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Dale Cresap is a Certified CWG Facilitator posting daily devotional blogs of two-way journaling. (What is two-way journaling?) Enjoy and be encouraged!

daily word - payoff?

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Do you see forgiveness as the payment of a debt? This imagery comes straight from the Bible in the story of the ten thousand talents. Do you think of debts as things that must be repaid? This is a good principle to follow in your finances, but the point of the story is that sin forgiveness is something that cannot be paid back. Yet does it seem right to accept this with no response? What can you do? Are you familiar with the concept of paying it forward? The request in the prayer model I provided is to be forgiven of your debts as you forgive your debtors. Do so unto the least of these and I will receive it as being unto me.

Daily Word - Formal or functional?

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Do you know that believers have a formal and everyone has a functional theology? Your formal theology is how well you would do on a test of basic doctrine. Most churches do an excellent job of providing instruction in formal theology. Functional theology is how you live your life. Everyone does this in some manner, whether they make any profession of faith or not. Ideally these two are congruent and consistent, and your formal theology will make you a better person. Have you met people who make no profession of faith, but their lives are consistent displays of admirable virtue? Which of these do you think is more important?

daily word - in and through you

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Are you diligent about serving me? I am grateful for your work in my vineyard. Are you also diligent about the transformative work I am doing in your life? I care deeply about this too. These are not contradictory goals. In  a perfect world each supports the other. Yet church can be a place to hide from me as well as a place to serve me. Do you find it easier to devote yourself to service tasks rather than facing unfinished business in your own life? I promised to complete the good work I begun in you. Don’t neglect your own vineyard while you are working in mine, for I am working in you as well as through you.

daily word - safe?

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Do you have a safe? Your bank does even if you don’t. This is a sturdy rigid vault where valuables are stored, with a secure locked door, typically with a  combination lock. Do you look at me the same way, that if you just get the combination right you can open the door and get the treasure inside? Many people look at me this way but it is a faulty image. Safe combinations are secret, but my ways are open. Safes are made to keep people out, but I delight in opening my hand and satisfying the desire of every living thing, sending rain and sun on the just and unjust. Don’t think that you or anyone else needs a secret code or manipulation to gain access to me.

daily word - life quality?

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How do you assess the quality of your life? Do you think in terms of money? Health? Free time and the ability to do the things you enjoy? These are all desirable. Is happiness a direct pursuit or a by-product of a life of character and serving others? Do you see people pursuing happiness through diversions and fun and entertainment who seem to get ever diminishing results from ever greater efforts? I said that he who would seek to save his life would lose it, but he who would lose his life for my sake would find it. Does this seem contradictory? Yet you can see this principle in action. Seek ye first the Kingdom of God, and all these things shall be added unto you.

daily word - Lord's Prayer

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My disciples asked me to teach them to pray, and I did. You know the result as the Lord’s Prayer. Most Christians are familiar with it and it is probably the most commonly recited prayer. Do you have it committed to memory and recite it yourself? Yet you can follow my disciple’s example even more closely by doing what they did, and asking me to teach you to pray. The response I give you may not gain worldwide fame and acceptance, but it should have special meaning for you if I give it to you directly. You speak of your faith in me as a relationship, so the relational aspect of this approach may be more important than having the words just right.

Daily Lord's Prayer?

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daily word - endure the storm

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Do you know people who are devastated by every setback? They may appear to be more caring and concerned than others who can weather the storm, but being devastated is not beneficial to others and is nothing to brag about. I told a story about a man who built his house upon a rock and another who built his house upon sand. They were both satisfactory in fair weather, but one was able to withstand the storm and the other was not. Storms will come. Build your life on me and when they do you will have enough internal structure and strength to withstand these external forces.

technical issues

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Hi Gang; Due to technical issues, daily words will be suspended till about Wednesday. Sorry

daily word - rules?

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Which do you think is more important, rules or people? Is it easy to say people? Yet people need rules and structure. If everyone is an exception and a special case the structure falls apart. So there is an inevitable tension between these concepts, and you know people who seem to value one more highly than the other. Rule people have been known as legalists. I encountered these on my own time on earth. I was accused on breaking the law by healing people on the Sabbath. I pointed out that man was not made for the Sabbath, but the Sabbath for man. Honor the rules and follow them, but you are free to examine them and if  they don’t serve the grater needs of humanity set them aside.

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