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Come to the Waters - Volume 1

by Ancient Paths | 1 Disc

This instrumental recording was created to provide an environment where you can meet with God, find rest for your souls, and pray for others…..

For 50 minutes, Come to the Waters takes you on a refreshing journey inward to that quiet place where God waits. Listen for the still small voice. Hear the voice of many waters. Come and drink – and find rest for your soul.  

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Come to the Waters - Volume 1

Soaking music ideal for journaling or as background music.

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This instrumental recording was created to provide an environment where you can meet with God, find rest for your souls, and pray for others…..

For 50 minutes, Come to the Waters takes you on a refreshing journey inward to that quiet place where God waits. Listen for the still small voice. Hear the voice of many waters. Come and drink – and find rest for your soul.  

Excellent soaking music to play in the background during your journaling times as well as  throughout the day. This is a full instrumental production which does not contain words or songs that you will be tempted to sing along with as you listen, and there are no distracting crescendos.

These original instrumental CDs are the perfect background music for your journaling times

More excellent background instrumental CDs for journaling and soaking are available at:, and


Here’s what others are saying about “Come to the Waters”

"This CD is a great tool in ambushing our busy lives and leading us away to a quiet place with God where we can be refreshed by living water."
Martin Smith of Delirious?

"The 'Come to the Waters' CD is a great tool for worship and intercession.  It certainly creates an environment that allows you to push deep into the presence of the Lord and experience intimacy with Him."
Dutch Sheets, DD
Senior Pastor of Springs Harvest Fellowship, Colorado Springs, Colorado

WorldView International’s "Come to the Waters" is a peaceful, powerful resource for worship and intercession.  The anointing of the Lord draws you in, allowing you to experience times of intimacy with Jesus Christ.  This CD is a must have of musical excellence that will genuinely enrich your times with God.
Mike Bickle
International House of Prayer of Kansas City

With the fast paced turbulent times in which we live, "Come to the Waters" draws you into a wonderful place...His presence.  If you are weary and in need of rest and peace or if you are seeking deeper communion with the Lord, this CD will lead you into times of refreshing.
Jane Hansen

AGLOW International

As a seaman who has spent years captaining commercial fishing boats many miles from shore, "Come to the Waters", has captured the peaceful and majestic rhythms of the sea during the days when all is calm and the sea's beauty reveals the glory and wonders of the Lord. This CD is on the top of my list to take with me on a sailing trip to Antarctica later this year. I can't wait until then to put my headphones on, sit out on the deck with the sea and whales all around, and let God's wonders in the deep wash over me with the melodies of "Come to the Waters."
Jack Frost, Founder
Shiloh Place Ministries

“Come to the Waters” is a perfect accompaniment to your quiet times with the Lord.  The music just breathes and is full of peace.  It opens the door to reflecting on the beauty of God, creating a wonderful backdrop to an intimate time in worship and prayer with the Father.  I personally use this CD in my private times with the Lord and also when I find myself in need of peace.  It’s also perfect for ministry settings and for those who simply love to soak in the presence of the Lord.
Emily Tedrow
Associate Worship Leader

Albany Vineyard, Albany Oregon

I really enjoy this CD.  I frequently relax to the sounds of "Come to the Waters".  It opens you up to receive all that God has for you, and is a great investment in your quiet times with the Lord.
Steve Sjogren
Author, Irresistible Evangelism and Conspiracy of Kindness
Founding Pastor of
Vineyard Community Church , Cincinnati

Intercession is so much more than words.  It is rather a deep engagement between the human spirit and God’s Spirit.  I firmly believe the inspired and sensitive music in "Come to the Waters" will help bring you into that place where “deep calls to deep." (Ps 42:7)
John Beckett, Chairman
Intercessors for

"Come to the Waters" is very timely and needed as the Lord is calling the Body of Christ into contemplation & spending intimate time with Him.
John Arnott
Senior Pastor,
Toronto Airport Christian Fellowship

The “Come to the Waters” CD affected me in two ways.  First off, in terms of musical depth and expertise – this collection of original instrumental pieces is, quite simply, very well played.  Second – the music itself is conducive to true spiritual reflection and thought.  As an artist and as a Christian – I was moved.
Rory Noland
Music Director, Bill Hybel’s Willow Creek Community Church/Author of The Heart of the Artist
Author of "The Heart of the Artist"

South Barrington
, Illinois

This CD is excellent!  Wonderful musicians are leading the listener into reverent silence before God and into an atmosphere of deep adoration.
Beat Rink
International Director
CRESCENDO Ministries (An International Campus Crusade Ministry to Artists)

, Switzerland

When I need a quiet heart, which is many times a day, “Come to the Waters” brings me beautifully into the Lord's presence.  It is music straight from Heaven.  I love recommending it to everyone!"
Virelle Kidder, Broadcaster, Author and Speaker
Virelle Kidder Ministries

As a worship leader of many years, it’s always an encouraging discovery to find a project that draws you into God's presence again and again.  "Come to the Waters" is one of those works.  Anyone will find deeper times of communion with and healing from God when you listen to it.  Those with a call to intercede will love it!  I highly recommend it.
Carl Tuttle
CEO Sovereign Productions
Internationally known worship leader and songwriter

The “Come to the Waters” CD is an instrument of healing that God is using here at the Healing Rooms of Greater Cleveland. It is anointed by the Holy Spirit and draws you to the "quiet place" of God where He can bring healing and wholeness to the spirit, soul and body of the listener.  To me, personally it has become my "secret garden" where I often retreat to encounter God.  I think every healing room ministry throughout the world should have this CD.
Jim White
The Healing Rooms of Greater

The timing for us to have "Come to the Waters" was strategic.  We set up a special prayer room for our church for the National Day of Prayer and had "Come to the Waters" playing 24 hours a day.  We were almost taken by surprise at how much God ministered to us through the prayer room - with” Come to the Waters" playing a major role in that.  I can hear it playing in the background even as I write because we've continued to leave our prayer room set up.  I can hear it in my spirit because of the time I’ve spent in God's presence in that room.
Nathan Madison
Pastor of Worship and Ministering Arts

Christian Fellowship, Berlin , Ohio

The Ancient Paths CD has been a real source of blessing to me personally in my times of worship and prayer.  There is an anointing on it that brings the presence of the Lord and His peace.  I highly recommend it.
Mike Noble

International House of Prayer, Cleveland , Ohio

“Come to the Waters” brings with it such an overwhelming sense of God’s peace and presence.  Thank you for giving such an incredible gift to the Body of Christ.
Larry Tomczak
Senior Pastor
Christ the
King Church of Greater Atlanta , Atlanta , Georgia

As a part of the team that takes Alpha (a program for those seeking to know more about Christianity) into the Franklin County Women's Pre-Release, we recently held an all day Saturday retreat. During this day, the ladies had an opportunity to let go of past hurts through forgiveness, followed by prayers for salvation and the empowering of the Holy Spirit.  Lacking live musicians, I played the CD "Come to the Waters."  The group was much quieter than previous groups.  Thinking that they were tired from the long day, I dismissed them early.  Three days later, when we met for the next Alpha session, they asked why I cut the day short.  They were enjoying a peaceful time, listening to the music and finding comfort in the quiet – they didn’t want to leave.  The music had deeply touched them, providing them with a sanctuary where they could commune with God. The residents are offered many Bible studies and other Christian programming, but they have no quiet space where they can meditate and find sanctuary.  "Come to the Waters" ministered to their spirits in powerful ways. I am still seeing the results.
Arleen Houser
Franklin County ( Ohio ) Women's Pre-Release Alpha Coordinator
, Ohio

As a pastor, people often give you a CD they want you listen to.  Such was the case for me.  The “Come to the Waters” CD was shuffled around my desk for about a week before I decided to listen to it.  As the music played I sensed a majestic presence of the Lord.  I pictured Israel worshipping their God through the wilderness.  As I have allowed this CD to provide a subtle environment for my devotion and personal study, I have come to “drink deeply” again and again.  This CD can enhance personal devotion times for anyone.
Jeff Kolodziej
Cornerstone Chapel,
Medina , Ohio

The “Come to the Waters” CD has ministered to me like few others have.  The music is excellent, and the Spirit behind it equally so with an anointing that is very evident.
Lynette Troyer
Lynette Troyer, Inc.,
New York , New York


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