Dream Brings Massive Emotional Healing for Cindy Star

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The dream starts with me lying on a slab in the morgue, I'm not dead but an autopsy is being performed on me.  I know it's me on the slab but I'm also standing behind the female coroner performing the autopsy watching everything going on in the room.  The coroner has white on and is sitting down and blocking most of my body.  I can only see the top of my head, part of my legs, more of the left than right, and my feet.  I sense that the autopsy is focused on my chest/abdominal area.

The doctor is on my right side and to her right there are two tall, slender men with short hair dressed in street clothes standing a few feet away taking pictures of the autopsy.  From my standing position, I look at these men and they are talking to each other and grinning.  The me lying on the slab is conversing with the doctor and the men while the autopsy is being done and I even lift my head up a few times.  The me standing up never speaks.

The scene changes and I'm in a very large banquet hall.  There are lots of tables and many people sitting at the tables eating and others walking around and I'm walking around.  I hear something about six months, remember the autopsy, get concerned for a minute that I'm going to die soon and then boldly say, "I'm not dead, I'm not dying and I'm not even sick" and then I wake up. 

The three key questions to help interpret a dream:

  1. What is the key action in the dream?: I am being examined to see what is "killing" me on the inside.
  2. What is the key emotion in the dream?: None
  3. Where am I experiencing the key action and emotion in my waking life?: In every area of my life.  I often feel that I'm existing more than living, feeling detached from what goes on around me and people.  I have shut down emotionally because of traumas in my life over recent years.  Even though I have friends and do things, emotionally, I don't feel connected.  When I begin to seek God and search out what is going on, I feel overwhelmed and shut down. 

Ministry that occurred at dreams conference in Tulsa, Oklahoma 

Cindy volunteered to have her dream interpreted live in front of the group as a learning experience for us all. It was obvious that there was a need for inner healing. Inner healing occurs when we invite Jesus into the troubling scenes in our mind and then tune to flow, hearing, seeing and feeling His healing touch.

Cindy's testimony concerning what God did  

After I shared my dream I was feeling pretty overwhelmed, the pain was rising to the top.  Mark asked if I wanted him to pray for inner healing.  I said yes.  As he began to pray, the presence of God showed up so strong that it became very hard to stand so a chair was brought and I sat down.  Mark then began to ask me what I was seeing, what was going on and where was Jesus and this is what I saw and what began to happen.

I see myself standing in the center of a circle of people.  Jesus is with me and as we are standing next to each other, He pulls me close to Himself and begins to tell me how much He loves me, how precious I am to Him and that He accepts me just like I am.  Then He kisses me on the forehead. 

As I looked around all of the people who had hurt me are gone. The scene reminded me of the Wizard of Oz when water was thrown on the wicked witch and she melted.  There were spots where the people were but it looked like each one had melted.  Then Jesus and I began dancing all over them (i.e. painful memories being wiped away). 

The next scene Jesus and I are sitting on a log drinking.  We're drinking out of a glass bottle and it's really good stuff.  We're getting drunk on the Holy Spirit and are laughing so hard that we both fall backwards off the log and keep laughing.  Then I begin to sing, "Oh, happy day...Jesus healed my heart today..Jesus came my way."  I was really getting into it and being a bit demonstrative. 

Mark broke into my scene with Jesus and asked if I'd like to go party off the stage and off to the side so Jesus could continue to minister to me as the seminar progressed.

I said yes...I wanted to drink some more...really good stuff...and hang out with Jesus.  My pastors helped me off the stage, got near the chairs and I just fell flat on my face.  Some ladies attending the seminar came over and continued to minister to me for awhile. 

After awhile I got up and I just wanted to give everybody big hugs. 

An interesting thing here, as Mark began to pray for me he told me to smile.  I had the hardest time smiling.  I didn't want to smile, didn't feel like smiling, but did, because he asked me to.  As he prayed and I began encountering with Jesus, smiling was so easy, I couldn't help but smile which turned into laughter.  Omigosh, it was awesome.

(Note from Mark - The reason I ask people to smile is because smiling helps one relax and more easily encounter Jesus.)

The impact of my encounter with the Lord is changing my life.  I notice something new and different almost every day.  Initially I felt a bit awkward or something, couldn't really put my finger on it and then the Lord spoke to me and said that life was new and I was learning to walk a new way, taking baby steps as I adjust, but moving forward.  When He spoke, His peace flooded my soul.  All was well. 

Walls that I had put up around my heart and life are coming down and I just want more. More of Him and more of His healing.

I've become hungry for more and I'm acting on the desire for more by pursuing more healing, attending a class at church and getting really excited about a Women's meeting that I'll be attending in May.  I know that the work the Lord did in my life at this time has prepared me to receive more as I go to this summit/retreat.  I am so excited.

I'm beginning to talk to people when I need to, to deal with issues instead of avoiding, isolating, hurting and being angry.  The results have been amazing.  I'm more positive and upbeat.  I'm less self-focused and am reaching out to others in different ways than I have in the past.  I'm roaring again and seeing God moving in amazing ways.

The Lord gave me a dream after this encounter and it was so easy to interpret and was so encouraging to me for where I am right now. He is with me in this process and I will continue to move forward with Him.

I not only know He is with me all the time as I think about Him I feel His presence, love and affirmations.  My hope has been restored.  This is amazing.  It is no longer just head knowledge but I truly believe it.  There has been an amazing shift that took place in my heart and life.  It's almost hard to verbalize but I know that I will never be the same again.  Depression is gone, new life has come and I am free!!!!!!!  Yay God!!!! 

Note from Mark: Cindy, this is an excellent testimony and memorial of what God has done and is continuing to do in your life. You are doing the right things. Keep pressing forward, re-establishing relationships and heart connections with people. I find that two-way journaling is a wonderful way to let God heal issues that arise, so I encourage you in that also. Be blessed as you continually grow in Him!



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