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Lamad: Real life, biblically-grounded, revelation-based learning

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Lamad Pronounciation  (Revelation-Based Learning)
While Greek uses two different words for 'to learn'and 'to teach', each having its own content, goal, and methods, Hebrew uses the same root for both words [la mad] because all learning and teaching is ultimately to be found in the fear of the Lord (Deut. 4:10; 14:23; 17:19; 31:12,13). To learn this is to come to terms with the will and law of Godanyone who knows anything has learned it from [the Lord], the source of all truth.
(from Theological Wordbook of the Old Testament. 1980 by The Moody Bible Institute of Chicago. All rights reserved. Used by permission.)

Purpose: To transform lives by bringing people into interaction with the Holy Spirit. Lamad learning groups begin with real life issues and add enlightenment from God which produces transformation through the power of the Holy Spirit. The Lamad Encounter Group member is required to interact with life, the Bible, and the Holy Spirit.

Main Activity: Family and friends gather in a home, a church, or other building for 12 weeks to discuss and practice the truths they are exploring through a Revelation-based learning experience.

Local Groups: Find, create or post a group at

Internet Groups: Revelation-based Groups can be internet groups which gather weekly for an online chat. Message boards and chat rooms can be established at

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An expanded definition of lamad is available at

L.E.G. Facilitator: Guides group discussion and learning experiences. See preparation requirements at

L.E.G. Participant: Completes lamad book/course during the 12-week learning experience and participates in group discussions and activities.

CLU Audit/Credit Options: If four or more Encounter Group participants are enrolled in Christian Leadership University, taking the lamad course for credit from CLU, the course tuition for these students will be discounted $100 off the published price (does not apply to one-credit courses).

A Lamad Group participant may begin by auditing the CLU course ($25 plus cost of course materials), and then change to a full-credit CLU student anytime before the end of the course by simply notifying CLU, completing all course requirements, and paying the difference.

The Group Facilitator will receive $25 tuition credit toward the future purchase of a CLU course for each paid full-credit CLU student in his group. If the facilitator has previously completed the course with CLU, he will earn two extra CLU credits free of charge for leading the group. If he disciples twelve, his next course could be completely paid for (12 x $25 = $300, which is the average cost of a CLU course). If he desires and is approved as a CLU adjunct faculty member (, he may assist CLU in grading the coursework of L.E.G. participants, receiving an additional $25 gift of tuition credit for each CLU student graded.

All CLU students enroll directly with CLU at, ordering their course materials from CLU. When registering for a CLU course and desiring a Lamad Group tuition discount, a Lamad Encounter Group Order Form must be completed. This is available at If a total of four students do not enroll with CLU for full credit for the course, then the L.E.G. discount will not be extended to members of that group.

If videos are available for the course (see course materials list at, you may choose to order them to watch as a group. In this case, be sure that when group members enroll for the course they state that they do not need the CDs.

In addition to individuals establishing Lamad Encounter Groups, churches may also institute Lamad Groups to train their congregations (

(Lamad Encounter Groups operating in Texas cannot be graded by a CLU adjunct faculty member in that state. Completed coursework must instead be sent to an assigned CLU instructor outside Texas.)

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