Catholics Being Transformed by the Voice of God

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Wow! God sure does cross denominational lines. I didn’t know that when I was first saved. That Baptist church told me that the only ones going to heaven were those who were members of our denomination. Talk about a small box! God broke that box when I went to a Wesleyan College and discovered the Methodists were also saved. The box got even bigger when Dennis and Matt Lynn, two Jesuit priests, taught me two of the four keys to hearing God’s voice. Finally I even recognized that Catholics could be saved!

Wow! Really? Catholics tend to believe Protestants are not saved. Protestants tend to believe Catholics are not saved, and yet here God is allowing us to bless one another and lead each other into ever deepening encounters with Him.

Colleen Duggan shares her testimony

I am a Catholic wife, mother of six, and author. I discovered your book The Four Keys to Hearing God's Voice this past year and it has changed my life.  After 19 years of actively pursuing the Lord and having very little spiritual breakthrough, using your teaching on the 4 keys has allowed me to hear from Jesus all the time. 

I've taught the method to my six children and Jesus regularly speaks to them, especially through pictures. He ministers to their hearts and mine, regularly.  These prayer principles have changed our family and have allowed us to renounce generational demons that have been with us for centuries.  I cannot thank you enough for your work.  It is an inspired work of God.

There is such a need for your message in the Catholic Church.  I keep copies of your book to hand out to friends and priests.  I've given multiple copies to my priest friends who are pastors of churches.  It's slow going but I will persevere in giving them the message.  I was on retreat this past summer and the priest who led the group was asked the question, "I've been a Catholic for over 60 years (or something like that) and I don't know how to hear the voice of God. Can you help me?" The priest gave a satisfactory answer but did not know about the 4 keys.  I heard Jesus ask me to approach the priest and tell him the 4 keys.  I argued with Jesus all night about it.  "He's the spiritual leader, not me!" I said to Jesus.  Jesus kept insisting.  The next morning the priest sat RIGHT next to me at breakfast so, of course, I had to tell him.  He was blown away, wrote down the 4 Keys and shared them with the group. I heard Jesus tell me later that the 4 keys were the spiritual breakthrough the priest needed to change his own life and the life of the people he shepherds.  GOD IS SO GOOD!

Here is a link to the talk to over 100 Catholic women where I discuss the 4 Keys as a key to my spiritual breakthrough.  Please start at minute 39:51 to hear about your 4 keys and how they changed me forever.  I also discuss the spiritual experience my daughter (who had just been diagnosed with scoliosis) had with Jesus the very first time she used the 4 Keys.  So, so powerful.  I tell just about everyone I can about the 4 keys.

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Mark’s reflections

If it is our perfect theology that gets us to heaven, we are all in bad shape. It is our love for Jesus and our desire to receive, honor and follow Him.

In June of 2010, I was invited to Taiwan to do a seminar at the Fu Jen Catholic University for a full day on Christian Dream Interpretation. What an honor! I began the presentation by sharing the story of Dennis and Matt Lynn and the gift they provided to me which was so foundational in allowing me to step into intimacy with our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. I thanked them for the precious gift of these two Jesuit priests as well as for the honor of allowing a Protestant minister to speak at their university.

The Lord anointed our workshop as I taught the principles of dream interpretation and we interpreted four dreams live through a Chinese translator, and into another culture. God’s grace was present and the messages in the dreams were profound and healing to the hearts of those who came to the front and allowed us to explore their dreams before about 200 professors and students.

God is doing wonderful things in the world today! Let’s all take our part in sharing these powerful truths with those who are hungry.

God’s command to us is to honor all people (1 Pet. 2:17), and not just those who agree perfectly with our theology. Lord, let revival flow and let it be centered in our living encounters with You!

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