Don Paprocky Trains Pastors to Hear God's Voice - Let His Story Inspire You to Spread Revival!

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As you read Don Paprocky's testimony below, let God inspire you as to how He will use you to bring revival to our nation and our world. We are in desperate need of revival, and I have no doubt that it is upon us. Each of us has a part in seeing it released in our worlds. What is God asking you to do? Hear His answer and do what He asks? Don is teaching pastors in South Africa, Zimbabwe, and India, as well as teaching seminars with me. You can book him for a seminar in your church or a Zoom seminar with your group. Don's wife, Myrna, has been proofing my blogs which is also a wonderful blessing. Thank you, Don and Myrna, for your amazing lives! Contact Don Paprocky: [email protected]

I cannot thank the Lord, Dr. Mark, Dr. Patti, and their entire staff enough for the blessing that the Communion with God course and other CLU classes have been to me.

God brought me to CLU because I, like many, was seeking to hear God’s voice through a Bible teaching curriculum. When I first took the 4 Keys course, my wife, Myrna, and I were back from overseas as missionaries to South Africa. After I learned to hear God’s voice using the 4 Keys, we experienced increased upheaval in our lives. This entailed numerous moves without a place to call home, financial difficulties, having a vehicle that broke down at least once a month, and my wife still recovering from a severe illness contracted in Africa. This went on for a number of years. If I had not learned to hear God’ voice clearly, I do not believe that I would have made it. God kept telling me how much He loved me, continually encouraging me that He would sustain us and that the future was bright, and that He would bless us beyond our expectations.

I greatly grew in confidence by hearing God’s voice in my spirit and seeing His promises come true. God eventually provided for us to buy a nice house and fully furnish it debt-free. He also gave us a nice, dependable car, and has provided financially. Myrna is getting stronger and on her way to a complete recovery.

Being able to hear God’s voice has been clearly instrumental in bringing me heart healing through deliverance and by other principles that I have learned through Christian Leadership Seminary and University, where I have been able to receive my Master of Divinity and Doctorate of Ministry degrees.

Because of how these courses have radically transformed my life for the better, I feel compelled and am committed to teaching the 4 Keys and other coursework as much as possible. I began, along with Myrna, a Bible institute with our ministry - Glory Power Ministries - where I have been teaching the 4 Keys and accompanying CLU courses for years to pastors and leaders in South Africa and elsewhere. We are now ministering more in the US, while I have been teaching pastors and leaders in South Africa, Zimbabwe, and India in recent years through video conferencing (GoToMeeting). We provide these pastors with certificates of completion for each course and an informal diploma for completing five courses in our curriculum that are all from CLU.

In the last couple of years, I have also taught weekend seminars in the U.S. with Dr. Mark. As I am passionate about teaching these truths, I am working with Dr. Mark to teach the 4 Keys through as many means as possible – including seminars, video conferences, and preaching. I believe that hearing God’s voice in your spirit is the second greatest gift after salvation, and I count it a privilege and honor to spread this message.

Below are some encouraging testimonies from my recent teaching of the 4 Keys course to pastors and leaders in Zimbabwe through video conferencing

Click here for some wonderful pictures of the video conferencing classroom setting in Zimbabwe and India

“This course has blessed me.  I can now hear the voice of God whenever He speaks to me.  I now know that God loves me so much.  My spirit has been uplifted.  I can read and understand God’s Word which is the Bible.  My life has changed.  I know that I’m a new creature.  No more anger, fear, and confusion.  Joy is now my portion.  I can speak to God anytime, and He is ready to listen to me.” 

Martha Mbewe

“I am thanking God for this course.  It came as confirmation to what was troubling me, because of the church today which seemed to be dead.  Really, this course is going to change my life, my family, the church of Christ, and the whole nation of Zimbabwe.  I am richly blessed.  God bless you all who have put a hand on this beautiful thing to us.” 

Masiiwa Gosha

“I bless God for the course.  It has helped me to understand that it’s possible to hear God, and God speaks to us in our mind and inner person.  We need to always hear and write what God says and pay more attention to the voice of God.”  Evaristo M. Gweshe

“How this course blessed me:  My life has been changed because of this course. I am now able to hear God’s voice.  I am now able to teach others about the four keys.  Thank you very much”

“This course changed my life a lot.  I now know how to listen to God’s voice and see visions and hear God’s voice.  I thank you, my facilitators, for teaching me to pray and to meditate on what God says in my life and my family.” 

Elizabeth Muzira

“I give many thanks to you for this wonderful course.  To me this is good because now I learned a lot, i.e., to hear God’s voice, to choose a counselor, and to journal.  I wish to say thank you.” 

James Kawodza

“I recognized that God speaks, because long back I was not sure that He speaks; but as we got into this course, I’m totally a changed man.  I am now able to hear God through using the four keys of hearing God’s voice.  Thank you so much.”

Justice Magaya

“The 4 Keys of Hearing God’s Voice has changed my prayer life greatly.  I now can be still before God, allowing Him to speak to me, not only me speaking to Him.  Thank you.” 

Mildred King

Thank You, Lord, for the opportunity to teach the 4 Keys and to help change the lives of many for Your Glory! 

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Join Our Team and Mission - Spread Revival by Saturating the World with Communion with God!


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