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BioTrust Products - We Love Them All!

We look for products which are affordable, effective, necessary, helpful, muscle test well against our own bodies, and when we take them, we feel a difference.

BioTrust meets all these requirements, so we use a lot of their products, and even have an affiliate website with them which you can order products from. It is here. Whenever you order anything from this website, they will send you a PDF file with recipes for 53 Fat-Burning Smoothies & Milkshakes which are delicious and which we have for most of our lunches. Did I mention they are delicious? And healthy! What more could one ask for?

We like something crunchy and low calorie to go along with these lunch drinks, so we purchase Magic Pop.

The staples we order from BioTrust website include their

  1. Protein powder which we mix with our Greens First breakfast drinks 
  2. Digestive enzymes which we take with every meal to maximize digestion
  3. Probiotics which we take with every meal to maximize digestion.

Other products we enjoy from BioTrust include: