Everyday Angels Now Available in Spanish!

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I’m excited to announce that Everyday Angels has just been translated into Spanish and is now available!

We are so grateful to Marcos and Tania Garcia of Interpret-ar in Argentina for volunteering to complete this translation project as a labor of love and gift to Glory Waves Ministries as well as their Spanish-speaking brothers and sisters in Christ. They’ve done an incredible job! You are welcome to freely download the first two chapters and order the complete ebook here.

According to Ethnologue, “It is estimated that more than 437 million people speak Spanish as a native language, which qualifies it as second on the lists of languages by number of native speakers.” Spanish is second only to Mandarin Chinese in terms of native speakers, so even if you don’t speak Spanish, chances are you know someone who does. Please spread the message to those who could benefit!

I always appreciate hearing readers' feedback and was so blessed when Marcos emailed saying, “We really enjoyed translating this book. There were times when Tania told me ‘I feel like I’ve met Charity.’ Your writing so embodied your mood, your character and your heart, that we really felt like we were spending time with you and your angels when working on your book. We had a lot of fun and we really enjoyed it!”

Entertaining Angels

Praise God! We loved getting to know the Garcias a bit and to learn what inspired them to take on this project. Their neighbor is a pastor with an amazing testimony, as he actually lived out Hebrews 13:2. He did not neglect to show hospitality to strangers, and thereby entertained an angel without knowing it! You will love his story and I received permission to share it here…

"When my youngest daughter was little, on a cold winter night, someone knocked on our door. She was an old woman, very tender and fragile looking, and she asked if we had any food to give her. We decided that we would invite her to dinner with us. We made it happen and the atmosphere in our house changed immediately.

"The light was gone, so we were having dinner by candlelight. I had trouble seeing everything, but I remember clearly seeing how she ate, but the food on her plate did not end. This caught my attention and I signaled my wife to notice. It was there when we realized that our suspicions and what we felt was confirmed: she was not human.

"The atmosphere in our house was one of peace and joy, and there was something strange and beautiful floating in the air. She had an enjoyable conversation with us and we had a great time. She was cheerful and happy. We decided that we did not want to let her go, so we invited her to spend the night at home, after all (apparently) she had no home, since she had asked us for food.

"She agreed to stay at home for the night, so we prepared the guest room for her. My wife and I were happy knowing that something was happening that was not normal, but supernatural.

"All that night, the old woman did not sleep, but she sang beautiful songs that filled our home with peace and a supernatural atmosphere of adoration of God. It was not a bother at all, it was beautiful to hear it! Our daughters dreamed all night of Heaven and encounters with God (they told us the next day). I could not shut my eyes all night, until dawn was approaching...

"Then, the strangest thing happened. I did not know when, but sometime before dawn, I fell asleep. I rested very peacefully despite having slept very little. Suddenly, I woke up and thought that everything had been a dream. I woke up my wife and I knew it was not a dream as she asked me about the old woman. We ran to the guest room and the old lady was gone.

"The bed she had slept in was messy, so we knew that she really had been there that night. The doors were locked from inside and my daughters told us that they never got up to open the door. The old woman had disappeared without leaving the slightest trace. She just vanished from our house. I just smiled in gratitude to God.

"God told me that He had sent His angel so that we would know that we are never alone. It is a story that will remain forever in the heart of our family - we hosted an angel in our house! Glory to God!!"


Marcos writes, “Listening to this testimony had awakened in me an amazing hunger for the angelic kingdom, so when I came across your book, I thought ‘My Spanish-speaking brothers cannot miss this blessing!’”

We are so grateful to the Garcias for their wonderful work and encourage you to reach out to them if you have need of Spanish translation. You can even follow them on Instagram or give them some digital love on Facebook, thanking them for the awesome blessing they are to the Body of Christ.

Thank you again, Marcos and Tania, for helping us spread God’s message on partnering with the company of Heaven far and wide. May your translation be carried on angels’ wings to hearts the world over that are ready and waiting to experience biblical supernatural Christianity. Amen!


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