Doctoral Dissertation “My Love Story With Jesus"

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Here is an amazing gift for you! This is a revelation-based doctoral dissertation presented to CLU by Jick Keng Foo of Malaysia. She began with a real life issue she was battling -- how to overcome anger and live in an attitude of love. She pours over all the Scripture verses on love and journals about them, and God grants her revelation which changes her life. In this dissertation you will find her entire story, beginning with the problem, then her exploration of Scripture, interspersed with her journaling as God speaks to her gems of wisdom which set her free and transform her life. 

Since this dissertation is based in life, Scripture and two-way journaling, you will discover it is not over your head (academically speaking), and it will minister real life to anyone seeking to grow in the gift of compassionate love. Thank you, Jick Keng, for the gift of your life and your growth to inspire each of us unto a deeper love affair with our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!

This amazing doctoral dissertation, “My Love Story with Jesus: A Personal Memoir of God’s Love and Faithfulness” by Jick Keng Foo, is available for free downloading here and Jick tells below how it came into being.

This is how Jesus finds me sitting by His feet, walking about at home without makeup and in my comfortable clothing. And this is how Jesus found me the first time and my first smile to Him! Unforgettable! This was how my Doctoral Dissertation topic came about: My Love Story with Jesus: A Personal Memoir of God’s Love and Faithfulness.

The other day, when I was preparing dinner, a distraught and angry husband, John (not his real name) called me. He ranted, vented and bawled his heart out to me….seeing his marriage and family life crushing into an ice-berg and sinking…helpless and hopeless. This is most unusual because generally, Asian men with their ‘strange’ ego would not bare their true heart to another, least to a woman in his circumstances.  Hence, I felt like a ‘Jesus’ to him :). But my bittersweet memory came flooding back…and then, the real Jesus touched my heartstring. I broke down and wept over the phone. John heard and fell completely silent, as I recounted to him my testimony as a hurting and desperate housewife. I was listening to the wrong voice and been convinced without a shade of doubt that my husband, Stuart did not love me…after all he never buy me flowers….never hug me…(most times, I had to beg him for one :))...never like Mark dates Patti for a weekly romantic dine-out…etc. Wrong voice! Wrong voice! Wrong voice is lots of truth containing some errors with destructive intent as Christian Leadership University (CLU) taught me!

The more I heard the wrong voice, the more depressed I became….to the point that me -- a Spirit-filled Christian (ahem! :)) spoke solemnly to Stuart, ‘Let us go on our separate way.’ Again, Stuart was silent. Jesus was silent too. I became even more furious!  I stormed into the Secret Place, slammed the door, ran into His Presence…sobbing…refusing to be comforted….

But no one can stay unchanged in the Lord’s Presence. No one can stay unchanged in His Love. No one can stay unchanged in His Voice. One day, Jesus led me to bringing out those cards with anniversary poems penned by Stuart to me over the past one decade and more. I laughed and wept at the same time. Sheepishly I said to Jesus, ‘I have forgotten. I have forgotten his love! I have forgotten the voice of his heart.’  ‘Stuart truly loves you. This is the truth. ’ Jesus’ Voice was breaking through to the depth of my heart and soul. I was set free!

This is the Good Shepherd’s voice. His Name is Christ Jesus.

In His light, I see light!  Hear His Voice, my heart rejoices!

When you know the true, you will never be blue!

Today I praise Stuart’s love more than wine and dine!

Today we are like two-glued-up-Chinese-Chopsticks! Hallelujah!

John listened attentively to my testimony in silence throughout..and finally I jogged him: ‘John, I need to see that my pasta is not burnt….Let me give you this life-transforming Rhema Jesus had given me, final 3 words before I go, ‘Love never fails.’  In my heart, I sensed John too, has heard the Good Shepherd’s voice.  

God’s voice in my journal to share:

‘Beloved, all my life…I’ve been waiting for you. Smile, beloved, for you have found Me. You have everything beyond what you can imagine of. Now that you have Me! You know My longsuffering, waiting for you to come to Me.

The more you love, the longer you can wait.

The more you love, the more sufferings you can endure.

The more you love, the more of yourself you can give away.

The more you love, the more you know Me and known by Me.

You can’t fool them if your heart is not right.

You can’t fool any souls if your heart is not true.

You can’t fool any man if your heart does not love.

Love is the main thing.

Keep the main thing the whole main thing and the only thing.

Love never fails!’

‘要 爱 敢 敢 爱! 爱 要 轰 轰 裂 裂! 不要 爱 得 不 三 不 四。’

(Theme meaning: Love must be red-hot!  Love is not lukewarm.) Jesus spoke Mandarin (my mother tongue) to me when He wants to get through to me –louder and clearer. :)

I always believe God gives me the best. O Yes, He always does. Husband? Yes!  Children? Yes! Friends? Yes! University? Yes!

I equate Christian Leadership University as:

  • The Harvard at Mt. Zion’ where God-Class, Spirit-anointed, Life-transforming courses and curriculum and leaders exist
  • ‘The Holy of Holies’ where God’s Presence and Voice is
  • ‘God’s University’ where passion, commitment, integrity and discipline are required

This is where I find His Heart, His Love, His Voice for all of my life.

This is where intimacy with the Lord leads to transformation.

This is where the Lord gives me my new name: Shekinah.

This is where I keep growing and glowing in the Lord.

This is where I see the real people of God is, whom I can call without their titles, and still get God-Class service and response – Mark, Patti, Cheryl, Charity...who says sorry if they are slightly ‘delayed’.  You are indeed my role models in Christ! Praise God!

This is where I am valued and greatly encouraged by the university professors: Rev. Nicholas Kusmich, Jr, Dr. Steve Bydeley, Dr. Nate & Joanne Krupp, Dr. Karen J. King.  (And for them, I used to call with titles.  There is a time for everything…) Thank you! You are my role models in Christ, too!

Blessed I am! Praise Him!

With love from your friend,

Jick Keng (aka Shekinah) 

Readers Respond

Grace J.L, my sister, a growing and fruitful Christian: A must-read book! I am addicted to it every morning. It’s like my “Our Daily Bread”. I have to remind myself to read the Bible first then only this book. Though I have not finished reading the whole book, I have already started printing hardcopies and forward the book link to my family and friends.

Zoe, my next-door-neighbour, an unchurched mother: I knew your story even before it was published (hehe)....I cried in one of the pages…your journey to find God’s love is inspiring! I will continue reading....

Chee, a non-Christian friend of Margaret who took over her computer to read this book, so engrossed and read on and on until finishing the book in one setting and forward the book link to many...(Chee was very earnest and kept asking Margaret to explain to her the meanings of some Christian lingos in the first few chapters). (JK: This is most encouraging to me for the non-Christians can read and understand it by large. May they be touched and come to Jesus! Amen)

Margaret, my 'break and fast' partner who first heard 'Mark Virkler' this name directly from the Lord when she wanted to hear God's voice better: You are honest with God and taking my time to read... I have forwarded the book link to the mothers in Penang that I know will be blessed by it.


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Thank you for sharing!

I love this! Thank you for sharing your journey and your heart with us, Jick Keng. May the Holy Spirit draw many through your wonderful testimony! And may He continue to romance you with deeper revelations of Jesus' love!
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Praise the Lord!

Thanks so much Tara for your appreciation, encouragement & prayer of blessings.
Thank You Jesus for the honor to write and witness Your Love Story to the world!
May The Love Story leaves a fiery blaze in many hearts and get 'Red Hot' for Him!

With love, Jick Keng