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Dale Cresap is a Certified CWG Facilitator posting daily devotional blogs of two-way journaling. (What is two-way journaling?) Enjoy and be encouraged!

Daily Word - Impossible?

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Have I ever asked anything of you that was impossible for you? You assume that this could never happen, but consider what the angel told Mary. You (a virgin) will conceive, and you know the rest of the story. Obviously this wasn’t something she could go out and do herself. So there is a precedent for me asking people to take part in tasks that they could not possibly do alone. Note how Mary responded. She didn’t sulk or pout, she didn’t complain or refuse. Considering the situation, ‘be it unto me according to thy word’ is a good reply. Wouldn’t you like to be a part of a story larger than yourself? You can start with gracious acceptance of what I ask of you

Daily Word - one true church?

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The woman at the well asked me if the mountain where her people worshipped was the right one, or if mine was the correct one. I replied that true worship was in spirit and in truth, implying that the selection of the right mountain was secondary. To bring this story up to date you could substitute church for mountain. How many people today don’t care about mountains but think their church is the right one? Yet the underlying concept is the same and the answer is the same. I have people in more churches than you think, but the important thing is still to worship me in spirit and in truth.

daily word - consumed?

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When I said that unless a grain of wheat dies it abides alone, but if it dies it brings forth much fruit, I was speaking of myself. But I expounded a general truth that applies universally, particularly to my followers. Seeds produce plants that bear fruit, and so the seed is multiplied, but the seed is consumed in the process. My own destiny was unique, and the process took my life. I told those who would follow me to lay down their life, and pick up their cross and follow me. Paul provides an example of this when describing his ministry and adding that he died daily. How eager are you to bear fruit that will remain? Are you willing to be consumed in the process?

daily word - love your enemies

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I tell you to love your enemies. This was a radical departure from common sense and commonly accepted practices when I introduced the concept, and it still is. You regard yourself as being correct and walking in truth and light. You know that I love you. Can you accept that I love your enemies as much as I love you, even if they are wrong and walking in darkness? I loved you this much when you were far from me. The purpose for loving your enemies is not to validate their positions. It is to make you like your Father in heaven. Don’t let your enemies alienate you from me.

Daily Word - On Demand?

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Are you accustomed to getting what you want on demand? You open a faucet and water flows, and you turn on a switch and electrical current flows. Your access to information networks is very similar, and you like this convenience. Do you see your spiritual connection with me the same way; that I am there for you whenever you want me? Yet this perspective can give you a distorted view of our relationship, as if I am here for your convenience. If you call me Lord, shouldn’t it be the other way around? The reality is not that I am with you on demand, but that I am with you always, whether it is convenient for you or not. How would a greater awareness of my abiding presence with you affect the way you live your life?

daily word - thorn?

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My word promises that you can have whatever you ask me for, anything you want. Do you like this promise and exercise it often? Do you know that you can also have things you don’t want, and didn’t ask for? Paul had a thorn in his flesh. He didn’t want it, and on repeated occasions asked me to remove it, which I declined to do. I told him that my grace was sufficient for him. He struggled with this but came to accept it. So the story had a happy ending, not that the thorn was removed, but that Paul came to a state of grace concerning it. Can you come to a state of grace about things in your life you don’t want and can’t get rid of?

daily word - easy or hard?

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Do you find it easier and easier to surround yourself with like-minded people? Modern network communications make it easier than ever to make contact with those of similar backgrounds and beliefs, and opinions. Is this a good thing? The same technology also makes it easier to come into contact with those outside of your familiar group. Which do you prefer to do? It is comforting to be reassured that you were right all along, but that is not a formula for your growth and transformation. So it is easier to do the easier thing, and also easier to do the harder thing that provides more growth potential for you. Which will you do?

Daily Word - Teacher?

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Have you heard it said that when the student is ready the teacher will appear? Have you experienced this yourself? Do you suspect that the teacher was really there all along, but until you were ready you were not aware of the teacher or the need for the lesson? You see characters in the Bible going through long periods of apparent inactivity, but this time was necessary for their inner transformation. They emerged from it changed and ready for the mission I had set before them. Would you like this to progress more quickly for you? What teacher are you waiting for or cannot see? 

daily word - let your light shine

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My word teaches you that no one would light a candle and hide it under a bushel, but rather put it on a candlestick to give light. This makes sense at the most basic level, but you know that it has a deeper meaning. You have light within you. What bushel would you use to hide it? Fear? Shame? Guilt? These may be real issues that must be dealt with in your life, but they are not valid reasons for hiding your light under a bushel. If you wait until your imperfections are all resolved you will never let your light shine. Let it shine in spite of your flaws that when people see it they will glorify me.

daily word - hard times?

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Do you think there is such a thing as Christian privilege? Perhaps not everywhere, but in countries with large Christian populations you can wear a cross around your neck and practice your faith openly. My followers have not always been able to do so, and in some places in the world they still cannot. The same Bible is true for all, but do you see how you have it easier than others? Do you have sympathy for your brothers and sisters who suffer persecution for their faith? Someday this could be you. If that time comes then I will sustain you through it as I do them now.

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