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Heavenly Gems in Daily Bites: CWG Ministries Life-Engaging Blogs

Dale Cresap is a Certified CWG Facilitator posting daily devotional blogs of two-way journaling. (What is two-way journaling?) Enjoy and be encouraged!

Daily Word - Standing

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There are many instances where the word ‘standing’ is used to imply independence and self-reliance, such as standing alone, standing up for yourself, or standing on your own two feet. But is this really an act of total autonomy? Everyone who stands is standing on something and is supported by it, even if it is just inanimate earth. You do not exist in a vacuum or in isolation. Do you like to emphasize your liberty and independence? It would be equally valid, yes even more so, to emphasize the connections that give meaning and purpose to your life. That way you may stand in a state of grace. 

Daily Word - Near at Hand

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Have you been taught that my holiness make me completely different; unlike anything else? Does that leave you with the impression that I am distant and detached, aloof and unknowable? This would be a wrong conclusion. Animists see everything as spiritual, and you reject this. Can you see the distinction that everything you see is made by me, and bears my fingerprints and testifies of me even though it is not me? The heavens declare my glory, as does all of my creation. Do you understand that I am transcendent? Do you also see my immanence? I am near and involved and you can know me. 

Daily Word - Planning

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My word says that he who sits in the heavens laughs. Do you think I have a sense of humor? If you want to make me laugh, tell me your plans. My word warns against those who map out their intentions and predict that they will get all the outcomes they want. This passage states that my will is a factor and advises them to acknowledge that. Has your life always gone according to your plans? Has it gone according to mine? Nothing here should discourage you from making plans, and moving ahead to carry them out. Perhaps you too can smile when you recognize my ultimate authority.

Daily Word- in my image

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Do you accept the doctrine that you are made in my image? Do you also understand that your image of me creates you as well? Consider the story of the talents. The servants who traded with the master’s money were commended. The servant who hid his talent in the earth was asked to account for himself, and he accused the master of being harsh. It was only after this that he was declared to be an unprofitable servant. If you believe that I am harsh and severe, what effect will that have on you? On the other hand, if you see me as being loving, gracious, and merciful what effect will that have on you?

Daily Word - disciplines

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You know that certain habits and practices are beneficial for your health. These are not secrets but they can be a challenge to perform. As a result, do you assume that the healthy people you see are disciplined? For these things are under your control, as difficult as they can be. Do you also know that certain habits and practices are beneficial for your spiritual health? Yet these things are not under your control to the same degree. You can study the Bible and worship and pray. Will this make you more loving, compassionate, and empathetic? Do your part and then surrender to me and I will do my part in you. 

Daily Word - held by truth

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Do you hold your beliefs with humility? Do you consider them to be absolute and eternal truth? Are these concepts in conflict? People whose beliefs differ from yours feel as strongly about theirs as you do about yours, and you have had the unpleasant experience of encountering people who hold different views without humility. If your beliefs really are what you consider them to be, then you do not hold them as much as you are held by them. Blessed are those who know eternal truth, for they did not figure it out on their own, and flesh and blood did not reveal it to them, but my Father in heaven. Therefore you can hold your beliefs with humility because you do not hold them. They hold you.     [I'm leaving town for a few days]

Daily Word - optional offense?

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Have you ever had someone tell you not to take something personally? How else should you take it? My word pronounces woes upon those who bring offenses, and cause little ones to stumble. Yet your response to any statement will determine whether it is an observation or an offense, for offenses have a giver and a receiver, and in this case neither one is blessed. Be careful lest the things you say to others could be interpreted to have offensive intent, and assume the things they say to you were not meant to. Love on either side of the transaction will prevent an offense, and cover a multitude of sins. 

Daily Word - resourceful

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Do you lament that you don’t have enough resources to do what you want to do? Do you know what it means to be resourceful? It means to find a way to do what you need to do with what you have on hand. It may involve creative uses for ordinary things. Rather than looking for more stuff, consider what you can do with what you have. Consider the story of the loaves and the fishes. There was not enough to begin with, but there was something. In the economy of God and in the power of the Spirit, limited resources can be miraculously multiplied. How resourceful can you be with what you have now? 

Daily Word - thoughts

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Do you have a steady stream of thoughts in your head? Do you think of this stream as the essence of your identity? My word tells you to take every thought captive. If your thoughts are your true identity, then who is to take them captive? You are a spiritual being made in my image, and you are more than the sum of your thoughts. Your mind should be your servant rather than your master. It is not within you to direct your own steps, but I invite you to be led by the Spirit. If you do then your mind will be tuned to receive living and eternal truth, and I will be in all your thoughts. 

Daily Word - Safe?

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Do you always play it safe? There are some risks that are reckless and foolhardy, but there are others that are reasonable. I have a destiny for you, but you will not find it if you always take the path of least resistance. I called Abraham to leave his comfortable surroundings to go to a place I would show him later. Your call may not be this dramatic, but there will be some features in common. Don’t mistake comfort and ease for safety. You are safe with me even if it forces you out of your familiar surroundings and routines. This is the only way you can grow. This is the only way to walk into your destiny. 

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