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Name of the village: Nandahandi
Name of the pastor: Rohit Kumar
Name of the spouse: Susama
Population: 1798; Male: 1018 Female: 780
Major caste: Mahare, Dorla and Bhumia tribe
Major occupation: cultivation of forest production, farming
Language they speak:  Madia, Dorli and Desia
Literacy: 1.5%
Population growth: 3.5%
No. of temples (Gudi): 15
Goddesses they worship: Danteshvri, Gondi Devi and dead spirits
No. of churches or missions working in this area: None

Myself and the Mobile Evangelical Team moved from the head office in Jagdalpur toward the village where the love of Christ has not reached so far on 3rd March, 2003. We arrived at 2:30 pm with a prayerful heart to share the love of Christ as the Spirit led us. This village is of dense forest and narrow way to reach the homes of the village. The village people are dominated by the head of the village (village president). I approached him with a prayerful heart. He enquired about me and my workers well. He questioned

Why did you come here? Politely, I replied to him, To share the love of God. These villagers are uncivilized and illiterate. The head of the village allowed us to go door to door and invite the people to come to the evening open-air meeting. We did personal evangelism to the village people and invited the head of the village as a guest of the meeting also. The spiritual and revival songs were led by pastor Bijay Kumar Sundarmani. When the village people saw the head of the village going towards the evening open-air meeting, they came one by one behind him to enjoy the songs. But the cruel village people came to attack us forcefully. Those who appointed the head of the village shouted against him to go out from the meeting. But humbly he said, Please let them testify about their God before us then they will go back to their home lands. With courage the Pastor led the meeting and the time of worshipping many young men and women were filled with Holy Spirit. This day 215 people were gathered. Pastor Nayak was invited to preach the gospel with his salvation experience through reading the scripture on John 3:16. The anointed and heart-changing message transformed the hearts of the people from bitter to sweet and cursing to blessing. After the message Pastor Nayak asked the people to come to the front for prayers to deliver from their sickness and infirmities. About 28 people came for prayer for their healings. Our anointed pastors laid their hands on them. After prayer we gave the people a chance to testify of Jesus' work.   One lady testified, For the last 8 years I have suffered severely from kidney stones, but while Pastor Nayak laid his hand on me, I felt an electric shock in my body and I am cured from the kidney stones.  Praise the Lord! The head of the village could see the angels of the Lord standing around the compound. This manifestation drew some of the people to the Lord Jesus Christ.   

Next day we started the evening open-air meeting at 6:30 pm with Pastor Nimbrod Nag singing anointed songs to draw the people. Many old and young men and women were filled with the Holy Spirit. Pastor Dayalu Kadiary delivered the heart-changing sermon.  After the message, the pastor invited the people to come for prayer for their healings.  This day 250 people gathered to hear the message. Thirty-five of them stood up and came for prayer for their sickness like T.B., moon blindness, Jaundice and dumb. The spirit of God moved on them mightily and healed them from their sickness. About 15 people testified to glorify Jesus name. This day we gave water baptism (as the word of God says) to 31 newly converted peoples and a church was planted in this village. 

 Pastor Hemanta Nag is ministering with a spiritual burden to bring the people who are in the darkness to the light of Jesus Christ. Pastor Hemanta Nag is not yet receiving financial support from Brother Ron Bryson (PACAD ministry). We are praying sincerely for the pastor, family, ministry and its need. About 39 believers are attending the services and 18 believers are filled with the Holy Spirit. Pastor is also penetrating unreached neighbouring villages with Gospel. We are praying for a prayer cell for the worship services. Please pray for these essential needs.

Submitted by

Pastor N.S. Nayak