Materials You Will Need to Set Up a Church-Centered Bible School

120+ Bible college level course syllabi on CD-ROM

A college-level course syllabus is a several-page description of the requirements of the course, including what books must be read, what assignments completed and handed in, and what tests and papers must be done. Each of the course syllabi on this CD-ROM is lamad in its requirements of the students. Each syllabus requires Spirit encounter, personal encounter and life encounter. They have weekly self-check tests with answers. There is a mid-term and final test, with answers provided to the instructor. Most are 20 - 60 pages long. The typical cost for a college to produce a course syllabus is $2500, so the production cost of the materials on this CD-ROM is about $300,000. Lamad Curriculum Developers, LLC sells these course syllabi individually to non-CLU students for $25 each, and to CLU students for $10 each. 

Initially this entire pack of 120 course syllabi sold for $1500. Now you can own it for only $900, which comes to only $7.50 per course syllabus! Purchase of this CD-ROM gives you the rights to use these course syllabi yourself and to reproduce them for your college, Bible school or home cell group. 

If you want to study college-level courses without paying the tuition or receiving credit, you may purchase this CD-ROM for yourself, discover the books and assignments required for all 120 courses and work with them as you desire. Put $300,000 of Spirit-anointed course syllabi into your hands today for only $900.

More information about this CD-ROM and utilizing the Lamad Curriculum used by Christian Leadership University is available at the CLU website.

A Core Pack may be purchased for the discounted price of $1800, and includes all the materials for 31 of our most popular courses. (This pack is already discounted by 30%.)

For a more complete description of the core pack, and for a discounted price on the items above, please go to

Now your church or home cell group can utilize the curriculum, college program and course syllabi used by Christian Leadership University. You can establish a church-centered Bible school using these Lamad materials and train your congregation yourself. This Operations Manual explains in detail the steps you must take and contains an “Articulation Agreement” which allows you to enter into a special relationship with CLU.