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EMF Shields - Protect Your Body from Electromagnetic Fields

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I have worn a smart-looking body shield bracelet for years. I also have EMF protectors on my iPhone, computer, microwave and entire home electrical circuit. I love them all and enjoy the sense of peace I have that my body is being protected from EMF waves. This article explains electromagnetic fields and the effectiveness of these simple shields. We have made them available for purchase from our health website. Click here to order.

 The Story of EMFs...

EMF Stands For Electromagnetic Field 

An EMF is an invisible field created by all electric, magnetic and wireless fields of energy. EMFs occur two different ways; Naturally and Man-Made.

Natural EMFs

Natural EMFs are present everywhere in our environment but are invisible to the human eye. These Natural EMFs are created by objects as small as atomselectrons and your own nerves; to objects as large as a spinning sunplanet, or galaxy, creating gravity. Visible evidence of these fields can be seen when there is a build-up of electricity in the atmosphere, creating lightning. Another example of these invisible fields is when the earth's magnetic field causes a compass needle to point north or allows birds and fish to navigate.


Almost Everyone Is Exposed to Man-made EMFs

Mankind is now permanently connected to a world that is increasingly saturated with distorted chaotic energetic wave impulses from telecommunication towers, electric grids, computers, cellular & cordless phones, Wi-Fi, fluorescent lighting, microwaves, etc. Our “New Technological Age” is creating significant discord and chaos in Human Cellular Function and Energy FieldsThis translates into all forms of discomfort, stress, weakened immune function, mineral and enzyme loss, poor brain function, sleep disorders, and cancers. (Also known as Dirty Electricity or Electromagnetic Radiation)

“There is no question EMFs have a major effect on neurological functioning. They slow our brain waves and affect our long-term mental clarity. We should minimize exposures as much as possible to optimize neurotransmitter levels and prevent deterioration of health” - Eric Braverman, MD

"Dozens of studies, including the one in Occupational and Environmental Medicine, suggest that even low levels of EMFs depress the body’s production of melatonin, the hormone that controls the sleep-wake cycle. German research finds that people with low melatonin levels report depression, brain fog, exhaustion, and agitation—symptoms of electro-sensitivity." - Dr. Ann Louise Gittleman

"Wireless radiation can make you sick. One of today's greatest health threats is our constant exposure to Micro-waves and Radio-waves which are all around us" - Dr. Stephen Sinatra

Major Producers of Harmful EMFs

  • Cell Phones
  • Microwave Ovens
  • Electrical Appliances
  • Gaming Systems
  • All Wireless Mobile Devices
  • Smart Meters
  • Computers & Laptops
  • Indoor Lighting
  • Electric Grids
  • Baby Monitors...& more

Man-Made EMFs Are a SERIOUS Threat!

What Exactly do These EMF Shields Do?

They are filled with the energy frequencies of every organ in your body, plus some additional healing frequencies. These frequencies ride on the frequencies being emmitted by your EMF device, so when they touch your body, you experience the postive frequencies.

Where Can I Obtain These EMF Shields? 

On our health website you can purchase the following:

You have a choice of three different spiritual emblems on these items. These are created by a Christian company, which I know well. These products muscle test very strong on everyone I have tested them on. They do not need to be replaced, but will provide protection your entire lifetime. 

My Personal Testimony

For starters, I do believe in energy medicine because our bodies are electrical at their molecular foundation (electrons spinning around nucleus). We know that touch conveys energy and power, which is why we soothe hurts by touching them, and why Jesus laid hands on and healed. None of this is controversial in my mind.

I also have had wonderful experience with Muscle Response Testing, where I allow things to touch my body and then see if my muscle strength increased or decreased. We describe a very simple "Tip Test" here which you can do with these body shields. I have done this tip test with probably 75 people, and everyone has been strengthened when touching these body shields. So for me this speaks volumes.

Also, I submitted this to Reuben DeHaan, a naturopath whom I highly respect. He tested it out and commented that it was excellent. It did not pick up negative energy from sources around it, thus degrading it, and it contained excellent energy for the body.

So for me, this is a simple, inexpensive, one-time investment which can protect my health. And I have no doubt that the energy emitted from cell phones is damaging people’s health, as more and more studies are revealing.

Explore Tests Conducted with These Shields


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I went the link the at the bottom of your blog about EMF Shields that said "as more and more studies are revealing..." This is the website that that link led me to http://www.emfandhealth.com/, The studies that were referenced, indicated that while some people do claim to suffer from what they call EHS, there Does Not seem to be any link to EMF. Perhaps there are studies which say otherwise. Please direct me to them. I certainly want to know the truth and am willing to protect my family and I if it is warranted, but if it is all in my head... I choose to have the mind of Christ, believing that I dwell under the shadow of the Almighty - He is my refuge and my shield, and not fork out extra money on useless devices, which diminishes my funds to give to the poor, needy and lost. Open to correction....

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Searches of EMF studies available on the PubMed website referencing thousands of studies:

Some studies show damage. Others do not. It took many years of research before it was conclusively proven that smoking caused cancer. I am assuming it is going to take years of study before EMF damage is conclusively proven. In the meantime, through MRT, my body clearly tells me it is strengthened when I am wearing and EMF shield. I trust MRT as a reliable indicator. http://www.cwgministries.org/blogs/your-body-will-speak-you-through-musc...

The shields I wear and we sell from our health website, ride the EMF waves into our bodies, but put on top of these waves (so it is carried along with these waves), frequencies which are strengthening to the organs and cells within our bodies.
People who are “early adopters” may want shields now. Others may choose to wait. Settle this in your own heart and mind.

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