Samples of journaling from Patrice Boenzi as she completed the journaling questions in the book and course "Naturally Supernatural." 

(Used by permission.)

Journal Entry: "Lord, what do You want to say to me about the truths of this chapter?"

You can do nothing without Me. That is why you do what you will not to do. All things must go through Me and then you will do what you will and what I will for you to do. There is no condemnation in Christ Jesus. When you are in Him you are in Me. If you stay in Me I will stay in you. Your will will become Mine and then you will do what you set your will to do because it will be Me.

Journal Entry: "Lord, what do You want to speak to me concerning the truth that You are all and in all?"

The earth was void without form. I spoke the creation. It is part of Me. As you look at what I created you get a glimpse of My creativity, wisdom, power. I created man in My image. I breathed into his nostrils the breath is Me. The breath contains My makeup that transferred to man. I am gravity. I am space. I am all and in all. I created you in My image. You have the same capabilities to exhibit My characteristics. I am love. Love never fails. Love is always willing to believe the best. Love covers sins. Not only do I hold you in My hand, I cover you in the shadow of My wings. In My shadow you are safe and protected. You are hidden in Me. When you see your shadow on a sunny day the shadow is always bigger than you. Same is true with Me. I am big. I am mighty. I Am.

Journal Entry: "Lord, what do You want to say to me concerning me being a vessel?"

(I see a water pitcher pouring out a never-ending supply of water.) I am a never-ending supply of water. As the water flows into the pitcher and out so I do in and out of you. I flow into your spirit man and out through your words and actions. Don't put a lid on the pitcher because then the water can't flow in. If I can't flow in then there is nothing to flow out. Remove the lid and allow Me to fill you.

Lord, how do I remove the lid?

Trust and obedience. Trust Me in you and be obedient to say and do what I tell and show you. Faith allows the water to flow.

Journal Entry: "Lord, what do You want to say to me about the fact that I no longer live?"

There is no life outside of Me. It is not that you don't breathe and move but you breathe and move by My power. There are two choices: to live in your own power or to live in Mine, but I am the One Who sustains both. I position, I coordinate, I organize I do it all. If you have been crucified with Christ then all the things My Son died for so did you. My Son was raised by My resurrection power and so were you after you accepted My Son as your Savior. It was My breath that brought Jesus out of that grave and it was My breath that gave you a new life. There is nothing too big for Me to accomplish. I said I will inhabit the praises of My people. If I inhabit then that means I live there. Religion takes what I do and gives credit to man for it. Religion is not just rules, but it is deception from the pit of hell. There is only one way to Me and that is through My Son. There is no man-made law or theory or formula one can use to get to Me other than through My Son. You no longer live because you have yielded your body, soul, and spirit to Me for My purposes. I am in control.


Journal Entry: "Lord, what do You want to say to me concerning being my Life? What does it mean specifically and practically? Speak to me, I pray. Thank You, Lord."

If I am all and in all then I am in you and I am in others. I sustain you and all things. You only thought I was in the calm peaceful things, but you have learned I am in all things. I brought to your mind the scripture that says submit to one another as in the fear of the Lord. You submit to the Christ in the other person out of reverence to Me as they would to you for the same reason - Christ in you. Ask me all things and do what I say. This is simple. Religion makes it hard to live conscious of Me, but it is simple. My yoke is easy and My burden light. It only becomes hard and heavy when you take things in your own hands in your own strength. I am responsible to bring things about and make things happen, not you. Don't worry what others think or say their opinion means nothing to you because My opinion is the only one that counts. I have been teaching you about dead works. You have seen the difference of works and anointing. You have experienced the grace, anointing, wisdom, and power of Me when you do what I say. My word does not return to Me empty without accomplishing what I desire or without succeeding in the matter to which I sent it.


Journal Entry: "Lord, what do You want to say to me about the place of the Law in my life?"

My Son came to fulfill the Law. He will fulfill the ability within you to carry out what I have said and command you to do. The Law should not be in place of My Son because that is Religion, but as you let Him change you, you will be able to see how He fulfills the Law. It is His ability within you that allows you to keep My commands. It is not enough just to know what My Word says, but without My Son in your life you will never be able to doing anything. What difference does it make if the command is simple? My Word says without Me you can do nothing.


Journal Entry: "Lord, speak to me about the Law of the Spirit of Life in Christ Jesus. How have I been using it? Have I failed to use it?"

You are using it by letting Me lead. The striving is stopping. You know that it must be Me or it is not going to get done. You are learning to speak what I tell you. The knowing you are not your own is becoming real to you. You are understanding that I am your strength. I am your every move. You have failed to allow Me to flow out of you because of fear. Don't be afraid to speak what I tell you. I have a purpose for everything that I do. When you speak My words they don't return to Me empty. My plan must be spoken. I spoke, "Let there be light" before there was light. I spoke things into existence. The things you see are Me. They are not only My words, but Me. My words don't return to Me empty because I fill them with Myself. You have allowed insecurity to stop Me from empowering you. You yield to the other person's gifts or vision. That is good, but not because you are afraid to speak and do what I am telling You.

Father God, forgive me for allowing fear and insecurity to take the place of You. I release Your power to help me overcome this. Teach me the balance of submitting to one another as in the fear of the Lord and knowing when to do what You are telling me even though it looks like I am not submitting.

As I fill you more and more My love will grow within your heart. As My love grows your motives, attitudes, actions will all resemble My love. I don't judge actions, but the heart. How many times are your actions right, but your heart motive was wrong?

Unfortunately too many.

That is why the Law of the Spirit of Life in Christ Jesus is important. It is your provision as a child of Mine. I come to take residence, to fill My temple, your body. I knew you could not accomplish what I had created you for without Me. I want to help you. I want to be close to you. I want to be your God, your Friend, your Confidant, your Savior, your Healer, your Everything. I breathe My life into you every time you take a breath. You think it is voluntary, but it is not. I determine and control all things. Nothing is voluntary for I sustain everything. I keep the birds in the air and the trees in the ground.

Lord, please talk to me about the rules for energizing my life through Your Holy Spirit. What would You like to say concerning the application of these rules to my life?

Rest in Me. I apply these rules. I teach you how to do these things. Anyone can take the rules and apply them in his own strength, but that would be a dead work. I birth the rules and applications of this process into your heart. Out of the heart flow the issues of life. I sent the Holy Spirit to be your Teacher. He teaches you how to hear My voice. The Holy Spirit does not go where He is not wanted. Do not grieve Him.

How do we grieve Him?

By doubt, unbelief, taking Him for granted. He is not a toy to be used, but part of Me. Do not manipulate the mercy of God. There are some who make Him perform and pretend they are the reason He does what He does. I will not share My glory. Be careful not to fall into the trap of obligating Him to do something He did not tell you to speak. I know some who say things that I am going to do, in a meeting for instance, and they think because they announced this that I am going to honor what it is they announced. I do things My way, in My timing, and according to My plan. Yes, I want everyone to live abundantly in Me. That is My heart, but I will not be manipulated and I will not share My glory with anyone.


Journal Entry: "Lord, speak to me concerning Your visions for my life. What do You want me to do? What am I supposed to be doing today? What is Your vision for our country? Thank You, Lord, for what You reveal."

I want you to follow Me. I will lead and you will follow. I want you to walk on water and move mountains. I want you to feed the hungry and give hope to the hopeless. Continue fellowshipping with Me. I will show you what to do. Learn to trust Me. I will not disappoint you. I will show you what to do daily. Know you are in My perfect plan. I coordinate things, and I place you where I want you. I want the country back in My arms. I want to bless this country.


Journal Entry: "Lord, what do You want to say to me about the way I handle trials and temptations?"

You have come a long way in Me. I am the victory. I am the One Who overcomes temptations. The same power that allowed My Son, Jesus, to resist temptation in the wilderness is the same power that resides in you through My Son Jesus. I am the power! That is the same power that raised Jesus from the grave. I reside in you through My Son. It is through His ability that you have the victory. It is all about Him! You will not be able to resist temptation through your own strength; because even what you think is your own strength is really Mine. I am all-powerful. I am the creator. I created strength and sustain it.


Journal Entry: "Lord, please speak to me concerning the stages of my Christian walk. Where am I? Where are you taking me? How do You want me to respond right now?"

I am taking you to the promised land. The promised land is what I created you to be. In the promised land there is milk and honey. You will continue to grow in the promised land. As you submit to Me in the promised land, you will be fulfilled. There is My abundant provision in the promised land. I want you to rest in Me. Listen for My voice and be obedient to what I say. You will be blessed in the promised land, but because you have been blessed you will be able to be a blessing. Remember, the promised land is not about arriving in a wonderful place and quitting. In the promised land there will be much work. The promised land is where our fellowship is unbroken. I am your only provision. I am your only supply. I am everything you need. I love you My child, press on.


Journal Entry: "Lord, what do You want to say to me concerning my wilderness experience? Where was it? What was it? What were You trying to teach me? Have I learned? Am I willingly flowing with You, or am I resisting You as you take me by the hand? Thank You, Lord, for what You speak."

I provided manna for you in the wilderness. My manna came forth daily. It came in the realm of encouragement, support, prayer, finances, and favor. I took you there to clean out your heart of judgment, prejudice, wrong thinking, and works. I replaced it with faith, love, mercy, grace, and hope. The boat was rocking that the waves were high, but so were the stakes. I had to retrain you and teach you the truth. My ways are the truth. You know that I am Truth. You know now I won't misguide or mislead you. You have trust in Me now. You have hope in Me and faith. You know that there is nothing too big for me. You know that I can change anyone's circumstances. You know what I did in your heart to allow you to walk the way you did. You will be able to teach and encourage others to do the same. Don't stay in the wilderness. We can have the same level of intimacy in the promised land. Because I am everywhere. I am always with you.


Journal Entry: "Lord, I pray for the spirit of revelation as I read Philippians 1-4. Speak to my heart. I present the eyes of my heart to You and the ears of my heart to You. Thank You, Lord, for what You are going to show me."

The first thing I want you to see is that I led Paul to the place where he was chained.

I see that, Lord.

Look at what resulted because of his chains.

People noticed that Paul's chains were in You and most of the other Christians were then able to speak boldly without fear. There were some that preached Christ with wrong motives and not sincerely trying to add to Paul's suffering and disappointment. Still others preached Christ out of love. Father God, I see that instead of Paul being angry, critical, judgmental about what people were preaching, even though he discerned their hearts, he was overjoyed that the gospel was being preached. It used to be hard to believe that You would lead me into the wilderness or into chains, but the scripture "all things work together for good for those who love God and are called according to His purpose" brings new light on my daily struggles and trials. You knew by putting Paul in chains it would be a gospel explosion.

Yes, I know all things. I want you to see though, that Paul knew it, too, and because he knew it he saw what I was doing and was able to rejoice and not stumble in the flesh.

I want you to look at Paul's attitude. Did he have a revelation and trust in Me or what?

Yes, Lord he did. He knew You would deliver him. I see now he did not believe You to make the wrongs right or clear his name; he knew about true deliverance. He knew that You were responsible to keep him living and he knew that if they killed him that he would gain all. Lord, Paul was quite honest about being torn between wanting to die and live. He knew if he lived You would produce more fruit in his life. He also knew, had a reassurance, that he was going to live. Sometimes, I feel like that, God it would be easier to just go home, but then I know I want You to let me finish the race for which I have been created to run.

Lord, Paul was encouraging them to be likeminded, honest, obedient etc. doing these things in his presence, but more so in his absence so he was not running his race in vain or laboring in vain. I see now how the struggle in his heart "Do I stay or do I go?" Was prominent. What revelation did Paul have to keep ministering to these people? In truth, it could have been in vain.

I placed the desire to minister to these people in Paul's heart. He was working out his salvation with fear and trembling. He knew it was Me Who worked in him to will and to do for My plan. That is part of the equipping that goes with what I call a person to do. Remember, I sustain you. I place things in your heart. Why wouldn't I place the desire to minister to the people I choose you to minister to?

You wouldn't, Lord.

Lord, Paul said that You had mercy on Epaphroditus and him, too, because Epaphroditus was sick even to death, but You had mercy on him and Paul so he did not have sorrow upon sorrow. Was that a natural sorrow?

Paul was talking about his feeling sorrowful. Your soul could be sorrowful, but your spirit man joyful because of Me. Compassion is hitting you at a soul level, but moving your spirit man to flow in My plan.

Lord, Paul states that all his fleshy rights gained him nothing, but he counted them as loss and rubbish. That is only a revelation that comes through You.

My Son never put His confidence in His flesh or His power because He knew it all came from Me.

Father God, Paul states that he has learned to be content in whatever state he was in. He knew both abased and abounding. Then he goes on to say, "I can do all things through Christ Who strengthens me." He knew You as his source of everything. He knew You were in all because You are all. How did he reach this revelation?

He drew near to Me at all times. Whether He was hungry or walking in abundance he knew that it was Me Who sustained him. He knew where his joy came from. Your circumstances don't bring you joy, but knowing Me is where your joy comes from.


Journal Entry: "Lord, talk to me about what true Bible study is to be like. Is it what I have been doing? Are there any ways You want my process of Bible study to deepen? If so, how? Thank You, Lord, for what You say."

True Bible study is revelation from Me. I bring revelation in many different ways, but it is all Me. Revelation from My voice, or a picture, dream, idea is Me. Bible study is not to be a legalistic process or procedure. Many people read and study My word but don't have revelation. My revelation gives them the ability through My power to walk out what I shared with them through revelation. Anything you do with Me should be two-way communication, whether it is prayer or Bible study. I am the Great Teacher.

When you read My Word stay tuned to the flow within which brings My revelation. Don't be in a hurry to get through a chapter or book. We may just stay on one verse for a while. Don't limit Me by having to read a certain amount a day. Listen for My voice to instruct and teach you.


Journal Entry: "Lord, would you please talk to me about the truths of this book, and how they relate to theology? Is there value in theology? If so, what is it? Is there danger in theology? If so, what is it?"

Theology is sometimes a formula. It is sometimes religion. It is sometimes deception because it makes one believe they are doing the right thing and I bless it, but in reality I have no part in it. There is a place for theology and that is an evolving theology because everyones theology changes based upon the revelation they receive from Me. The trap comes when you disregard My voice in favor for your theology. There is a pitfall of missing Me and what I am telling you. People who believe in My Son and who have made Him Lord of their lives are in Me. I am in all, and I am even in mixed-up theology. Theology does not make Me Who I am. I am placing line upon line and precept upon precept in each and every one of My children's hearts. I will lead them into truth and teach them. Don't disregard people just because their theology is not like yours you will miss Me in them.


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