How Can I Envision Jesus When I Haven't Seen Him in the Flesh?

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Question: I just read an article by Mark Virkler on hearing the voice of God. One of the key things that was stated was that while you are praying, it is needful to vision the Lord. I am still learning how to get still / quiet to hear the voice of God. My question is, how does one vision the Lord within themselves when in reality they haven't seen Him in the flesh?

Of course there are paintings of Jesus across the world. Many cultures and religions have their interpretation of what the Lord looks like. I am sure that it is important to have the right image of God visioned within anyone's heart / spirit while in prayer before the Lord. 

In my quest to be still before the Lord, I have been told to press in. My interpretation of that was clearing my mind until there is no image or racing thoughts coming through my mind. This did resulted in peaceful moments, but at times still felt or wondered, "Did the connection to God come forth?" 

My goal is to have the right / true image within, while coming before the Lord in prayer. Hopefully and prayerfully you are able to understand the intent of this email. Thank you for any helpful response. 

Answer: Thanks for your question. It's a good one! Let me see if I can help.

First of all, Jesus has many names in Scripture. In addition, Mathew, Mark, Luke and John, present four of these faces (sides) of Jesus. These four faces are mentioned in Revelation 4:7.

So since we see through a glass dimly (1 Cor. 13:12), and only see partially, then I am going to assume any vision I hold of Jesus is ONLY a partial  glimpse of His fullness and His glory.

However, as I fix my eyes on Jesus (Heb. 12:1,2), and see Him in the form of a man, with two arms, a torso, two legs and a head, and most importantly a loving countenance which warms me with His compassionate embrace, it brings me into the Presence of God. Pictures are powerful. We say a picture is worth 1000 words. I agree.

I have seen Jesus as black, when I was ministering in an African-American church, and white at other times. The color of His skin is not what is important. The shape of His nose is not what is important. What is important is feeling and sensing His heart and His Spirit reaching out to me and encompassing me in a cocoon of love.

So I suggest you try our “Sea of Galilee” visualization. It works well, and gets you present with Jesus within five minutes, and utilizing all four crucial keys which the prophets used in Scripture.

I also suggest you get our training package on how to hear God’s voice, as it will take you carefully through each step you need to take. If you follow it exactly, I can guarantee, you will hear His voice. Our School of the Spirit is the most complete and cost effective way to get this training.

I have written quite a few blogs on this topic which you can freely access here.

You are asking good questions, and we are more than happy to provide you with good answers so that your success will be realized! 


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Dear Pastor Mark,

I had come across your website and videos last year and ever since then I am a regular visitor to your site. I find it extremely hard to quiet myself down and calm my thoughts and expect to listen to the voice of God.

Your 4 keys concept is good, but for someone who is for the first time trying to listen to the voice of God, it is very hard to hear Him speak.

How can one who has never heard and eager to listen, hear His voice ??

Please elaborate.

~Maneesh Massey,
Varanasi INDIA

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Try the free music download... Sea of Galilee, mentioned in the blog above. And while in the scene with Jesus, make sure you have a big smile on your face, and see yourself as a child with Jesus. These are crucial.
and make your first two-way journaling experience a love letter. Write down a paragraph describing your love for him, then while listening to the Sea of Galilee and smiling and seeing yourself as a child with Jesus, tune to flow and write down what is flowing as He describes His love for you. Submit it to your spouse for confirmation.

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