Name of the Village: TIRIA

Name of the Pastor:  Prakash Garoda
Name of the Spouse: Mungli Bai

Population: 208; MALE: 1120, FEMALE: 960
Major Caste: Dhruva, Gond, Muriya, Halbi
Major Occupation:  Cultivation of forest, labour and farming

Language spoken: Dhruvi, Gondi, Muriya.
Literacy Percentage: 21.5

No. of Temples (Gudi): 12

Population Growth: 3.1
Goddesses they worship: Mati devi, Danteshwari mai, dead spirits and Deo
No. of Churches and Missions working in this area: None

Here is the true story of a dynamic soul winner, PRAKASH GARODA. He hails
from a village named TIRIA, approximately 46 km from Jagdalpur. He belonged to a highly revered stratum of the village community. He was the chief sorcerer whom the villagers approached when ill fate and sickness fell upon them. He was no ordinary witch doctor for he had attained this evil supernatural power from a very famous Ojha. During the course of time he had to go to the Shamshans (crematoriums and graveyards) to invoke the evil spirits and have a face-to-face encounter with them. Prakashs spiritual domain extended over 10 villages, which included GUDIA, KAWAPAL, PUSHPAL and others. Every Tuesday, hordes of men, women and children used to come to Prakash, the witchdoctor. At the deora (a large platform built under some sacred tree) they would carry a handful of grain, a coconut, flowers and money all decorated in a large plate for the usual pooja (rituals). But those coming for the cure of any grave illness would carry live roosters or goats to be sacrificed. A day came when Prakashs own three-year-old son fell ill. He spared no magical device he knew and had practiced for others to restore his sons health. PRAKASH AND HIS WIFE ATE NO FOOD FOR MANY DAYS, AS THEY COULD NOT BEAR THE SIGHT OF THEIR SON BREATHING HIS LAST.

 When the villagers heard that the Prakashs son had succumbed to death they were shell- shocked. Everyone said the same thing, "The evil spirits whom he worshipped have snatched his child, probably because they were displeased."  No sooner had he recovered from the trauma of the loss of his son, when his only surviving child, his seven-month- old daughter, was struck with Jaundice. Prakash Garoda tried his best to heal his daughter from the sickness but everything was in vain. Finally, he heard about Bro. Ron Bryson coming on Sunday, January 23, 2000. He brought his daughter to our meeting place and requested us to pray for her. Bro. Ron and myself prayed for her healing with a great burden. After the meeting we proceeded towards the village of  ULNAR. After three days Mr. Prakash Garoda came to my house in Jagdalpur along with his wife and his daughter who was ill and bed-ridden. But now she was completely healed through Bro. Rons prayer in Jesus name. Prakash told us all about his life and what he had been but was now thanking God in prayer. Prakash and his whole family are now totally changed. They have requested us to visit their village and help them to remove all the goddesses they were worshipping since their childhood.

  My wife and I accompanied them and some others and proceeded towards their village. We arrived at 3 P.M and Prakash called all his family members to his house and about 16 people (including 4 children) gathered there. We taught them the basic knowledge of salvation through Christ and prayed for Prakash and his whole family. When we laid our hands on them, at that very moment Prakash received the touch of the Holy Spirit. They threw all their goddesses into the river. We suggested to them that we would also have a meeting in evening. If anyone wanted to bring their sick ones we would pray for them. About 34 people gathered in Prakashs house that evening. My wife, Sabina preached from the Bible. She preached about forgiveness of our sins through Jesus, in the Halbi language. People were blessed by the Word of God and seven people (men & women) received instant healing from their infirmities and about 18 people gave their consent to accept the Lord and be water baptized. The next day 18 people, men & women, were baptized in water. And a church was planted in Dhruva village and Bro. Prakash Garoda, is the pastor. 

 Nowadays the church services are being conducted in Prakashs house and about 32 people are attending the church services regularly. We are in need of a prayer house and a cycle for the ministry. Bro. Prakash Garoda is receiving financial support from Ron      (through P.AC.A.D).