I boiled out a pan of water on our stove and her cough went away. We immediately purchased a humidifier, and ended years of frustration and ineffective medical treatment.

So How Do I Live?

I take responsibility for my own health. God did not assign this responsibility to the government, my doctor or my church, although the church is called upon to assist when I need help (James 5:13-16). I select Christian Care for my insurance coverage, and get the highest deductible possible ($10,000) as I plan to only utilize hospitals when needing emergency medical intervention, particularly if ever involved in an accident. (Trauma care is the area I have the most confidence in the healthcare system.) For any degenerative diseases, I would prefer to use what the Bible calls “gifts of healings.” If you have pre-existing conditions, you may need to use Samaritan Ministries rather than Christian Care. Since taking responsibility for my own health at age 40, I have not had to visit a medical doctor over the last 22 years!

I believe in miracles, deliveranceword of faithgifts of healings, and Western MD's and I fully and completely use them all, generally in the order listed. In an emergency, medical intervention would go much higher up on this list.

To discover ways to resolve health issues, I reference Prescription for Nutritional Healing and A More Excellent Way. For diagnostic decisions concerning health issues I rely on 1) God’s voice, 2) dreams 3) counsel of my spiritual health advisors, 4) MRT, 5) Life Line Screening and 6) The “Compass.” I also go the websites I trust and use the “search” feature on the Mercola website, Amazing Health Advances and the Life Extension website, and their 800 number which connects to a holistic MD. Finally, I have located a holistic practitioner within a 2 hour drive that I go to if necessary.

To battle viruses and infections, I use colloidal silver, herbs, homeopathics and hope to soon purchase this Remedy Maker. If facing something serious like cancer, I would explore all the options listed here

My Daily Routine Is To...

Food - Our goal is to cut our calories by 1/3 as that promotes longevity. One meal is a smoothie with live organic food, another a green drink with protein along with a small dish of nuts (prepared this way). The third meal is a reasonable meal often with a salad. We intersperse this with the meals recommended in Beyond Diet. Both these approaches are alkaline-producing in our bodies. We stop eating at 6:00 PM as anything eaten after that turns into fat. To make sure we digest the food, getting the full nutrition, with each meal we take digestive enzymes, probiotics and a couple of times a day, apple cider vinegar. We splurge for a full day on weekends, eating anything we want, but not gorging ourselves. On Monday we go light with apples until dinner and then homemade soup. The goal is to re-balance the body from the weekend so weight doesn't creep back on. Here are "Healthy Fudge & Peanut Butter Cups" which we love.

Isabel De Los Rios is the founder of “Beyond Diet.” She grew up heavy but lost the extra weight. She is a certified nutritionist, and has 750,000 followers, and her list is growing rapidly. She offers insights like, don’t eat your salad with fat-free dressing, because you need fat to digest the Fat-Soluble Vitamins: A, D, E, and K, among thousands of other great tips that correct the false teaching we have received. How about this tip: your body protects itself from toxins within it by surrounding them in a fat cell, so if you want to lose weight, you must first detoxify. So her cleansing diet detoxifies you causing you to lose weight. She has become our go-to person for delicious, satisfying, healthy eating. Check her program out.

Water - We drink water that has been run through a purifier, and always put lemon in it as it provides many health benefits, and generally a few drops of detox. Our shower unit has a purifier on it so I am not breathing in hot chlorine steam.

Supplements - Any supplements are food based so they fully digest and improve rather than damage our health. We take a good number of products produced by BioTRUST. They are all excellent. Since we have lactose intolerance, if we are going to consume any dairy, we take Lactaid. Since farming methods have removed minerals from the topsoil, we take food based multivitamins as well as B12.

Exercise and Chiropractic - We have really benefited from Active Release and outstanding services provided by Maximized Living Chiropractors. One of the simplest things they taught me was to get my laptop up on a stand so I look straight ahead when viewing the screen, and not down. Second greatest was their morning and evening spine flexing exercises for my neck and back. Absolutely priceless. Removed 20 years of a stiff neck. We use their MaxT3 12-minute daily exercise program in the mornings within 30 minutes after getting up (the best exercise program I have ever seen), and in the evenings we do relaxed, enjoyable 5-mile scenic bike rides where we enjoy God's creation, chat together and defrag our brains from our intense day's activities. Maximized Living also suggests a protocol for battling cancer.

Cleansing - We are always conscious of detoxification (spirit, soul and body) and maintaining a toxin-free environment. Once or twice a year we will do the ten day 800 calorie Lemonade-Master Cleanse, which results in not only great cleansing, but the loss of ten pounds. Then since we have been on a liquid diet, it is easier to move into the three day water fast. We know the Bible says fasting will “cause your health to spring forth speedily” (Isa. 58:6-10) and science has now proven a three day fast will reboot the entire immune system. Wow! Try it. You will be lighter, healthier and feeling awesome! I've tried it and that is what I experience. Beyond Diet also has a wonderful 9-day cleanse where you are eating specific foods. Check it out! 

My Burning, Swollen Leg Rash of 2 Years Disappears in ONLY 13 Days!

Just weeks ago I did the Lemonade-Master Cleanse because I had a growing, raging rash on my leg, which was hot to the touch and resulted in my leg becoming swollen, skin becoming hardened/burned and was flaking off daily. I was applying healing prayer and I had asked my body a number of questions using MRT. (The questions I asked are downloadable here.) The resulting answers advised me to take colloidal silver internally and externally, to apply Healing Salve, and to turn off or remove all EMF emitting devices in my office (as I had forgotten to purchase EMF shields for several of them, which I then did immediately). The rash had begun two years ago, and continued to grow and in the last four weeks it was out of control, even though I was applying anything I could think of to it. It looked to me like a radiation burn.  

I contacted Dr. Reuben DeHaan, my naturopath, showing him my list of MRT questions and the responses, and his response is below.

Very interesting MRT questions and deductions. My experience has shown that the Master Cleanse is almost a sure cure for any skin condition 90% of the time. Would you consider that? You can continue silver and detox during Cleanse. Make sure to follow it exactly, making drinks hourly, not a full jug for the day, etc.

So I decided to add the 10 day Master Cleanse to the Colloidal Silver and Healing Salve and prayer I was already doing. I continued 12 minutes of morning MaxT3 exercises and evening 5 mile bike rides. I decided that if necessary, I would follow the 10 days up with a three day water fast to reboot my immune system, and if that did not work, wow, it would be off to an actual visit to either Reuben DeHaan or the holistic doctor for the first time in 20 years. 

So by now the EMF shields had came in (on day 10 of the Master Cleanse), and I had installed them throughout our home. I had noticed that they sold key chain EMF protectors for those of us who have electronic car door openers which, of course, are also sending out EMF waves. My instant response was, "I don't need that."

However the idea was planted in my subconscious and overnight my heart worked on it and I awoke in the morning with the idea, "Hey, I put my car keys in my left pants pocket and that is exactly where the rash is." Wow! So I had Patti muscle test me, and yes, my body said, the key chain was contributing to the rash. So guess what. We placed another order immediately for two of their Key Ring Shields.

So the morning of the 11th day (i.e. after the Master Cleanse was completed), the rash was gone, and the skin was soft again and the swollenness was gone!!! This means that inflammation throughout my entire body had decreased (not just skin inflammation)! Wow! No doctor, just God's gifts of healings. I was down 14 pounds, and had received two powerful instructional dreams from God during this period. Thank You, Lord, for Your gifts of healings!

Now the skin on my left leg was still slightly warmer than the skin on my right leg and there was a black and blue look under the skin's surface, so I felt there was still a bit of internal healing that needed to take place. I had emailed Dr. DeHaan on day 10 of the Master Cleanse and gotten this response.

  • Reuben, I was wondering if tomorrow morning when I wake up, if the leg is still a bit warmer than the other leg, if I should do a 3 day water fast to reboot my immune system. Any thoughts? And thank you for the idea of the master cleanse!!!
  • Mark, I personally don't believe a water fast supersedes the lemonade fast. So if you are feeling well mentally and physically, I would continue the lemonade fast. Longer is better until you get extreme hunger pains, in which case your body will start to eat your muscle mass. If you are experienced in fasting, you should be able to go more days. 

So I muscle tested the question, "Which is better, to continue the Master Cleanse or to do a water fast?" My body said a fast would be better for me.

Then I asked, if I continued several of the elements of the Master Cleanse (i.e. lemon in my water, SmoothMove Tea in the evening and sea salt water in the morning), would that provide an added benefit as I fasted. Using MRT, my body screamed back a VERY STRONG YES to that question. I have just learned something. Add these three things in ANYTIME I fast. 

The 3 Day Water Fast Which Reboots the Immune System

I added in the lemon in my water, the evening SmoothMove Tea and the morning sea salt water. 

I had this dream during the second night of the fast:

I accidentally ate some food, thus defiling the goal of the three day fast which was to fully reboot my immune system so my leg would be fully healthy, along with the rest of my body. So I felt awful.

Mark, be careful to not accidentally defile yourself by the foods you eat, the thoughts you consume and the way you live. You see how easy it is to do that. Your culture and surroundings are defiled by negative thinking. Your home can easily be filled with negative toxins. Your heart can easily be defiled by negative attitudes. Your body can easily be defiled by destructive foods.

So watch carefully so you do not “accidentally” defile yourself as you complete this physical and spiritual cleanse. Walk clean before Me. Walk in My footsteps. Stand apart from the crowd. Do not receive their thoughts, their ideas, their beliefs or their actions. Be whom I have called you to be, different, in each and every way. Don’t blend in, in these ways. Stand alone and be apart. Be different, and the differentness you express will bring life to you spirit, soul and body.

Behold I have spoken. Behold it is to be done.

So that means I will be careful to stay detoxified. I don't fix my eyes on the government, the economy, pharisees or hurts done to me. I fix my eyes on Jesus and my heart remains full of faith, hope, love, joy and peace. I don't eat devitalized, GMO, chemically-processed foods. I drink clean, purified water and breathe clean, purified air.

When the three day water fast was over, I felt weak yet awesome! I'd lost 4 pounds, making it a total of 17 pounds over 13 days! During the three day water fast (water with lemon), I did continue to exercise, morning and evening (although my exercise on the 3rd day was lighter), add in from the Master Cleanse the SmoothMove Tea in the evening and the sea salt water in the morning. I was also continuing to apply both Healing Salve (you could also try Coconut oil) and Colloidal Silver to my leg 6 or more times a day as well as taking Colloidal Silver internally 4-5 times a day. I could feel my leg "hungering" for these things. I had Muscle Tested strong for all these things, and as my leg would begin to itch, I would apply these things, and the itch would instantly go away, so I could sense these were a part of the healing process.

The morning after the 3 day fast was over I excitedly examined my leg, and the black and blue discoloring under the skin was now completely gone, and when I laid my hand on my leg, it felt the same temperature as my other leg. The skin was soft and pliable and completely smooth. Thank You, Lord! If it itched at all over the next several days, I would have continued to apply Colloidal Silver and Healing Salve. But at this point I realized that my two year leg rash had been completely healed in 13 days with no medication!

See this amazing research on the power of a 3 day water only fast to completely reboot your immune system. 

I know they say not to do strenuous exercise during the Master Cleanse or a fast. However, I assume they are talking weight lifting. MaxT3 is only 6 minutes of exercise within a 12 minute time period with a DVD coach guiding you, and the bike rides in the evening are relaxed and enjoyable, not speed racing. I believe because we were exercising twice a day during the Master Cleanse and the 3 day fast, that is why I lost the amazing 17 pounds in 13 days which is more than I have ever lost in such a short period.

The reason I tell you all this is because I want you to know the full story, and see how all the parts of God's healing graces fit together hand-in-glove to bring forth full healing. I want the story to be fully honest and reproducible in your own life. I have shared the difficulty and joy in the discovery and healing process of an infirmity, so that you can use the same tools and steps to enact your own healings.

I have learned that when you leave a cleanse or a fast, do not charge straight into a pizza, for if you do, you put on 5 pounds instantly. You ease out of it with juices and soups and salads. So for the two days after I ended the three day fast, we did soups and salads and my weight bounce was only 1 pound.

We decided to follow this up with 5 days from Beyond Diet’s Super Cleanse, just to ensure maximum health and that resulted in a losing another 4 pounds, bringing me to the weight I had at age 17! We decided we love Beyond Diet's Super Cleanse best of all cleanses we have tried over the years because not only are you cleansing and losing weight, but you are eating real live great-tasting food while doing so. 

What would have happened if I had gone to an MD for treatment of this burning rash? Would he have ever discovered it was EMF radiation? Would he have had me cleanse to restore optimum health? Would it have been this inexpensive? Would I have lost 20 pounds in 20 days?

Afterthoughts: To keep my skin clear I discovered that I needed to take steps to heal my leaky gut or the rash would return and eventually I switched over to the Keytogenic diet and did an intensive liver cleanse.

Which Approach Do You Use When You Get Sick?

  • Some people go straight to the doctor with any ailment.
  • Others go straight for a miracle, and if that doesn't work, then they go to a doctor.

I don't do either of these! 

  1. I go straight for a miracle, and if I don't get the full restoration of health 
  2. I add in the 30 gifts of healings I am aware of and if I still need additional help
  3. Then I will go to a naturopath or a holistic MD 

Thankfully, since I began taking responsibility for my health 23 years ago (at age 40), I have not needed to go to an MD at all. Thank You, Lord, for Your revelation, Your miraculous power and Your gifts of healings which You have bestowed upon us! I feel so alive! So healthy! I want you to experience this good life! Review this checklist for restoring and maintaining health.

A Free Fitness Age Test You Can Take Online in Under 5 Minutes

Here's the article on how one can discover their “fitness age” and here is a link to their questionnaire.

  • Here were the results they gave me:

YAY! So yes, I have just completed my second extended focus on health, two periods of two years each (i.e. 4 years). Was it worth it? I tell everyone they owe it to themselves to focus on health for a minimum of one year so they learn how to live in a healthy manner. I test biologically 11 years younger than my physical age,and with what I have learned in the last two years of meditating on health, I can now slow the aging process even more and perhaps reverse it. I am at my high school weight. I have no aches, no pains, no skin rashes, no medication, full of energy, power and drive, and ready for my next 40+ years of my life so I can fulfill the destiny God has given to me. What do you think? Has it been worth it? You can guess what my answer is!

Since a Merry Heart Is Good Medicine, We'll Close with Some Humor

For those of you who watch what you eat, here's the final word on nutrition and health. It's a relief to know the truth after all those conflicting nutritional studies.

  1. The Japanese eat very little fat and suffer fewer heart attacks than Brits.
  2. The Mexicans eat a lot of fat and suffer fewer heart attacks than Brits.
  3. The Chinese drink very little red wine and suffer fewer heart attacks than Brits.
  4. The Italians drink a lot of red wine and suffer fewer heart attacks than Brits.
  5. The Germans drink a lot of beer and eat lots of sausages and fats and suffer fewer heart attacks than Brits.

Conclusion: Eat and drink what you like. Speaking English is apparently what kills you!

Where Are You Going to Go from Here?

I will always be conscious of health, and ways to maintain and improve it, as I care a lot about my health and the health of others, as does God. I will be moving on to whatever topic God leads me to next.

Concerning yourself, if your health is still a challenge, then spending 3 or 6 months together with a group and going through these 120 articles together and appropriating them would be well worth it. Six months would be 5 articles a week, or about 1 a day. This would give you time to explore, experiment, discuss and master topics as you moved forward. EVERYONE should focus on health for a minimum of a year of their life. God had me focus on health for two years, when I turned 40, and for another two years when I turned 60. Both times, my health improved greatly. How precious is that!

I can offer some personal coaching and college credit for a limited number of people concerning Vibrant Health! - Miracles PLUS Gifts of Healings. Click here to learn more.

Action - We would love for you to post your testimony below concerning steps you take to improve your health and the results you get. Who knows? Your story might be just what another person needs to hear to take their own next step forward. Thank you!

Go Deeper - Get Healthy!

Check out this entire blog series on Vibrant Health! - Miracles PLUS Gifts of Healings. Working through this series on health is ideal for both individuals and groups. The more we take responsibility for ourselves - spirit, soul and body - the healthier we become! Won't you join me in living to at least 100 in vibrant health?


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Anonymous's picture

Hi Mark,

I have been listening to your messages and reading your blogs regarding being healthy. I did not see you mention any alkaline water. What's your thoughts on this?


Mark Virkler's picture

I do own a unit which produces alkaline water (https://echoh2water.com/home), and it appears that the most important part of alkaline water is the H2 gas which is also created at the same time. The unit I own produces a good amount of H2 gas also.
If this unit interests you I have a code which can get you 10% off. Contact me for it at [email protected]. Here is a listing of 35 studies with humans and hydrogen gas. http://www.molecularhydrogenfoundation.org/studies/human-studies/

Anonymous's picture

Mark, you don't mention if you actually use high alkaline water for health purposes. If you do, what level of alkaline do you use? During cleanses and fasts do you use the distilled water?
Also, in your book, "Eden's health plan, on page 110, what was the natural food supplement your friend Lance suggested?
Thank you so much for all of your God-based information and all the research you have done.

Mark Virkler's picture

See my comment above on H2 Gas in water.
The weight loss product Lance recommended is no longer on the market.
BeyondDiet.com is good for weight loss.

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