The Holy Spirit Guides Through a Covid Encounter by Karin da Silva

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The testimony below is from Karin da Silva. A search for her name on this website will lead you to other blogs by Karin. Be encouraged. God is with us guiding and strengthening us in everything we walk through. That is why praise can continuously be on our lips.

A few weeks ago I started doing the “Overflow of the Spirit” course and even though I have done several of the School of the Spirit courses already, this one has again put so much about the ministry of the Holy Spirit into practical perspective. God’s timing is always perfect and I was barely a few lessons into the course when my husband came home from work not feeling too well. Yes, he had contracted Covid as so many of our neighbours and his co-workers and our friends and family have.

I realised that about a week before he got ill, I had an “awareness” of the illness in our area and actually posted on my Facebook page saying that we should not fear but stay sensitive to the leading of the Holy Spirit in this season.

He surely did lead as I started getting promptings in my spirit about things like soaking lemons in water for drinking. I suddenly had a craving for green smoothies and had one at least once a day. I upped my exercise and also got some extra hours of sleep in. My stress levels went down and my immunity went up.

The night before my husband was tested I remember waking up from him coughing in his sleep. His face was only a few centimetres from mine. The next day the Holy Spirit told me to move from our room into our study as the battle will be for a while and I have to stay strong. As I prayed, he imparted an impression in my spirit of which doctor to phone. Within an hour my husband was tested, seen and received the correct medication. In the package was also some extra immune-boosting vitamins for me to take, which I started taking.

About a week into this I was sitting next to my eldest son working on school work, again there was some strong accidental coughing only a few centimetres from my face. I knew I inhaled some Covid germs all over again. I gave the same doctor a call, and a few hours later we had another Covid patient in the house. This time it was my eldest son.

This did not stop as another week after this, my youngest son came into the room not feeling too well. And as you do with younger children, all physical distance keeping was gone by this time as I held him and again the air around me was filled with contagious germs.

I knew this was a time to stay close to the Father and His leading, all the giftings of the Spirit was necessary to push through this battle and come out victorious on the other side.

My spirit was on high alert and praying in tongues whenever I felt fearful images coming my way. I resisted illness every time I felt a slight headache or sore throat wanting to creep my way. I took captive any negative thoughts and spoke life and strength. We took communion as a family and rebuked every spirit of infirmity wanting to manifest in our household. I trusted in the words of knowledge and wisdom in knowing what to do and when to do it. This was intensely needed every day for the next three weeks.

Most of all I had to watch my words and what I say, about myself and about the virus. I could sense there was a bigger battle going on, which was driven by images and stories that would come up in my mind about what I have seen on social media or heard from others about the virus. It was a constant battle against fear and I fought by visualising and saying God’s words and words of truth over myself and over our home and household.

The gifts of healing starting manifesting and taking ground, as my husband was the first one to bounce back, from there on my eldest son and also the youngest, one by one stopped coughing and colour returned to their faces.

Our home started returning back to normal.

Looking back I realised that I was in close contact over lengthy times with all three of them in their most contagious days. For three weeks I was washing sheets, cleaning rooms, throwing away used tissues and cleaning bathrooms. There was sickness on my left and on my right, but it did not touch me!

I know that this was also purely the grace of God and also the prayer covering I had from many others around us, for me. All of it worked together in this season for us to pass through this storm.

The Holy Spirit is right here in the midst of us and the manifestation of ALL we need flow from our inner beings like a river. We can trust Him, especially in the midst of our battles.

I thought to write down this testimony as I know there might be some other families going through a similar battle right now. God is faithful, and He will be there for you, no matter what your needs are. 

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