Angel Diaries: Daniel 10

Below is part four of my series on Angels: God's Servants, My Friends. If you'd like to read about the day Jesus introduced me to my guardian angels, as well as some Scriptures He highlighted for me about them, please check it out here.

That Never Happened Before

It all came together for me one night after work. Leo had a meeting that evening so I was happy to have another extended quiet time when I got home. My angel Shobi wanted to show me something in Daniel so I turned there and started reading and listening to him share his perspective on the verses.

He was saying something… And then, all of a sudden, I woke up. What? When did I fall asleep? I glanced at my phone - 7:33. Oh my word, it’s almost 8am! I need to get ready for work!

I noticed the bedroom door. It was open, and that was weird. I shut it quietly when I got up early and… where’s Leo? He wouldn’t have gotten up just to open the door. I looked out the window – he wasn’t swimming his laps. And I didn’t hear the weights clanking around in the basement either.

He’s not in the bedroom, he’s not downstairs or outside… what in the world? Where is he? And… what day is it again?

Ohhhh. It’s 7:33 at night. Right. So I just happened to fall deeply asleep, in a sitting position, in broad daylight, and be so out of it I have no idea what’s even going on?

Breaking It Down

Shobi interjects: Welcome to Daniel chapter 10, verse 5, through and especially, verse 9.

Daniel had a vision of an angel, heard the sounds of his words,
and as soon as he heard them, fell into a deep sleep….

I said, "Really? You had to literally knock me out for this?"

Apparently he wanted to get my attention and realize this section of Scripture was for me, for now. I’m living it, so don’t miss it! He highlighted some of verses 18,19 and 20 as well….

“Then this one with human appearance touched me again
and strengthened me. He said, ‘O man of high esteem, do not be afraid.
Peace be with youtake courage and be courageous!’
Now as soon as he spoke to me, I received strength and said,
‘May my lord speak, for you have strengthened me.’
Then he said, ‘Do you understand why I came to you?”

Shobi: See, all of this, is all of what we do for you. You want a biblical example of it – this is it. We strengthen you. We’re all about keeping the peace, right? Encouraging you with joy, and letting you not be afraid.

Not to mention how helpful I am at breaking it all down for you, and giving you understanding about things (wink).

It’s all right there. AND even our name for you can be found here if you have eyes to see it.


(Note: Quite often my angels will address me as “Milady”. A term of respect, and also endearment, and I think more than anything the reason they use it is because just hearing that one word makes me smile. It’s such a fun little title! So that’s what he’s commenting about…)

Shobi: As I was saying… Daniel was called a “man of high esteem”, and you have the note in your Bible how literally it could also be translated man of “desirability” or “preciousness”. See? Exact same thing. There’s respect, there’s affirmation, there’s honor, affection. It’s essentially “Milady” – just a guy version of it. :)

Anyway, all of this isn’t even the best part. Keep reading…

The End Game

Daniel writes, “In the first year of Darius the Mede,
I arose to be an encouragement and a protection for him.” (Dan. 11:1)

Shobi: Did you see it? We angels gave courage to Daniel (Dan. 10:19), and he turned around and gave it to those he was called to minister to (Dan.11:1). That’s what I’m talking about! And not only that, check out the literal Hebrew for Daniel being an “encouragement” for him. It means “strengthener”. Exactly what we just got done doing for Daniel, empowered him to do the same for others.

And you know that he wasn’t a warrior for Darius, not a valiant soldier giving him strength and protection. He did it with words! Daniel gave Darius God’s perspective on things, and that encouraged him – just like we do with you. We help make sure you’re seeing life from a divine, heavenly point of view, and that protects your joy and peace and encourages your heart.

Blessed to Be a Blessing

Shobi cont: And when you’re in a joyful, peaceful, courageous place, you’re much more ready to be a blessing and encouragement to those around you, right?

If you’re anxious or stressed or angry or afraid, you’re sure not looking for opportunities to minister life to others. You’re just trying to keep your act together and not fall apart!

Enter our awesome helpfulness, and you are in a much better place, ready for ministry, ready to be a blessing and give courage and help strengthen everyone around you. That’s the vision, Milady. That’s what we’re going for.

And don’t you see how God gets much more glory from your peace and joy than your stress and fear? Of course He does...

Shobi was right. Now I can do for others what God and His angels have done for me. I can comfort others with the comfort I’ve received (2 Cor. 1:4). And I become more aware of the feelings of others, as I see just how aware God is of mine. And how aware my angels are of mine. And how they in many respects are giving their whole lives (during my whole life) to make sure feel well. Peaceful. Joyful. Loved.

How Would You Like Your Eggs?

Jesus showed me the same thing through a dream the other night. There were a few different symbols that ended up being Matthew 11:25-30, but the part I wanted to mention was about yolks.

In my dream I was trying to make eggs, but all the yolks were little stones – they were as hard as a rock! Hm, that doesn’t seem quite right, and it's not working at all.

Well, what’s the opposite of a hard yolk? That would be an easy yoke. Which incidentally is the kind Jesus wants me to have.

He said, “Hey, I know you’re exhausted from all you're doing, so come and relax. You're trying to make it work, but you're making it too hard. I have a gentle and humble heart so learn from Me. I'll make it the opposite of hard. I'll make your work easy, and help you find rest for your soul.”

Rest for what? Not my body. My soul. My inner state and emotional equilibrium again is what those in the heavenly dimension seem most concerned with. First and foremost, have rest and peace inside. Jesus says He personally is in a healthy place – gentle and humble in heart – and He invites me to join Him there.

In case the angelic understanding of the Old Testament passage wasn’t enough, God confirmed it again. He personally showed me in the New Testament, this is it. This is what I’m talking about. This is for you, for now. Rested souls. Easy yokes. Peaceful hearts.

What About You?

Do you want to hear God's messages to you through dreams? Would you like to better understand what He's saying in your "night visions"? If you don't know how to break down the symbols, we can help. Find out more here. 

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