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Why Can't I Hear God's Voice Anymore?

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Question: Can you please shed some light on why I was able to hear God's voice clearly for over 20 years but for the past 5 I have been unable to hear Him? I'm sure you have had this question before and I would be very grateful for your wisdom.  Julie

Answer: Julie, something probably happened to shake your faith, and so now you don’t come to the throne in fullness of faith, and thus doubt is cutting off the flow. Repent of doubt. Re-establish a fullness of faith. Ask for the gift of faith. Journal again, and share your journaling with your three spiritual advisors for confirmation/correction, and then run with it. If you haven’t completed this course, then do it with a home group and a few of your friends.

Response back: Thank you so much for your reply, Mark. I think I first took your course way back in the 80's and it revolutionized my walk.

The day after I emailed you, I went back to God and asked Him as I walked on the beach to show me how to restore this ability. He reminded me that some years ago, I had done something wrong and repented but after that I hadn't heard His voice again. I have asked Him over and over for years to forgive me. He told me that He had forgiven me, but I hadn't. It was unforgiveness - of myself - that had blocked my ability to hear His voice. I was amazed that this had had such a huge impact on my life. I had become resigned to not hearing His voice again even though I longed for it.

I forgave myself and it was like being born again, again. Thank You! I pray that God richly blesses you and your ministry and that every Christian hears His voice!  Julie


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I have seen in the Bible where God can become unhappy with his children for their earthly actions. I personally have always felt very close to God and have heard his voice many times and felt his presence. After these past years of becoming exposed to a new type of evil that I had never experienced before, I found myself over whelmed with bitterness and anger for wasting my time and energy on people who never cared one bit about anyone but themselves. This was the most full blown case of narcissism I had ever seen in my life. They care for no one and I can not stress this enough. They enjoy hurting, intimidating and secretly destroying others things while no one is looking and they intrude on people's most private parts of their lives without no cares in the world. They laugh at the old and help no one out who needs it, at all. I thought that if they were exposed to a new kind of love and happiness that my family would change them but I was sadly mistaken and fully drained of my faith in one part of humanity that I didn't even know existed. I have been through a lot and had my own home and possessions violated while I wasn't home, yet forced to face their sneers and laughter behind my children and my back. You just can't imagine. I know we are to pray for people like that but I have found myself only praying that God sends them far away and keeps them very busy. I know we all sin but there really are people out there who enjoy being evil and have no qualms doing so. I don't understand why they seem to always stay ahead of God's wrath? It's almost like they flourish here on earth and have no type of punishments for their VERY evil wrong doings. So I feel like God became upset with me for not trying to love them anymore and not wanting to pray for them with my whole heart. I have tried to explain to God why I feel the way I do and he already knows this, so why am I only hearing silence now? Can you give me some advice? Thank you so much.

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You have to remember that they are being misled by Satan..

I was very angry over people who hurt children also I to was abused as a child and into my teen years. I know now that satan and the demons that live in them are the ones responsible. Sure they have done things but we should pray they turn to Christ. This way their souls are saved and the violence ends. Everyone wins that way even those who have been led into what they have done. Just imagine if satan and his demons and them are not around those people that hurt others would be a good person and would ahed not down what they done. They need to be saved just like the ones who are abused. I forgave those who abused me I did that a long time ago. I think God, He gave me a forgiving heart cause I forgive easy. And when i did I did not know much about satan I was a child when I forgave. Now i pray for those Children that are abused I pray that it be easy for them to forgive and the abuse stops.The ones harming have demons living in them. And I know that if the children do not forgive they will be bitter all their lives and can not get on with their lives. And will have to do the Forgiveness prayers if they do not forgive. Just like we are forgiven by Jesus we have to forgive our trespassers also.

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You can read through the Psalms and you will note that at times, David prayed that God would come against evil doers and bring calamity into their lives. I have no problem praying for righteousness to be exalted and wickedness to be exposed and removed.
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sometimes I feel like there's no hope for me. I sometimes pray that God will help me with my plans and hopes for the future, but then I remember God has his own plan for me and I cant be selfish. The point is its so hard to think that way when the only thing im worrying about is what I want, and how much I want it. I try to stay positive and think maybe God has something better enstore for me. Maybe what im asking for isn't want I really want but then again how do I know that. Everything I question always has an answer that's even more confusing. Im doubting everything I ever hoped for. Im not happy to think this way but im confused, lost, sacred, angry, but most of tired. What should I do because im really tired of waiting for something that might not happen.

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Dear Tired...

You need some friends who can serve as spiritual advisers to you. Turn to them and share your heart and let them speak words of counsel and healing to you. Also, practice the two-way journaling we teach in our book "4 Keys to Hearing God's Voice." God puts desires in our hearts, so it could very easily be that the desires you have are the same desires God has for you. Ask Him and see, and share what you receive back from Him with your 3 spiritual advisers.


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