You Need to Roar at Your Enemy!

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Biblical meditation involves roaring. The word hâgâh (pronounced haw-gaw', number H1897 in Strong's Exhaustive Concordance) occurs 24 times in the King James Version of the Bible and is translated six of these times as "meditate." However, in Isaiah 31:4, the King James Bible translates this word as "roaring". 

For thus hath the LORD spoken unto me, Like as the lion and the young lion roaring on his prey...

So part of meditating on and appropriating the promises of Scripture in our lives involves roaring. Wow! Let's explore what this looks like so we can begin doing it.

We start with a situation that has set itself up against the rule and reign of God in our lives. In Isaiah 31:3, the Egyptians looked to the strength of their army as their god. So the true God was going to come and roar at this army, this false "reality" set up by satan, and fight against it and destroy it (Isa. 31:5).

That is exactly what the Lord wants us to do over the ungodly situations in our lives. These ungodly situations could be a lingering sickness, infirmity, sin, fear, doubt, unbelief, anger, poverty, disunity, etc. Anything in your life that is contrary to the word of God is an enemy which the Lord of Hosts wants to come down and destroy. 

So shall the LORD of hosts come down to fight for mount Zion, and for the hill thereof.  As birds flying, so will the LORD of hosts defend Jerusalem; defending also he will deliver it; and passing over he will preserve it. (Isa. 31:4,5)

As you battle against this problem in your life, why not get really involved and roar at it? Yes, I really mean ROAR at it. Get emotionally passionate! Get loud! Get intense! Get involved! Even get angry! And since it is the Lord of Hosts joining with you in doing the battle, you might just as well see this with the eyes of your heart. It is Almighty God standing there with you roaring at this problem, and commanding it to be gone NOW!!! See Jesus standing there with you, as the Lion of Judah, and roaring with you at the problem, commanding it to be gone now!

Of course always begin by asking Jesus what your emotional response should be toward everything. If He is laughing at it, then we should be laughing also. So before you get involved in a roaring exercise, ask the Lord if He wants to roar with you at the situation which stands before you.

Tim Madden Roared at Lyme’s disease

For example, a YWAM Crossroads Discipleship Training School leader in Kona, and a friend of mine, Tim Madden, shared this story with me in January of 2013. He had suffered with Lyme disease for several years, and the Lord told him in his journaling time that it was okay to get angry at the devil. He was quite surprised because he had grown up in an angry home and had made a point of avoiding anger when raising his children. Anger was not something he felt right about using in everyday life but he decided to take God at His Word and obey.

So Tim went for a drive in his car with his windows rolled up so no one could hear him shout at the devil and the Lyme bacteria that were causing his illness. He did this on several different days over a several week period, and sure enough, the Lyme disease left his body and his health was restored!

Sometimes we simply "tolerate" these situations rather than getting passionate and intense about the fact that they will no longer be allowed in our lives because they are contrary to the Word of God! Instead, let's obey God's command to roar at our enemies until they have fled in terror.

Begin by asking God to identify an issue in your life that is contrary to His Word. Then go ahead and join with the Lion of Judah, seeing the two of you roaring in unison at this enemy and scaring the wits out of it until it flees and the situation in your life comes into full alignment with the Word of God.

Simple Steps for Roaring at Your Enemy

  1. I get in the Spirit: Come into God's presence by passionately praising Him for His greatness. Worship Him in tongues and in English (1 minute).
  2. I journal: Lord, what enemy do you want to defeat today and what sins do you want me to repent of (mine or others), so this enemy has no legal rights to affect the situation (3 minutes)?
  3. I repent and see: I repent of these sins and then look to see Jesus present, resolving the situation (Acts 10:38) and rebuking the enemy (3 minutes).
  4. I come into agreement with what I see Jesus doing: I use the name of Jesus and join with Jesus in roaring at and rebuking the enemy. I command demons to be gone in Jesus' name (2 minutes)! 
  5. I ask, "Lord, what prophetic action do You want me to take to defeat this adversary?" Does He want me to strike, sever, push back, walk, leap, etc.? Listen for His direction (2 minutes).
  6. I perform His prescribed prophetic action with passion, conviction, intensity and thoroughness, knowing that as I do it, His Spirit's power is being released (2 minutes).
  7. I close in triumphant praise, giving God glory, in English and in tongues, THANKING Him that He HAS performed the work. It is DONE! This may include holy laughter (1 minute).

Reflections Concerning Roaring

  • Roaring is a powerful tool in defeating the enemy. Intensity, determination, and passion are wound up in these mighty roars. These attitudes are important in winning a battle. Roaring emboldens faith in the one who roars, and instills fear in the adversary. Seeing Jesus roaring together with you emboldens faith even more. Always intersperse the name of Jesus as you rebuke the enemy. For example, after you roar several times, then command “In Jesus name, demons, be gone (repeat 2-3 times).” Then repeat the entire process a second or third time until you feel in your spirit the victory is won.

  • Once you have done a couple of practice roaring sessions, and realized you can do such a thing as, “roar at the enemy” and it doesn’t break you, it only stretches you, now it is time to integrate roaring as a tool into your armory of warfare tools you use when you battle the enemy (Eph. 6:10-18).

  • You may be led by the Holy Spirit (Eph. 10:18) to incorporate “roaring at the enemy,” in any of the twenty plus spirit led devotionals, which we have listed in an upcoming chapter. It would be especially appropriate to incorporate roaring, whenever the devotional calls for rebuking a demon.

Testimonies from Those Who Roared at Their Enemies

Cameron Batten: I wanted to share with you something that happened to me as we were participating in the Roar exercise. When I asked the Lord what He wanted to change, He clearly and immediately said He wanted to destroy the hold that the adversary had over me because I had harbored a lie that I was rejected and always would be. As I was still, I saw Jesus run up to me, but He stopped short by about ten feet. And with the anxiousness and intensity of a linebacker, waiting for the ball to snap, He was waiting on something,... Me!

As I began to "roar" and go after that stronghold, He instantly ran and dove into my wounded heart, He uprooted and drove out the lie, and replaced it with His love and presence. He was waiting for me to cooperate with Him. He used my mouth, to turn His power loose, to heal my wounded heart! That happened in my seat! I wasn't in a prayer line. Jesus communicated His desire for me, and we worked together to accomplish His work. If Jesus can accomplish that by my just cooperating with Him at the seminar, how much more can we accomplish everyday, now that I've learned to hear Him!

I am free, more so than I have ever been. I realized when I took my place, stood my ground on the Word, that the Lion of the Tribe of Judah "roared" with me, and the walls that held me captive, came tumbling down. I will never be the same because of this message. I have finally discovered Christianity with a living Jesus, and not just a silent historical Jesus! I will be eternally grateful! I go now to share this message. God bless you on your mission.

Great Song About Jesus Roaring Inside Us!


Another Testimony From A "Roaring" Practice Session

Last weekend in Raleigh, NC I lead a group in practicing “roaring” at sickness within their bodies (i.e. sickness is an enemy of the Lord’s). We roared and commanded it to leave our bodies, and commanded divine healing to occur in Jesus’ name. As I had just finished teaching that biblical meditation includes roaring, this was simply a practice session on how to roar. Well, a little bit later a woman came to the front and shared her testimony. She had had pain in her knee for two years as a result of ligament surgery. The pain completely left as she roared at it and commanded it to leave in Jesus’ name! Thank you, Jesus! So from now on, I am going to consider these sessions more than simply “practice sessions.” I am going to enter them with faith for real miracles to take place, and I will regularly lead people into roaring at their sicknesses.  How about we all begin to lead people into roaring sessions where they roar with the Lion of Judah and come against infirmity in their bodies? Let’s watch the Lion of Judah win some battles for us, as we agree with Him in His roars!

We Would Love Your Testimony!

If you have roared at the enemy and witnessed a miracle, or if as a result of this blog, you decide to roar at the enemy and you experience a miracle, please send me an email and share your story. I would love to do a follow-up blog of testimonies of those who roared and found results.

I was with Tim Madden again in January of 2016 teaching his YWAM Crossroads group, and we did a "practice roaring session." I encouraged everyone to pick an enemy and roar at it, suggesting it could be sickness, or fear, doubt or unbelief. One senior citizen testified to the group that she was too weak and full of pain to roar, so she asked her classmate to roar for her at the pain in her body. She did, and now her body was completely pain free! 

I have seen similar things occur in every "practice roaring session" I have conducted. So why not go ahead and have one?

Thank you!




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Spiritual Warfare Battles

What is the correct way of praying spiritual warfare prayers, there's a new form of warfare prayers on the rise in America Churches from Nigeria Africa by Dr. Olukoya of MFM Mountain Of Fire Ministry, sample listed below.

Doe's the Lord approve of this kind of praying?

Any power, personality who wants me to die, die in my place, in the name of Jesus.

You evil hands, stealing from me, be cut off by the sword of the Lord, in the name of Jesus

You evil arrow fired into my body, come out and go back to your sender in the name of Jesus.

Anyone withholding my ability to get married, I command you to DIE BY FIRE!

Whosoever has been waiting for me to die so they can enjoy my blessing, I command them to DIE BY FIRE!

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OK, it is a bit intense for me so I may not be doing it. You can find some intense prayers by King David over his enemies. Here is one such example: (Ps. 109:8-17)
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Believer's Authority

What comes to mind is what Jesus talked about concerning His authority in John 5. Being seated with Christ in heavenly places is a place of faith and rest, and knowing and having true authority as a child of God. ( Ephesians 2 and Hebrews talks about this also. )
If a Believer in any nation is yielded to the leading of the Holy Spirit, continually being filled by the Spirit, and knows his or her position in Christ, and in relationship with the Father... it is not "this must be done in order to fight the enemy", but a submission unto the Lord... whether He is Roaring at His enemies, or Laughing at them, or perhaps Weeping over lost souls... our aim is to trust, know and follow the Holy Spirit's leadership so that we too can be obedient unto the Father's will, His desires as the Lord Jesus Christ was and is. The King knows the Father's will perfectly in all things, and... so can we if we are following Him closely, in tune heart to heart.
Today, there are many, many spiritual-sounding teachings. It is easy to become confused between understanding whether we are fighting against our own flesh (the carnal mind and carnal, selfish desires), or whether or where satan is at in things. To have a "work-oriented mindset" is based on a spirit of fear and religious superstition. The results are made of man's vain efforts. Very draining. Ineffective and powerless.
There is a place of "oneness" with the Lord that only comes when a person chooses to yield to the crucifixion, joining Christ in His death... dying to our flesh, being buried, and then experience the new man being raised to Life in Christ, by the power of the Holy Spirit.
In many nations, the new believers are "mixing" false religions and beliefs with the true Word of God. This brings nothing but confusion and misunderstanding for them. In meeting many Believers who have lived many years in Asia, Africa or India and elsewhere... the powers of darkness are genuinely and very openly active. If a Believer is not in unity with the Spirit, in communion with Him and in prayer and fellowship with the Saints, other Believers... it could be very, very difficult. Only those who live in this spiritual atmosphere where the forces of darkness are so active would have this sense of needing to engage in the battle and in warfare. European and North American believers are not so sharp in discerning or recognizing the spiritual realm. Hence, the deadness and the void of the true Gospel of Jesus Christ, the Word of God being absent in the land!
This teaching from Mark Virkler is not silly or foolish. There is a baptism in the Holy Ghost that comes if a child of God is in pursuit of knowing Him,... truly knowing Him in obedience to His Word and all that He gives through the power of His Spirit.
Very grateful for this Word that we should not just let the enemy have at it!
The Lord is raising up an army in the Power of the Spirit. To be idle, or to disregard the scripture as we seem to do so easily, is to agree with the adversary. How then can we see the deliverance and power of God today if we do as many are doing in the religious church system, following our own minds?

~ From a Sister living near Vancouver, BC ~

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I love your hearing Gods voice keys and much of what you teach. I want to point our that roaring isn't necessary in our struggle with the enemy. Once we know that we are seated with Christ far above the enemy, we can rest. I preach in secret churches in the most remote and illegal places in the world. Some of them have been taught much about spiritual warfare from America. We have taught them that they must constantly be doing something to fight the enemy. The result is that in places like Bhutan, for instance, they are always feeling like they are in a battle with the enemy. This has caused a lot of oppression. When I teach them the simple principle that they are seated with Christ, satan is defeated and that they don't have to do spiritual warfare all the time, it is so liberating. Anyway, I love you guys and I am a current student but I don't see any significance in roaring. It's not a principle taught by jesus or the disciples. Using the name of Jesus to establish something that is already ours is found there.



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Why Do We Roar?

Chris, Thanks for your thoughts. I do agree the battle is won and we are seated with Christ. I am sensing the roaring is more for our self than for the demon we are coming against. It is so easy to become complacent and accept an infirmity or anything else contrary to the Word of God. So in getting intense, I see this as overcoming my somewhat passive attitude and extending my faith.
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Writing from Asia and I had just came out of this " Roaring " church. The scales from my eyes are now gone. It's so tiring one of my sisters in this church says, cause every time she felt an oppression, she felt a tendency to Roar. Sounds weird, right ? AndI find similiarities to smoking a cigarette though I don't smoke at all.

It's very exhausing and you feel you are all alone fighting your own battles when actually Jesus had Completed everything at the cross. In Jesus's name, every tongue must confess He is Lord and every kneel must bow. So, if this is so, it's NOT being in a state of complacency but rather Victory.

I came out of a deep eastern occult many years ago through God's intervention and I see things in spirit realms you can't even imagine exist. If I take your " Roaring" teachings, I will be very busy even just staying home. But because of the Victory at the cross, I am free and can travel freely even when I see a Principality in the sky or air, I'm not afraid or need to find a place to " Roar" cause I know they can't touch me.

I do hope that whoever reads my response knows Christ have overcome the world including all the principalities. All you need is know your position, your authority in Christ.

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In my opinion, this approach to defeating the works of the devil can be effective according to the faith of the person doing it. A good question might be "is this approach compatible with James 4:7?" I believe it is.

Like the lady from Vancouver, I have served in third world countries and seen how dangerous syncretism can be. I agree with her in principle that the "roaring at the works of the devil" can distract from the basics of the faith that the local believers are not well grounded in.

Converts in many cultures have been immersed from childhood in non-christian religions and myths. Elements of their old life will strongly influence their understanding of biblical principles. The greatest need for the newer converts in those nations is basic discipleship, the development of a prayer life and regular times in the word. As K.P. Yohannan* teaches, this task can be inexpensively accomplished by trained local pastors and workers. Our support of missions in the developing world, via the training of indigenous leaders, is a most cost effective way to build the Kingdom there. Westerners who are called of the Lord to go to these nations, should be careful to honor the efforts of the local Christian leaders and join with what God was doing there when they arrive.


Dave E.


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