Financial Provision by Following the Voice of God

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Jan Henderson has recently begun the Hearing God's Voice Training Module through CLU School of the Spirit.

Jan Henderson shares this story of God's leading for her son. I have a son in prison that has been going through a really rough time. He has had a long history of drug abuse and depression and prison. He has gone back numerous times because he doesn’t stay clean and sober. I know that God has his hand upon him and the devil is taking his licks.

He makes beautiful beaded jewelry and has asked me to loan him $ so he can get more beads. I have all the jewelry that he has made. Yesterday, I was praying to God about it and felt that I should not loan him the money but put it on my facebook page.

I started to do something else and God reminded me. I went and did what I believe God said. He sold $135 of jewelry yesterday and by the end of Day 3 now I have sold $430. My son and I are both encouraged that I listened to God. I am praying he will want to do this same course, Hearing God's Voice, that I am currently doing.

My son is full of hope, considering taking the "Hearing God's Voice" for inmates and doing much better.  One of my other daughters who has been seriously hurt by authority figures in a church and has been walking away from God is blown away and the Holy Spirit is causing her to watch me pretty closely.  My husband is excited and though he doesn't say it I know he is also wondering about it.

All in all we are all very encouraged and finding Hope in hearing God's voice once again.

Contact: Jan Henderson [email protected]

Prices: Child's necklaces are $25, adults-$30 and earrings $50. 

Click on photos for larger image. First picture is Jan standing behind her son.




Hearing God's Voice Training Module


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