Are You Still in the Dance with Me, My Beautiful One?

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I love sharing wonderful journaling from our students at Christian Leadership University! These amazing selections are from Linda Lindsey. Let's make sure we haven’t fallen out of our dance with Jesus! Below, the Lord speaks in Linda's journal...

Remember our dance? Let your entire life be a dance with Me...see, you don't have to be just sitting down alone in order to feel My presence and hear My voice. I will guide your dance steps all day long if you will keep your right hand in Mine, your left hand on My shoulder and My face ever before you. See, in this position I am between your face and everything and everyone else out there. You are shielded by Me and anything that comes against you will have to penetrate Me first. I will never let go of you as long as you don't let go of Me. Dance, dance, dance through the rest of your life, every waking moment, a dance with Me. I like to dance with My precious daughter.

Have you ever seen anyone dancing with a frown on their face? Monitor your face—if there's a frown or concern on it, then you have left the dance. People who are dancing with their lover are smiling, free and care-free, so monitor your face for it will indicate if you are still in the dance. When you take your eyes off your dance partner you will see some ugly things you don't need to see or concern yourself with and those will make you frown. Feel the strength of My grip in your hand and around your waist—strong enough to hold and dance with you through any and every storm. Yes, we can dance together even under the grayest and stormiest skies when lightening is flashing all around...I will be holding you. 

Yes, I am a God of beauty. Beauty in the wind, beauty in the sky, beauty in you. Your beauty, your true beauty will never fade but continue to grow even as your physical body deteriorates. In fact your beauty will shine even more because the kind of beauty you possess only comes with age and purification which takes time and reliance. Your spirit is being adorned even as we speak. You are a spiritual being so we are learning to focus there and to forget the natural being part of you. Soar in your spirit. I will let you see your spirit, which is how I see you. That natural clay pot is so insignificant, more than you know. Bring it to be your slave. Don't let it dictate for one moment what you will say or do. Let your spirit arise and be large. Do you see it—like a giant? Yes, your spirit must continue to grow larger and larger even as your body shrinks smaller and smaller in your own eyes.

I am training you little by little, just like a child. You don't have to be perfect or have it all together, all you need to do is to learn a little and grow a little every day in Me. That's not burdensome, is it? The mighty oak grows only fractions of inches at a time, but it grows and becomes magnificent, as you are growing and are becoming more and more magnificent by the day. But it's not you—remember it is Me in you.

Trust that you are hearing Me, you have to take it by faith. Without faith it is impossible to please Me. If you didn't have to accept that you hear Me by faith, then how could you please Me? Faith is what pleases Me, so be glad that it isn't obvious to your natural mind and eyes. Receive each and every word, the very next word, by faith. Receive My direction for your life by faith. It is My word that guides you, none other than My word. Remember it was My word that got this whole thing rolling in the first place. It is still My word that keeps it rolling and everything held together. Stay tuned to My word and believe it IS My word that you hear. 

Lord, how do You see me?

I see beauty. I see the beauty of a heart that loves and craves Me. I see your potential—the possibilities. I see the beauty of the vessel underneath all that layer of dust. Let Me blow away the dust.

I ask You to blow the dust off of me. Blow it all away!

Let Me orchestrate every moment. I am the Conductor. Take your eyes off the score you have written, stop feverishly playing it. STOP, sit and look at Me. Watch My face, watch My baton.

My prayer of repentance: I see that I do only what I like, only what I agree with and I haven't been open to see Your true will. I surrender my will to You, knowing that it will be tested. Teach me how to lean on Your strength...


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