Deeply Rooted

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One morning I was sitting in our prayer room spending some time with the Lord.  It was a little cool outside (That’s low 70’s for Florida.  I can almost hear the collective Northern groan). 


I hugged myself a little tighter and suddenly stood in the middle of a field.  Now I haven’t actually experienced traveling in the spirit so when I describe standing in the middle of a field, I’m talking about a vision.  But whatever.  A field’s a field…and a rolls a roll.


But I digress.  I stood in the field and looked around.  Grass waved lazily as a breeze weaved through it.  I was the only one there but that doesn’t mean there was a lack of activity. 


The temperature fluctuated randomly like some kid was playing with the thermostat.  I looked up to see clouds swirling and the sky changing colors rapidly.  Orange to yellow to blue to pink and so on.  Thunder was a bass drum and lighting flashed so brilliantly I had to cover my eyes.


Everything around me was caught in a dynamic whirlwind of change.  But the ground I stood on remained solid, steadfast.


Be deeply rooted in Christ…(Col 2:7, Eph 3:17)


My emotions towards the changing scene were mixed.  Some of it I didn’t want any part of and some of it was enticing.  There was an air of excitement and I wanted to know more.


But then the Lord began to speak.  He explained that change and opportunities are all around us.  The important thing to remember is that the ground, our foundation (Jesus) won’t ever change and that we must keep our feet firmly planted in him.


Change comes.  Opportunities come.  They can be exciting and they can be scary.  For those who have never truly understood the love of God, they can be a substitute of sorts.  A love replacement.  Pursuing an opportunity can bring a sense of worth and value that disappears once it’s caught


It’s not the opportunity that’s bad but rather the way we allow it to sweep us off the ground.  The way we sometimes allow them to whip us up into the color-filled sky as our eyes are dazzled by things we never thought we’d experience. 


Meanwhile God laments, That’s what I want for you but I wish you would’ve kept your heart rooted in me.  Because change runs it’s course and opportunities fade into the past and then what’s left?


My family is currently facing a handful of possibilities/opportunities.  We’d like to build a house on a few acres, purchase a newer vehicle, get a puppy, and then there’s the TV show we start shooting in a few weeks.   We all have our lists. 


But we must not let any of these things pry our feet out of Jesus.  Our hearts must remain rooted to his.  Life isn’t up in the sky, it’s wrapped in his arms.  Things in this world are temporary.  It doesn’t mean they’re all bad or that we should stay away from them.  But it means we should bind ourselves to what’s eternal.  That is, the perfect love of God.




Jesse and Kara Birkey

[email protected]


Jesse and Kara Birkey are committed lovers of Jesus who seek to show others the extraordinary life of Jesus is available for everyone.  They have authored two books, been featured in films and seek to serve the Lord in whatever ways they can.  Follow their blog here.    


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Jesse is also featured in the film DeadRaiser, a movie shining the spotlight on resurrection testimonies across the nation.  Find more information here.



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