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Heavenly Gems in Daily Bites: CWG Ministries Life-Engaging Blogs

Dale Cresap is a Certified CWG Facilitator posting daily devotional blogs of two-way journaling. (What is two-way journaling?) Enjoy and be encouraged!

daily word - miracles?

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Have you heard the definition of a miracle as something that defies natural explanations; that could not have occurred without divine intervention? Those who are not inclined to believe go to great lengths to explain, explain away, or ignore these things. Those who are inclined to believe do not face this problem. But there is another explanation. What if I was present and involved in events that do not defy natural explanation? Is it any less appropriate to acknowledge and thank me if it doesn’t fit your definition of a miracle? Who created the natural processes that explain other things? Blessed are those who can see me whenever they open their eyes.

daily word - your teacher

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Do you have a plan for your spiritual development? So do I. I went by various titles during my time on earth, and one of these was Rabbi, or teacher. This is still in effect. Have you noticed favorable coincidences in your spiritual progress, circumstances that line up and particularly people you meet when you are prepared to receive what they have to offer you? Can you see that these were lessons you didn’t know you needed, and would not have been able to arrange even if you did? Be open and receptive to the lessons as they appear, for I am coordinating this effort to complete the good work I have begun in you.

daily word - your story

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Have you heard it said that the Book of Acts didn’t come to a normal ending because it is still being written? When I told my disciples that they would do greater works than I did, it was not just for them, but for all who believe in and follow me, including you. Don’t expect me to add your story to the canon of scripture, for it is closed. But you can expect me to act in your life the same way I did in theirs. At one point I told my disciples that my time had not yet come, but that theirs was always ready, and this applies to you too. I have opened the door for you to live an amazing story of your own.

daily word - Damascus or Emmaus?

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Do you want to have a dramatic encounter with me? The most famous of these is Paul on the road to Damascus. There was no way to mistake what was going on, although Paul heard things clearly that his companions did not. But this is not the only way this can happen. Do you recall my disciples on the road to Emmaus? They also encountered me, but in a subtle way they did not recognize at first. Yet this too was a life-transforming encounter. Do you require drama to get your attention? Paul did, but you may not. Be attentive to the times that your heart burns within you even when you are talking to a stranger, because it could be me.

daily word - devil's advocate?

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Have you ever heard of a devil’s advocate? This is a commonly understood term even if the person in this position is not making direct, conscious, and deliberate support for the accuser of the brethren. Someone who seems to oppose everything you say just on principle would seem to fit the description. You don’t have to support things you don’t agree with, but is your first impulse to look for ways you can concur, or ways you can oppose? My word says to agree with your adversary quickly, implying even those who criticize you. I’m not saying you should apply this to the devil, but make this your preference with everyone else.

daily word - work work work

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Do you see yourself as working for your employer with clearly defined lines of authority, or do you see yourself working for me, or both? The Bible speaks of servants and masters, but in your world of commerce, the terms employer and employee are used, but the principles are the same. You are inherently free in your spirit, but you still need to earn a living. Does it seem burdensome to you to answer to me as well as to your manager? You can see this in a more positive light. Those who work as unto me will have access to my favor and resources and assistance in everything they do.

daily word - past issues?

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Have you ever been in conversation with someone and had them give an unexpectedly strong reaction to a statement you thought was innocent and not provocative? Have you ever wondered, where did that come from? Everyone has had to deal with some past experiences that were painful. You may not find any redemptive purposes in some of the things you have encountered. Even so it is not helpful for you to live in reaction against your past. That compounds the damage and proves that you haven’t gotten over it. Look harder for redemptive purpose in your suffering. Even if you can’t find it you can still let it go.

daily word - your song

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Did you know that birds living in a city will learn to mimic the sounds of the city? This shouldn’t come as a surprise, although you know that birds in their natural habitat will sing their own unique songs. Do you think the same principle applies to humans? Again you can accept the fact that people are influenced by the culture they are immersed in. This influence can be good or bad, but it does lead you away from the expression of your unique self. Are you aware of the influences you are subject to? This isn’t automatic; in fact it is quite rare. Awareness of this type takes intentional effort. What song would you sing in your natural habitat?

daily word - ask me

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My critics questioned my credentials by saying that no prophet had ever come from Nazareth. This is a classic fallacy based on faulty reasoning, and you should avoid this type of reasoning if you are serious about knowing the truth, which they were not. But it fails on multiple levels, because I was not even from Nazareth. As you know, I was born in Bethlehem rather than Nazareth, and would have been happy to tell them that since I was standing right there if they were interested, but they were not. What question would you ask of me? You accept it by faith that I am with you so go ahead and ask.

daily word - silent prayer?

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My word tells you to pray without ceasing. It also says to be still and know that I am God. Do you see these principles as being in conflict? You might see it this way if your prayers consist of you doing all the talking, but there is a larger perspective from which to view prayer. Do you think it can consist of silence in my presence, yet with full attentiveness, awareness, and engagement? This may not conform to your usual understanding of an activity, but it does mine, and it pleases me for you to sit at my feet and be with me. if you are willing to walk this path you may find it more transformative than other approaches to prayer, and be changed from one degree of glory to another.

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