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Heavenly Gems in Daily Bites: CWG Ministries Life-Engaging Blogs

Dale Cresap is a Certified CWG Facilitator posting daily devotional blogs of two-way journaling. (What is two-way journaling?) Enjoy and be encouraged!

daily word - busy?

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Are you busy? Does it seem that everyone is? Are you busy from things you choose or burdens imposed on you from without? Are the things that keep you busy giving you life and fulfilling your sense of destiny and meaning, or do they leave you feeling exhausted and discouraged? My yoke is easy and my burden is light, so it should give you life rather than making you weary. Do your friends ever use the excuse that they are too busy to spend time with you? Do you ever use the same excuse with yourself about the amount of time you spend with me? You can be busy in serving me and at the same time avoid me.

daily word - finish my work in you

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Do you think I have completed the good work I have begun in you? No, but you have my  promise that I will. Have you ever looked back and realized that I was at work on problems that you didn’t realize you had? There are some things that you can only see in hindsight. Can you see the implications for your current state? Can you see by inference that you now have other issues that you will not be aware of until some future time when they are resolved? Can you also see that your effectiveness at self-improvement is limited if you are not even aware of the areas that need work? Do not be discouraged. I will complete the good work I have begun in you.

daily word - have a plan?

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Do you lead a considered life or do you just deal with whatever comes your way in the moment? I told a story about a king who intended to build a tower but ran out of money, and another king who should have considered his prospects of winning against his enemy given the relative sizes of their armies. Do you have a plan for your life? So do I, and if yours does not conform to mine you should choose mine instead. In any context, including this one, you are better off to lead a more considered and intentional life. Any situation can be viewed from successively higher levels of understanding.

daily word - deja vu

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Have you ever gone somewhere and felt that you had been there before although you know you had not? The term for this is déjà vu. Do you think this is just a trick of your mind? I hold your life in my hands, and everywhere you go I have already been before. Some things you have not encountered before may seem familiar because they are part of the spiritual path I have prepared you for. You live in a temporal realm, but I live outside of time, but also within you. Have I not promised to prepare the way for you? If you understand this you can have confidence and peace as you move forward.

daily word - heavy lifting

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Do you consider the work of evangelism to be daunting? Consider the magnitude of the task. You are asking people to renounce their false ways and turn their lives over to me. You don’t have a promotional budget of millions to make this happen. Does it seem impossible? Yet you are not alone.  It is the Holy Spirit that convicts of sin. Have you ever tried to do this on your own? How did it work out? I ask you to take part in an effort of ultimate significance, and your part is important. Never forget that but also never forget that this is a team effort and that I am doing the heavy lifting.

daily word - prepare ye the way

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What are your thoughts about my return? Are you trying to figure out when it will be? You should know better. Are you preparing for it? What would that involve? Blessed are those who do and teach my commandments. Blessed are those who are awake and aware, with their loins girded and their lamps burning, when their Lord returns, for he shall commend them. John the Baptist was a voice crying in the wilderness, prepare ye the way of the Lord. He played an important part in my first advent. This role is just as important for my second advent, the position is open,  and I am taking applications. Is this a job you want to apply for?

daily word - righteous?

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What does righteousness mean to you? Regular church attendance and no sex outside of marriage? These are good things, but is there more to it than that? Do you consider all the people who follow these to be righteous? My church was not built until after I walked this earth, but I affirmed the principle of fellowship and also the sanctity of marriage. I spoke of many other things as well, to encompass all of life, including kindness, generosity, and love. The Pharisees were ‘righteous’ as described above, but I said that unless your righteousness exceeded theirs you would not enter the Kingdom of heaven. Blessed are those who hunger and thirst after righteousness for they shall be filled.

daily word - blood money

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I criticized the Pharisees for hypocrisy and gave many direct examples. The Bible contains another example that was not related by me. Judas was paid thirty pieces of silver to betray me. This money was paid from the temple treasury. When the deed was done Judas changed his mind and attempted to return the money. His offer was rejected on the basis that it was blood money and could not be accepted. But it only became blood money when it was paid out of the temple treasury for that purpose. Those who are hypocrites about other things will be about money as well. Let your approach to money be an integrated expression of your love for me.

daily word - help the poor

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Do you like getting a tax deduction for the money you donate to my work? This is possible in some places and not others, and even where it is possible there are guidelines to follow. You may be able to get a tax deduction for money given to churches and to organizations dedicated to helping the poor, but not for money you give to the poor directly. Does this make you reluctant to give directly to the poor? Yet my word is clear about helping the poor whether directly or indirectly. Even if this is a valid distinction for your tax collector you can be sure there is a record of it in heaven.

daily word - kingdom within

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Are you distraught when your team loses a game? What about when your candidate loses an election? You can make a stronger case that this is a more important concern, but to what extent will this be a dominant influence on your future? Is your life determined by circumstances and external influences, or by your inner state of spiritual awareness? I said that my Kingdom was within you. Do you understand this? Haven’t you seen people with great inner strength who are able to endure and overcome any circumstances they encounter? They understand this and you can too.

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