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Freedom from DID and Alternative Personality Disorder

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A few years ago I was able to connect a student of mine with Bob Lucy, a long-time minister of the Gospel and also a DID prayer counselor. Bob’s ministry has brought great healing to Kirsten and she has given me permission to use her real name as we share her testimony below.

We did our first phone prayer counseling session with Bob Lucy ministering to Kirsten and me listening in on a three-way call. The session went on for perhaps four hours with a break in the middle. It was powerful and had a life-changing impact on Kirsten’s life. It is now many months after that initial phone counseling session and Kirsten shares below her testimony of healing.

I have been in counseling for 21 years.  I have known for 21 years I have severe PTSD which is a form of dissociation.  I have known all that time I disassociate badly and have multiple ego states.  I do have SRA memories.  Because of the SRA memories the DID shows up more with spiritual issues than regular life issues.

I experienced significant relief with the first two prayer counseling sessions with Bob Lucy.  Up till that point I didn’t even “feel saved”.  (I had trusted the Lord almost two years ago, but never felt saved. I had also tried to have a relationship with the Lord several other times in my life but never could “do it”.  I think the alters/ego states were in the way and I didn’t know it.) After the first two sessions I finally “felt saved”.   I have talked to Bob 12 times since then sometimes he does teaching and sometimes he looks for more alters.  Sometimes we just talk.

Prior to the ministry I was having serious spiritual problems and was unable to relate to the Lord at all. The more I tried to relate to the Lord the worse I got.  It got to where I was falling apart and passing out in church and the passing out was not from being slain in the spirit but other spirits or a form of disassociation (DID).  I had not attended church or read the Bible for 3 months because I was getting so bad.  Life in general was getting so bad I had a death wish.  I was very depressed and hopeless and in severe emotional/spiritual pain all the time.  The pain was obvious; it could be seen by others and caused people to want to avoid me.  I was having great difficulty doing life.

After the ministry I have not had any major problems attending church, reading the Bible or praying.  I do not pass out.  Most of my big spiritual triggers were removed in the first two sessions - like being able to use the name of Jesus, participate in Bible studies and rituals and participate in spiritual disciplines and holidays. (I do have more “normal” problems now rather than extreme problems.)  I am more comfortable with life and people that know me can tell to look at me that something has changed for the better.  I am experiencing more peace and becoming more functional. 

Journaling and doing CWG classes has helped me maintain the deliverance.  I am learning to live in my body and have feelings and not disassociate life’s problems in order to maintain the deliverance.  I am growing up.  Dealing with life on a feeling level is not easy especially when you have never done it before.  A consultation with Bob after the deliverance about how to do this was very helpful and not the same as other forms of counseling I have tried.

Bob spent a long time teaching.  He likes to teach.  The teaching is vital to maintaining the deliverance because otherwise you naturally revert to old habits and use disassociation as a coping tool and defense mechanism.   I recorded his teaching.  The recordings were important because I needed to re-listen to them.

Reflections from Mark Virkler

I have written up a summary of Bob Lucy’s ministry approach (Bob is pictured to the left), and at the end of the summary we have posted two audio files, which are Kirsten's recording of the first evening's prayer counseling sessions between her and Bob (with me in the background).

As you review the notes, you will get a feel for Bob’s basic ministry approach, and if you choose to listen to the audio recordings at the end of the article, you will actually hear Bob as he ministers to Kirsten.

Bob is available to be contacted for prayer ministry counseling. In addition, you can book him to come to your church and teach and minister this unique prayer ministry approach which the Lord has given to him.

Having worked with him now many months and seeing the restoration brought to Kirsten's life, after she experienced 21 years of ineffective counseling, I can highly recommend Bob to you.

Another Testimony

Hello Dr. Virkler,
Just a note to inform you I spent two hours in ministry with Bob Lucy several evenings ago.
He was professional, knowledgeable and tenacious while also being kind.  In just the last day and a half I can see a huge difference.  I am seeing - "deeper" - if that makes sense.  I can see the brokenness in me more clearly and seem to be able to trace roots more clearly while ministering to others. 

More personally, through Bob's ministry while following the lead of Holy Spirit, I saw GOD's love toward me more clearly and HIS care for me even in the difficult situations of my life.  I walked away from that ministry session being able to enter back into one of the encounter places the LORD and I would meet on a regular basis while I lived in ( ...).  I have not been able to do that readily for months here in this new location where I currently live.

I want to express my thanks to you again - for your ministry, obedience and kindness.  Thank you for referring me to Bob Lucy.

I have been going after inner healing for the last 20 years of my life.  I have taken and participated in many forms of inner healing from Theophostics, Elijah House Basic and Advanced, Pure Heart, Restoring the Foundations and your form of this in Prayers that Heal the Heart.  I have sat before the LORD with other minister friends and gone through healing for literally hundreds of hours.I have attended conferences on prayer and gone up for prayer at the altar for YEARS.   I have renounced everything I knew to renounce and renounced things "just in case because"  and done it again and again. I have repented and repented and repented again standing in the gap  for my generations and for then for myself  This time the healing went so deep - as we were praying - I could see the different ties to things I had prayed and life experiences over my years in just two hours.  I am so very grateful for this.  Whether it was timing or anointing  and experience or whatever it was - WOW! 

I pray for the continuation of the expansion of the ministry the LORD has given you, for new inroads and for favor.  And I pray the health of you and your family. 

Go Deeper - Get Healthy!

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I have a question based on reading Bob Lucy's deliverance paradigm. Do we all have alters? I thought DID affected people in SRA or really traumatic events. It sounds like any of us suffer from DID and it's not just the Sybil types with multiples that switch on and off but it can be in the form of behaviors such as manipulation or anger. Is that true?
Also, my husband's grandfather was a Mason. Can my husband do the prayer of deliverance from Masonic curse on his own?
Thank you.

K Mills
Miami, FL

Mark Virkler's picture

Dear K.
In Bob's view, we all have alters to some level. Some severe, some not so severe. It is a matter of wording and definition. Concerning prayer. There is no reason not to pray prayers yourself and see where it takes you. If you are not satisfied you have full release, then get others to pray with you. The prayers to release Masons curses are prayed live on the audio files, so he can follow along there.

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