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REN103 Communion with God Final Paper


REN103 Communion with God Final Paper

by Shaloma A. Gray


     It was December 1996 and I had just found out I was pregnant with my little girl.  I was informed by the doctor that I had a disease that would eventually attack my liver and I would die.  Furthermore, my doctor told me that the disease would attack my baby during child birth and she would be permanently blind. 

     I was crushed when I heard the information.  I did not know what to do.  I spoke with my husband but, he was confused and scared.  He tried hard to hide his worry.  I could see his eyes filled with tears and lack of ideas. 

     Each day I would think about my other three daughters.  Would I live to see them grow up?  I wanted to teach them so much about God.  I had to be with them a little longer.  My heart felt heavy, and a heated feeling consumed my chest.  I did not know tomorrow and I was scared. 

     I begin to tell myself that I trusted God.  I begin to talk out to God; but I did not expect him to hear me.  I was not waiting for an answer.  I was talking my way through and pushing my faith.  I was hoping God would hear me and help.  I did not feel worthy of any help from God so I did not know what he would do.  I felt weak but, I knew that God had worked miracles in my life before.  I decided to accept his will whatever it would be, and I desired to trust in God. 

     The next morning I woke up and before I could realize I was up and able to think I heard a voice.  It was such a strong, loving, honest, certain, powerful, fatherly voice.      I had never heard a voice like this before.  This voice took over my entire being.  It had something to say and, nothing was going to get in the way. I heard these words, I CAN TAKE IT AWAY. That was it, I heard God say he could take the disease away.  I was shocked, excited, and filled with faith, and I was changed forever.  I heard the voice, the mighty voice of God!

     I arrived at work and my supervisor, who I shared my problem with the previous day, came up to me.  She told me to read the book of Mathew Chapter five.  When I went home I looked up the scripture and it confirmed the message God had given me.  He wanted my attention.  He wanted me to know that he desired to take the disease away.  God had my attention.  I had heard his voice.  When I read the scripture I knew it was time to be healed.  I asked God to direct me on what he desired for me to do.  I had my heart made up and I wanted his will.   

     God instructed me to drive to a spiritual book store.  When I walked into the store he led me over to a glass booth.  In the booth were small little bottles.  When I picked one bottle up it read anointing oil.  I had never heard of the oil before.  I did not even know what to do with it.  When I got in my car to head to work, God told me to open the oil and put it all over my body.  Then he told me to say these words, By your strikes I am healed.  I begin to put oil on my face and neck.  I repeated the words God gave me and drove back to work.

     I was on the playground at work watching the children during their recess.  When recess was over I stayed out alone to straighten things out on the playground.  My heart and mind was on the message God had given me earlier that morning.  The sun was shinning extremely bright.  It had beamed on me and I felt heat run throughout my body.  I looked up to the heavens because, I knew something was happening.  I heard God say, I am taking it away.  I knew What God was doing.  He was healing my body.  I was so grateful.  I begin to lift my hands to the heavens.  I repeated hallelujah, hallelujah, over and over.  I was healed!  I believed it and I was ready to go and tell it to everyone. 

     God then instructed me that when I arrived at my next doctors visit I would have a new doctor.  This doctor would order new test.  I thought to myself, there is no way the clinic would order new test; the doctor had just diagnosed me with the illness two weeks ago.  They would not even want to talk about a new test.  I recognized the thoughts were hindering my faith, so I dismissed them and believed God for his word.  He led me to Isaiah chapter 55:11 (So shall my word be that goeth forth out of my mouth: it shall not return unto me void, but it shall accomplish that which I please, and it shall prosper in the thing whereto I sent it.  With the grace of Gods word, I thanked him for the healing and looked forward to my doctors appointment. 

     A week past and I arrived at my doctors appointment. When the doctor came in I was numbed.  It was as if I was in another world.  The doctor was new just as God had described.  He looked at me and straight out of his mouth he said I am going to test you again.  I begin to feel up with warmth and passion.  I knew God was in the room.  The doctor instructed me that I would know the results of the test in a couple of weeks.  I thanked the doctor and left the office.  I felt like two weeks were a long time but God reminded me that I already had my answer.  I accepted his words, and went back to work rejoicing. 

     Two hours after I got back to work I went up to the office.  I did not have a reason to go to the office, but, I learned later that God led me there.  While standing in the office, I received a phone call.  The receptionist said Shaloma you have a phone call, it is your doctor.  I was stunned because the doctor had told me he would call me in two weeks and this was two hours later.  I picked up the phone and heard these very words: Shaloma, I have your test results back, and they are negative.  I do not know what happened.  I know the disease was there.  There is proof of it right here in the records.  Its gone now.  Well this is something.  Okay I will not need to see you in the future.  I will call your OB GYN doctor and let her know.

    God had done exactly what he said he would do.  I turned to my supervisor and said, I am healed. Eight months later I had a healthy little girl. 

Another testimony was almost one year ago God instructed me to seek my Doctorate degree in biblical counseling.  I had just completed my Masters degree in Community Counseling.  I was enrolled in a Doctorate program for education at Walden University.  God desired for me to complete a second doctorate in spiritual counseling.  I begin to search for a school.  God brought me to CLU and thus, my journey in understanding was born. 



     My first course Communion with God, was recommended by the president of CLU and writer for God, Mr. Mark Virkler.  His kindness and certainty of my enrollment into the program confirmed my obedience to complete my doctorate at CLU.  This was the step that continued to change my life. 

     When I received my first course I immediately read all three books and listened to the tapes.  I was amazed by the confirmations I received daily regarding hearing the voice of God.  I received the understanding that God did not just want to talk to me he wanted me to talk directly to him.  He desired for me to want to talk to him and wait and listen for his response.  I begin to journal and talk to God.  Since I could actually hear his voice, I had trouble journaling and keeping up.  I consulted God on the issue and he informed me to just listen.  To write only when he instructed me to, thus, listening and enjoying my time with God.  Habakkuk 2: 1-2


     My attitude became extremely humble.  I wanted to take the time to hear the wind.  Every decision I made had to come from God.  I knew my existence was created and dependent upon the powerful will of God.  I have developed a rule in my life and it is as follows:  every conversation, action, and deed I allow God to complete through my life must be done out of faith, hope, and love.  I have an attitude that is directed by the powerful love of God, his Holy Spirit. 


     My behavior has been affected by the Holy Spirit.  I depend upon the Holy Spirit to help me communicate and learn about people.  My relationships have become prosperous because they serve a purpose.  When I am talking to my spouse, or anyone I am consistently praying that God give me the words to say.  I have learned to depend totally on the comforting guidance of the Holy Spirit. 


     The counselors God placed in my life are all leaders.  They are people who seek the powerful will of God.  I learn daily from their relationships with God and this course has allowed me to share my relationship with God, to help open up the lines of communication between them and God.  We have all benefited from this course. 


     I have learned to allow the Holy Spirit to direct me to stillness.  I enter into his presents with music and praise, and I sit down and listen for him to speak.  He normally calls my name and tells me he loves me.  I wait and allow him to continue with anything he has for me.  Then I thank him and commune with the help of the Holy Spirit.


     God has given me visions of things he want me to do, places he want me to go, and people he need for me to know.  He has directed my life with dreams and visions. 


     My relationships on my job and in my personal life have changed.  Instead of sitting around wondering what I should do or say about a situation, I ask God.  I consistently ask God for his opinion and direction on how to think about people, places, and things. I will not make a move or decision until I am instructed by God, or answer a person until I have consulted God.  Sometimes I have to ask the person to wait a few days before I answer them.  This is because I am on Gods time.  He directs me in his own time and his own way, which has changed my life completely.  I am sure of what I am doing, because I know who directs me.  Sometimes I do not understand the direction, or answer but I know that it will work out good, because God said so. 

     I have been truly blessed by this course.  It has changed my life and my family.  We are all waiting on Gods opinion, direction, and thoughts.  We cannot move without him.  Glory to God Forever!

     I would like to personally thank Mark and Patti Virkler for being obedient servants of God.  When we get to eternal life I will be the first to remind them of how important they are.  Yes, God could have used someone else if that was his plan but it was his plan to use the two of them and their obedience executed his map.  I am thankful for them and I will continue to praise God for their obedience.


You can experience exactly what Shaloma has experienced, and receive all the profound blessings that come from living out of the voice of God every day. The following books will teach you step-by-step how to have communion with God: How to Hear God's Voice and Dialogue with God.

These books, as well as the accompanying CDs and Seminar Workbook, are also part of the foundational distance learning college course from Christian leadership University: REN103 Communion With God. Committing to this level of discipleship will allow you to fully integrate these principles at the level Shaloma described.