Coffee Has 1000 Compounds Which Promote Health!

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Well, that is a shocker for most of us who have been told that coffee is damaging to our health!

So what do the statistics show? According to Life Extension July 2014, page 48, a 13-year study of 229,000 men and 173,000 women who ranged in age from 50 – 71 years at the start of the study found the following: Drinking coffee, regardless of how much they drank, saw a reduction in the risk of dying. For men, 2-3 cups a day produced the greatest benefit. For women, 4-5 cups a day produced the most benefit. And decaffeinated coffee was just slightly less effective in reducing risk of dying (11% versus 12%). Coffee provides cardiovascular protection, protects against metabolic syndrome and Type II Diabetes. It protects brain cells and prevents liver and kidney cancers.

Wow! Time for another cup!

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