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Dale Cresap is a Certified CWG Facilitator posting daily devotional blogs of two-way journaling. (What is two-way journaling?) Enjoy and be encouraged!


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Does the phrase ‘pyramid scheme’ have a negative connotation for you? Do you avoid involvement in them? Do you realize that my church is based on a pyramid scheme? There is no central salvation department producing converts. The most effective means of evangelism is for those who have received life to share that life. This may appear to be a random and haphazard activity, but it is closely supervised by the Holy Spirit, without whom it could not take place, so it is organized from above. Do not hesitate to step forward and take part in this pyramid scheme. Trust me to make your efforts bear fruit. 


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Your economy is based on mass production. This was made possible by items with interchangeable parts. This is such an efficient system that it has created a level of wealth previously unimaginable. The only thing in the process that can’t be standardized is the workers, regardless of the efforts to do so. Have you ever felt the pressure to conform to a standard to make you interchangeable with other workers? I also have standards for you to conform to, but they are not to make you like everyone else. I made you in a fearful and wonderful way, giving you a purpose and hope all your own. Don’t let the world squeeze you into its mold, but come to me to be conformed to the destiny I set before you.


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Why do you like your friends? Are they the best people you know? Yet you are friends with some people even though they have issues, and they are friends with you even though you have issues of your own. So although your friendship is the highest honor you can bestow, and you admire good character, friendship is not strictly a measure of character. I want you to understand this when I call you my friend. I did not extend my friendship to you because you were the best, but because I loved you and wanted you to be in my Kingdom. Entering this friendship with me and abiding in me will change you into my likeness, even as my best friend.

Source of Virtue?

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What is the source of virtue? When you see small children who are well-behaved do you assume that their parents are diligent and consistent in training them? In like manner do you make assumptions about the parents of ill-behaved children? Yet I declared a proverb to be invalid concerning the parents eating sour grapes and the effect it would have on the children, and went on to say that each person was responsible for their own virtue. Positive early influences are desirable, but I created a world in which each individual is accountable. My promise of redemption is the same for all, no matter how favorable or unfavorable their start in life.

Spiritual Covetousness?

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Do you admire ministries of great power and effectiveness? Do you imagine yourself doing the same thing? You know better than to engage in covetousness with regard to your neighbor’s house and car. Are you tempted to relax this commandment when it comes to Christian ministry? After all, this is not for materialistic self-indulgence, for they are doing the work of the Kingdom of God. This is a spiritual activity to be admired and affirmed. Yet the same rules apply. Spiritual covetousness leads to strife and division within my body. I give every believer has his own calling for service. Strive to be faithful in your own calling. 

Inherent Law

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Do you think the world would be a better place if everyone who was called by my name followed my teachings and kept my commandments? What about those who make no profession of faith or belief in anything? Do they live without restraint as if there were no moral law? You can be glad they do not. For I wrote my laws in the conscience of every man whether he confesses and affirms me or not. Don’t you see some level of restraint and moral judgment even in those who deny me? Blessed are those who know me, who consciously affirm the truth of my word, and do and teach my commandments. 

Creature and Creator

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When I created the world I said that it was good. It still is. The fall did not change this. When you see lighting and hear thunder, does it remind you of me? What about a rainbow? What about mountains and rivers and forests? My creation points to my goodness and testifies of me. To a greater degree this includes the animal kingdom, and to an even greater degree your fellow men, for I created them in my image. Do you think that the fall of humanity precludes this? You see much in others that is not Christlike. Even so, the creature points to the creator, even as the inanimate mountain points to me. He who has eyes to see, let him see.

God's Words

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Are you eager to speak? Are you eager to speak for me? My word tells you to be quick to hear and slow to speak. You see my own words recorded in the Bible. Do they seem brief and concise to you, sufficient to address the situation with nothing extraneous or frivolous thrown in? My word warns those who pray against vain repetition. There is risk of error in a multitude of words, but enormous power and authority can be expressed in few. If you are eager to speak for me are you willing to wait and hear from me first? If you do I will give you the words you need on the spot. I can give you something better than you can make up. Prefer my words over your own and you will have them.


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Have you ever heard of an accident waiting to happen? Safety professionals refer to these as accident precursors, that increase risk and reduce the margin of safety. Do you know that sins also have precursors? There are situations that you should avoid because they are full of spiritual danger and the risk of temptation. Can you think of places you should not go and situations you should avoid? These may be different for every person. You accrue no benefit if you engage in them even if you avoid stumbling into sin. I would not impose this unnecessary source of stress upon you and would have you take measures to avoid it. There is wisdom in avoiding risks.

inward truth

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Do you know the difference between being sorry you did something wrong and being sorry you got caught? If someone else has to bring your faults to your attention does it lead you to true repentance, or to redouble your efforts to hide what you do? My word is full of directions to examine yourself, to search and try your ways, to purify yourself, to judge yourself that you would not be judged. For I desire truth in the inward parts, that my Kingdom may be present within you. You can’t accomplish this on your own, but if you come to me in humble petition I will put my laws into your mind and write them in your heart and shall be your God and be pleased to call you my son.

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