New Creation Celebration Devotionals Guide You Into Experiencing Daily Spiritual Transformations

Problem: What I would like is to be able to soar in the Spirit every time I pray, and come away brimming with faith. Are there steps to help make sure this happens? A prayer time where I don't feel I connect to God is very frustrating.

Solution: We have created "New Creation Celebration" devotionals where you gaze upon your new creation self - who you are in Christ - until faith arises. These meditations are a coach at your side ensuring successful, transforming, healing, heart encounters, every single day! The steps you need to take to fully experience God's transforming power are included in each devotional.

River of Life & New Creation Celebration MP3 Download Set or CD Set now available, as well as the accompanying book Unleashing Healing Power Through Spirit-Born Emotions!

"We tried New Creation Celebration devotionals and loved them..."

  • "I was moved to tears. I sensed His presence in a new and fresh way." Pastor Keith Carlisle
  • "I love going through this and hearing the Lord speak. Learning to see myself as the new creation that I am is a process. I am eager to share this with others." Judy Young 

Flexible, Spirit-led, experiential devotionals

  1. Flexible time commitment - From twelve minutes to an hour depending on the devotional selected.
  2. Led into an encounter with the Holy Spirit 
  3. Multiple learning modalities - The "New Creation Celebration" series provides recorded voice with a background of soft soaking musicWorksheets are available for journaling so you have memorials of your encounters with God. 

Composed of two parts - Use them individually or together

Click here for a five-minute Introduction which helps you get the most from this series (text copy here).

  1. Part 1: River of Life where you are immersed in the River of the Holy Spirit. Don’t worry, as in a dream, you can breathe under water! (12 minutes - click here)
  2. Part 2: New Creation Celebration - this comes in four versions. Choose the one which best meets the challenges of the day you are facing:
  • New Creation Celebration Replacing Emotions (40 minutes - click here)
  • New Creation Celebration Replacing Beliefs (22 minutes - click here)
  • New Creation Celebration - Putting on Christ (13 minutes - click here)
  • New Creation Celebration - Possessing Your Promised Land (9 Minutes - click here)

As you drift off to sleep...  You may choose to begin in the evening with the River of Life segment playing softly. In the morning select the New Creation Celebration segment which best meets the needs of your day. Connecting with the Holy Spirit is the most important step of our day (Gal. 5:25). Let's begin and conclude our days with the Holy Spirit. 

My life was impacted!

  • Healing: What a blessing this devotional has been to me. The "River of Life" has brought healing to me physically. It is gradual but I crave that healing flow of the water of the Holy Spirit. I listened to it twice during the early hours of this morning. The "New Creation Celebration" has brought an encounter with the Lord every time I have listened to it. Revelation has come to me through the whole session. God is using it to heal me. Judith Johnson
  • Cellular cleansing: It was a kind of mini-Prayers that Heal the Heart, and really worked for me. The added features of cleansing the cells and genes are very good. Jessie Mejias 
  • Freedom in Christ: This devotional is incredibly powerful. It is a tremendous guide to lead people into the freedom in Christ that Jesus has already paid the price for. I will certainly recommend it to others. Brenda Brown 
  • Improved counseling: It is very helpful in my own life and it has a significant impact on my counseling ministry. Rev. Paul Stanton
  • Improved concentration: I just realized this morning that my concentration is much better since I began using the devotional. My mind is not jumping around from one thing to another. I can stay in the Word longer and actually read with more focus. Judy Johnson

Things to keep in mind

  1. Your choice: Feel free to use worksheets and audio together, worksheets alone, or audio alone. You may choose to use the worksheets with some of your favorite soaking music.
  2. What is the value of having a journaling worksheet to assist me in my prayer times? Consider this: When you fly, are you glad your pilot uses a pre-flight checklist or would it be fine if he simply went from memory? Since he obviously has been well trained and is fully experienced in flying, isn't going from memory good enough? Do you see a value in him using his pre-flight checklist? If so, then know a devotional worksheet can provide similar value to you, allowing you to soar high in the Spirit and experience a full encounter with God's transforming grace, every time you pray.
  3. Helping your friends - You can easily help your family and friends encounter God powerfully every day by simply sharing this blog with them.
  4. When you have time, I recommend you begin with the 12-minute River of Life as an introduction to any of the other devotionals above.
  5. Yes, there are additional ways to pray. So check out this list of 40 prayer styles.

Resources: Training which deepens spiritual sensitivity