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Dale Cresap is a Certified CWG Facilitator posting daily devotional blogs of two-way journaling. (What is two-way journaling?) Enjoy and be encouraged!

Daily Word - Rewards

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Some soldiers distinguish themselves in battle enough to receive decorations for valor. These are presented in solemn ceremonies of honor. Yet at the time they are earned, are these soldiers thinking of honor and glory? In the heat of the moment it is more likely that they thought they were having the worst day of their lives. What about you? I have called you to be faithful and face hardship as a soldier, and you have seen this happen in your life already. Are these your times of greatest enjoyment? Yet these times of hardship are your times of greatest triumph, and no military decorations can compare with the rewards I have in store for you.

daily word - best choice

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Do you live in a democracy? That means that you can take part in the process of selecting your leaders, and this is better than having rule imposed on you without your involvement. Churches also have leaders, but you have even greater freedom of action here. If your candidate loses the election you are still a citizen of the country, but you are able to choose which church you attend, which includes the pastor. Then they watch for your souls and will give an account for you. Make your selection with diligence for you may do it with wisdom, or not. Do not choose what is easiest but what is best for you.

daily word - seeking truth?

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Do you think that your education occurred only during your childhood and young adulthood? It is better to think of your education as a life-long task. Yet even this approach does not guarantee success. For my word refers to those who are ever learning and never coming to a knowledge of the truth. Do you know people who don’t appear to become better people no matter how much they know? The problem could be their concept of truth. Everyone who seeks the truth hears my voice. I am the truth. Those who reject this premise will not know the truth no matter how much they study. Those who accept it are led into all truth.

Daily Word - who is my neighbor?

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I said that this would be the sign that you were my disciples, that you had love one for another. Yet I also said that if you were good only to those who were good to you, then you would have no reward in heaven. If you identify strongly with a little group, or a large one with strong distinctive features, then people expect you to treat your fellow group members well. This can become the basis for separation and isolation, and this is in conflict with the first statement. If you really want to live this and draw attention, then expand your horizon and your circle past your familiar group, and you will have a better answer to the question, who is my neighbor?

daily word - choir solo?

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Do you sing in a choir? Do you sing solos? Perhaps you don’t sing at all, and that would be tragic, but you can still learn a lesson from this imagery. There are some things that can only be accomplished by the unified effort of a community, and you need a community for more reasons that what can be accomplished by a team. You need connection and belonging for your own sake. But you also have a unique identity and destiny. You will find an abundance of ‘choir directors’ eager to enlist you whether you sing or not. These may be a part of your path, but don’t neglect to sing the solo that I have given you as well.

daily word - supernatural and intellectual?

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Have you met people who are anti-supernatural? You would not expect to find them in a church, but have you found them there? Have you also met people who are anti-intellectual? It is possible to be neither, but would you expect people to belong to only one of these categories if they belonged to any? Is it possible to be both anti-supernatural and anti-intellectual? To hold preconceived positions regardless of evidence is anti-intellectual. To reject out of hand the possibility of a supernatural realm is to be both. These positions have more in common than you would expect.

daily word - empowered?

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Do you hear people talking more and more about being empowered, such as in their jobs, or doing things that make them feel empowered? Power seems to be very popular. Is this in response to a conscious lack? Perhaps those without power feel it keenly. Yet I have given you all the power you need when I gave you the authority to act in my name. More power than you could need or use. If you understand this then you do not need to hunt around for things to empower you. What else could you need? Are you as diligent in seeking things to make you more loving, thoughtful, kind, joyful, patient, present, and aware?

Daily Word - Integration

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The term ‘integration’ is in common use during civil rights movements, and is used to describe ending separation between races. This is an admirable goal but it is not the only level on which integration can take place. Do you see how the same term can be used to describe a process taking place within an individual? My word describes a double minded man as unstable. Have you noticed that you don’t have to cultivate double-mindedness intentionally; it seems to be the default state of humanity? It takes intentional effort to have a unified heart, mind, and purpose. This type of integration is also known as integrity. Integrate yourself that your eye may be single and your whole body full of light.  

daily word - worth the cost?

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Have you ever wanted something but realized it was not worth the cost? It wasn’t necessarily that you couldn’t come up with the money; the cost benefit comparison showed that the value wasn’t worth it. How do you feel about being right? Is this something you pursue regardless of cost? Yet there is a cost to being right and you should consider it, for there is also a value to peace and harmony. No one pursues conflict and strife because they think they are wrong, but conflict and strife happen nonetheless. There are some things for which being right is essential and you can pay any price. Other things you can let go. In either case be aware of what you are getting and giving up, and make considered and informed choices.

Daily Word - authority

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Do you think of authority only in terms of titles, offices, and academic credentials? Do you think that only these things qualify you to serve me? Note that I had none of these things. Would you say that I still had authority? When I was questioned about my authority I pointed out that I was healing the sick and raising the dead. These things would seem to be strong credentials in their own right, but my critics were not convinced. Have you ever been challenged regarding your authority when you are serving me? I have commissioned and given you all the power you need to minister in my name. When you are doing my work questions about your authority reflect more on those who ask than they do on you.

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