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Dale Cresap is a Certified CWG Facilitator posting daily devotional blogs of two-way journaling. (What is two-way journaling?) Enjoy and be encouraged!

daily word - rewards?

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Do you expect to be rewarded in heaven for your good works? Is this a strong motivation for you? My word does mention rewards in heaven, but this is more a matter of suffering patiently and doing good privately rather than good works as such. Would this be the ultimate form of delayed gratification? My transformative work in you is to make love the basis of your life. This changes your familiar transaction economy of service and payment to an economy of grace which is outpouring of love without thought of reward. So will you get a reward in heaven? If this is your primary motivation then you are not moving toward the economy of love.

daily word - cheap talk?

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My word says that life and death are in the power of the tongue. It also asks what good it does to tell your brother who is hungry to be well and filled if you don’t do anything about it. There is a level at which talk is life-determining, and a level at which talk is cheap. Do you know anyone whose long term manner of life is inconsistent with their habitual patterns of speech, whether positive or negative? Yet glib pronouncements do not carry any weight if they are not backed by actions. Integrity in speech is consistency between actions and words. Let both of these be gracious and positive in your life.

daily word - fixer-upper

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Have you heard of houses or cars described as fixer-uppers? This common term implies that the item is not in good condition and needs some work. Some people thrive on this effort and others would rather pay more for something in good condition. What about people? You don’t normally apply this term to people, but doesn’t your basic doctrine hold that all people are sinners in need of redemption? So everyone is a fixer-upper. Is this work that you are eager to volunteer for, or do you prefer those in good condition? I am glad if you share my heart for redemptive purpose, but remember who the redeemer is and be led by the Spirit in your work on redemption projects.

daily word - back down?

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Do you agree with the premise that you should never back down or be silent if you are right? Is there ever a time to hold your peace if you are right? Joseph had dreams in which his brothers and even his father and mother bowed down to him. It turned out that he was right but he may have done better to keep them to himself. Mary was highly favored and chosen for a very special assignment, but she did well to keep these things to herself and ponder them in her heart. At the end of my life on earth I was offered the chance to defend myself against false accusations, but I turned down the opportunity. Have you ever considered that there are times to be silent even when you are right?  

daily word - lay down your life?

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Would you lay down your life for me? I said that no man had greater love than to lay down his life for his friends. Would you lay down your life for the least of these? Many people who claim to be eager to lay down their lives for me become very choosy about how far this offer will extend. My word says that possibly someone would be willing to die for a great and noble person, but I commended my love to you in dying for you while you were yet a sinner. So will you lay down your life for the least of these? My word says that when you do these things for the least of these you have done them unto me. This applies just as much in this case.

daily word - unity and peace

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Do you believe in the importance of unity? Do you know the fastest way to get it? Uniting in opposition to a common enemy can happen immediately and is the default human response. You can see this in any political party. This is the glue that holds many organizations together, but it is not the Christian approach to unity. For the Bible tells you to seek unity in the bond of peace. It is more difficult to obtain unity on the basis of love rather than opposition, but this is what you are called to. This is the distinctive that should set your unity apart from others. Can you obtain unity without a common enemy?

daily word - friends

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David was called a friend of God, and you understand that this is a high honor. This description is not limited to David; you too can be my friend. One of the last things I did on earth was to describe this level of friendship and open the door for it to my followers including those who would believe in me through their testimony. Do you believe that the friend of a friend is a friend? If you love me, love my people. By this shall all men know that you are my disciples, if you have love one for another. I prayed that they all may be one in me, including you and all my followers. I want you to be a friend of God’s people everywhere.

daily word - priceless

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Have you heard it said that the best things in life are free? Even people who say this like money very much. So what would be the best things in life? Love, peace, joy, beauty, gratitude, kindness, generosity, favor, and more? Yet perhaps it would be more accurate to say these things are non-monetary, for to say these things are free is to imply that anyone can have them for the taking. Perhaps the best way to describe them is priceless, in the proper sense of the word. You can’t buy them with money, but if you want them you still have to seek those things which are above.

daily word - least of these

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My word teaches you to treat the least of these as you would treat me. Consider my own humble origins. I started life as a homeless person. Nazareth was an inconsequential backwater that you wouldn’t know about had I not lived there. Can any good thing come out of Nazareth? (apparently yes). Who among you doesn’t try to associate and identify with the prestigious connections available? But not everyone can be famous. Do you see my story as one who rose above his origins and succeeded in spite of them? Can you consider that I succeeded because of them? Keep this in mind when you consider the least of these, for I am one of them.

daily word - hired

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If you had to hire someone for a position that was so important that everything depended on it, what would you use for selection criteria? Would you want the most focused, rational, capable person with good judgment you could find? What if someone applied for the position and said they had a dream and immediately did what the dream indicated, and then they had another dream, and did the same, and so on. Would you hire this person? I did. Consider the story of Joseph who was my surrogate father on earth. Who else would have chosen him for this role? My ways are higher than yours, and I confound the wisdom of the wise. I hired you too.

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