Name of the village: KOLENG
Name of the Pastor: Pastor Puran Singh
Name of the spouse:  Mangli Bai
Population: 2800; Male: 1800; Female:1000
Major caste: Madiya Dhruva, Halba tribe.
Major occupation: Cultivation on forest production, labour, farming
Language they speak: Muriya, Halbi and Dhruva
Literacy percentage:  2.1 %
No of temples (Gudi): 9
Goddesses they worship: Mati dev, Danteshwari and Gondi Devi
No of churches and missions working in this area: None
Population growth: 3.5


For two years we have been praying along with our local church in Jagdalpur for the Koleng area. Koleng is situated in densely jungle with no transportation, no electricity and no hospital. Mostly the Dhruva tribe people inhabit these area villages. In order to reach these area villages we have to cross the river, deep forest and ghats and often the wild animals. People of this tribe worship their own house goddesses and their dead spirits with blind faith. 

In the month of August 2001, Mr. Puran Singh came to my house with his only son Mangal (about 14 years) who was seriously sick and left to die. Puran Singh was head priest of the Koleng area. People used to respect him, and come to his house to get deliverance from various problems and witchcraft. But when Puran Singhs own son Mangal became ill and he could not cure him through his magic (power of satan) he tried his level best and took his son to many places but no use. Finally, someone told him about our Ministry that we pray for people, even those who are possessed by demons.  That is why he came to us and told all about his son and requested us to pray for his sons healing. Sabina, my wife, and I fasted 2 days and prayed for Mangal in our local church. God heard our prayers and healed him completely in Jesus name. Mangal, who was bed- ridden, asked his parents for something to eat because he had not eaten for 15 days. His parents became happy. Then Puran Singh made the decision that he will serve Lord Jesus with his whole family who raised his son from the dead. After 6 days they returned back to their village Koleng.

In the month of September, 2001, we proceeded toward the village of  Koleng by cycle and walking, with my wife Sabina which is 68 km from Jagdalpur. We reached Puran Singhs house by 3:00 p.m. Puran Singh, once a priest, now a believer of Christ, and his whole family welcomed us warmly and washed our feet according to their tradition. In the evening Puran Singh called his whole family and villagers, as well, together. I asked him to testify about his son Mangal, how the Lord was gracious to them and healed his son and gave new life. He did so and the villagers worshiped the Lord Jesus after hearing this truth. We stayed for night and prayed for the sick.

In the month of October, 2001, Brother Ron Bryson visited our mission field with his friends. We took them to Koleng and about 16 people (men and women) were water baptized in the name of Jesus by friends of Brother Ron Bryson and the Koleng village church was planted.

Now about 67 people are attending the church services regularly in Purans house veranda and 32 people were baptized in water and 18 people have received the gift of the Holy Spirit.  Puran Singh is pastoring this church. We are praying for a prayer cell for Koleng believers and a bicycle for Pastor Puran for Ministry use.  Please pray for this area and its needs.

Submitted by

Pastor N.S. Nayak