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Dale Cresap is a Certified CWG Facilitator posting daily devotional blogs of two-way journaling. (What is two-way journaling?) Enjoy and be encouraged!


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Do you consider faith to be highly desirable? My word speaks highly of faith and considers it greatly commendable. Yet is there a part of you that doesn’t want to live by faith? Consider what faith involves. It requires you to let go of your need for certainty. It impels you to act before you know. It means that you need to let go of the comfortable and familiar before you know what will come next. Do you know that this is true but feel torn about seeing it fully implemented in your life? I love you and know what you are capable of. I want you to understand faith for what it really is, and embrace it as the means of your transformation into my image.

Daily Word - problem size?

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What is your attitude toward the problems in your life? Do you make every effort to eliminate them? Have you seen other people take this approach only to have it backfire on them? For there are problems inherent in an abundant life, and you diminish your life by trying to eliminate them. In addition this will cause the minor problems that remain to take on an exaggerated sense of importance, so you can become increasingly fussy over ever more trivial matters. But you can reverse this logic and make it work in your behalf. If you seek those things above you will encounter problems that are real and worthy, as Paul said that his light afflictions were not worthy to be compared to the glory to be revealed.

Daily Word - True Essence

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Do you understand that the essence of your being is different from the amount of money you make, or your weight, or the various status symbols you own? Some people derive so much of their sense of identity from these things that they forget who they really are, but you know that these are variable circumstances of your life, and that your essential being is more steadfast and enduring. Can you follow this logic through to see that other people have an essential being that may be different from what they present? Can you develop an awareness of their true essence even if they are alienated from it?

Daily Word - abundance?

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A certain man prospered so much that his barns would not hold the harvest, so he tore them down and built bigger ones. Then he was quite pleased with himself thinking he could relax, but I said he was a fool, because that very night his life was required of him, and he did not enjoy the fruit of his labors. Have you ever asked me to give you enough money so that you wouldn’t need me? Do you see how this presents a problem? Your need for me is inherent. The rich can only pretend otherwise. Blessed are those who know they need me whether they have much or little. I can pour out abundance on them without ruining them.

Daily Word - Religious or Spiritual?

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Have you heard a distinction drawn between religion and spirituality? Consider those who pressed the charges against me to deliver me up to death. They hesitated to approach Pilate lest they should be defiled and therefore ineligible to celebrate the Passover. They were in a hurry to condemn the Lord of Glory so they could get on with their celebration. They were very diligent in performing their religious practices. Obviously they were missing the real significance of these events. You would be correct in saying that this is an extreme example, but have your religious practices ever interfered with your spirituality?

Daily Word - seek first

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What matters most to you? Christians ‘know’ that the right answer is to seek first the Kingdom of God, and all the other things you need will be added unto you. Do Christians order their conversation and actions as if this were true? How often do you talk to other believers and find they are fiercely invested in the outcome of a political campaign, and this dominates their thinking? They cannot image anyone of good conscience would hold a different view. Yet my Kingdom is not of this world, and the candidate they campaign for is very much of this world. How would believers act if they did seek the Kingdom of God first?

Daily Word - Spiritual Life

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Do you wish you had time for a spiritual life? You do. Many people assume that you can only do this if you have an abundance of leisure time that you are free to structure yourself. Do you feel that your own life is hectic and demanding in comparison? You do have some influence over the pace of your life, but you have real demands as well. Don’t be discouraged. I will come to you disguised as the life you currently lead. So it isn’t so much a matter of trying to escape your current life as listening to see what I am saying to you in the midst of it, and how I am using your current circumstances to complete my work in you.

Daily Word - company you keep

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Have you heard it said that you are judged by the company you keep? The counterpart to this is that you are judged by the company you avoid. I was judged in both ways. How often does your daily life put you in contact with the least of these? Do you prefer the company of those who are bright and affluent and popular, and structure your life to seek them out? Yet it was not these that I was referring to when I said, that when you had done it unto them you had done it unto me. It is more blessed to give than to receive. If you want more blessings, structure your life to have more opportunities for giving.

Daily Word - Blind?

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An ancient mystic said, God is within us, but we are outside of ourselves. Do you consider self-alienation to be a serious problem? Would you be aware of it if it were? I pronounced woes on the Pharisees publicly for being blind guides. Then others inquired of me if they were blind also. Does this strike you as an odd question? I told them that if they claimed to see their blindness would remain. Does this seem like an odd answer? Yet I spoke the truth. What can you learn from this? Hold your beliefs with humility and don’t be afraid to revisit them, for now you know in part, and I have more to teach you.

Daily Word - seeing me?

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Do you see me in everyone you see? If you accept the premise that everyone is made in my image then you should see some resemblance of me in everyone if you look hard enough. Some people make this easy for you through their lives of devotion to me, and the light and love that emanate from them. Other people make this hard for you because of the lack of those qualities. But is the problem in this case their lack of favorable presentation or your lack of discerning vision? You can’t change them to make my presence in them more obvious, but you can ask me to give you eyes to see.

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