Flagging Is a Way to Deepen Your Worship Experience by Adding Bodily Movement

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Kirsten Himmelberg has written in the excellent article below the reasons why she flags:

Some people think I have been a little sidetracked with my passion to flag for Jesus so I have created the following statement about why I flag.

What happens when a person flags?

If you are a left-brainer and only worship with your mind, a flag will wake up the right brain and cause you to worship with your whole mind, will, and emotion because it forces your body to get involved. This wakes up your soul so you aren’t stuck in your mind but are also involving your heart. It is all about a relationship and whatever it takes for you to use the love language He has given you to express your passion. It helps you to awaken your soul, stir your spirit, and encourage yourself in the Lord.

Kirsten Flagging

It causes you to focus. It brings your body, mind, will, and emotions together to stay focused on the Lord.  If your mind wanders and strays during worship it can move you from being double-minded (mind wandering) to single-minded. So it is a very effective tool for those with ADD or any of the alphabet soup diagnoses. A relationship involves focused communication, a congruent integration of body, soul, and spirit.  

In Matthew 22:37 Jesus replied, “You must love the LORD your God with all your heart, all your soul, and all your mind.”



Why would the Bible say to love the Lord with all your mind…

Why would the Bible say to love the Lord with ALL your mind if your mind can’t be divided? Your mind can include reason, knowledge, memory, imagination.

Kirsten Flagging

If your mind strays in worship, your mouth might be singing praises but you are wondering what’s for lunch. Engaging your body with flags might bring your mind back on target. 

When you flag you engage your body as an act of your “will” to express your favor to the Lord. This allows you to express your love to the Lord with all your will. 

Love is not just a feeling. It is a choice. Sometimes during the battle, we don’t feel like worshiping. However when we choose not to grumble but to pick up a flag and say, “I will worship because the Lord is good,” we have chosen as an act of our will to trust the Lord. We believe His Word while we walk through the valley. We keep on fighting.

I have found that having a worship tool such as a flag can help me use my body to get my soul to line up with the Word of God. I have seen other people use prayer shawls, prayer cloths, Bibles, Jesus’ name, rods, swords, articles of clothing, musical instruments, songs, and dance. This is seen in the Bible with David and his harp, and the bronze snake on a pole. There is a reason we are told to praise with instruments, dance, singing, and clapping. Flags can be the love language with Abba that brings your mind, will, and emotions together to express your love to the Lord completely so you can worship in spirit and truth. 

A flag language

Kirsten Flagging

To those who have a “flag language” as I do, it is a love language with your Heavenly Father. It is a form of communication. 

  1. When using your flag language it is a prophetic act. The Bible is loaded with prophetic acts. Jesus is our Jehovah Nissi (Banner)
  2. It is a form of intercession both in the physical and heavenly realms, especially when using your flag language and prayer. A flag is a visual prayer. 
  3. It is a statement of agreement with what the song is saying - a visual Amen!
  4. It is a public statement/dedication that you are making that you believe and trust the Lord. 
  5. It is a personal dedication of yourself and your personal space and territory and time that you are flagging unto the Lord. 
  6. A flag is used to claim territory and dominion
  7. When using a flag with a statement, it is a clarion call to anybody watching. 
  8. It is a declaration in the spiritual realm to the host to Heaven, enemy invaders, and the great cloud of witnesses. 
  9. Flags can be used as a tool for evangelism to rally the troops and rout the enemy.
  10. To bestow honor - If you have a foreign guest you display their flag as a form of honoring their presence. The same in the spiritual realm. 
  11. Can function as a prayer cloth. I have heard reports of healings under the shadow of the flag. The shadow of Peter is mentioned in the Bible. 

Flags can be used for

  1. Praise and Worship 
  2. Warfare
  3. Evangelism (call the people)
  4. Making a statement, declaration, dedication 
  5. Announce an event
  6. Bestow honor or allegiance 
  7. Communicate 

What flags do not do

  1. Is not about how pretty your flags are, how talented your moves, or how skilled your dance. It is about your relationship with Abba and your passionate love language.
  2. Flags are not a tool to show off as that would be worshiping self. 
  3. It is not a time to try to get brownie points from God because that is manipulative. 
  4. Flags do not make you more spiritual.

Flagging is how I delight myself in the Lord, become one with Him, and release the river of water within me. 
I hope everyone can find a way to delight themselves in the Lord


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