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All Uses of “Rhema” in the Bible

Below are all 70 uses of the Greek word rhema in the New Testament. Look up these verses and see what the Lord reveals to you. I noticed that they never referred to written words, making them distinct from logos, which can include words written down. Rhema means “spoken word,” and occasionally a “supernatural event.”

G4487  ῥῆμα rhēma

Total KJV Occurrences: 73

words, 31

Luk_20:26, Luk_24:8, Luk_24:11, Joh_3:34, Joh_5:47, Joh_6:63, Joh_6:68, Joh_8:20, Joh_8:47, Joh_10:21, Joh_12:47-48 (2), Joh_14:10, Joh_17:7-8 (2), Act_2:14, Act_5:20, Act_6:11, Act_6:13, Act_10:22, Act_10:44, Act_11:14, Act_13:42, Act_16:38, Act_26:25, Rom_10:18, 2Co_12:4, Heb_12:19, 2Pe_3:2, Rev_17:17 (2)

word, 25

Mat_4:4, Mat_12:36, Mat_18:16, Mat_26:75, Mat_27:14, Mar_14:72, Luk_1:38, Luk_2:29, Luk_3:2, Luk_5:4-5 (2), Act_10:37, Act_11:16, Act_28:25, Rom_10:8 (2), Rom_10:17, 2Co_13:1, Eph_5:26, Eph_6:17, Heb_1:3, Heb_6:5, Heb_11:3, 1Pe_1:25 (2)

saying, 6

Mar_9:32, Luk_2:17, Luk_2:50, Luk_9:45 (2), Luk_18:34

sayings, 3

Luk_1:65, Luk_2:51, Luk_7:1

things, 2

Luk_2:19, Act_5:32

evil, 1


nothing, 1


thing, 1