12 Steps to Ensure You Don’t Achieve Your Destiny

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Many Israelites missed their intended destiny of arriving at the Promised Land because they repeatedly tempted God in the Wilderness. Below are the twelve ways they tempted God (Num. 14:22). These are the things you do NOT want to do!

  1. Crave evil things and complain about God’s provision (1 Cor. 10:6; Num. 11:4,34)
  2. Commit idolatry, trusting things other than God (1 Cor. 10:7; Ex. 32:4-7)
  3. Commit immorality (1 Cor. 10:8; Ex. 25:1)
  4. Don’t trust God in the midst of adversity (1 Cor. 10:9; Num. 21:5ff)
  5. Grumble against authority (1 Cor.10:10; Ex. 16:2-8)
  6. Quit short of the goal, rather than pressing on (Num. 32:1-7)
  7. Co-exist with the enemy, rather than driving it out (Num. 33:55)
  8. Not obey God’s voice (Joshua 7:24,25; 22:20; 7:1,5)
  9. Speak negative words (Ex. 16:3)
  10. Don’t seek God’s voice for every step (Ex. 23:20-33; Josh. 9:1-27, especially verse 14)
  11. Don’t unite faith with the promise of God (Num.13:32 - Num.14:4)
  12. Fight using your own strength (Num. 14:41-45)

Action Steps

These are examples to us so we do not commit the same sins (1 Cor. 10:11). Repent as necessary and receive Jesus' cleansing blood to wash away all sin. Then, walk in righteousness, so God’s glorious purposes and plans for you may be realized.

May you experience His best blessings and destiny in every area of your life!