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Dr. Charity Kayembe has been guest posting on her father Mark Virkler's blog. We received so much wonderful feedback from her angel series! Thanks to everyone who emailed and commented on them. All of these posts have now been pulled together and put in one place.

Going forward Charity will continue sharing more on angels, dream interpretation, the supernatural realm and how quantum physics integrates with living and walking by the Spirit, with her more recent articles posted further down this page.

We invite you to check out her ministry website at and follow her on Facebook. Be blessed! 

Everything Angels (The Series)

  1)  Angels: God's Servants, My Friends
  2)  Angels: Guardians of Joy
  3)  Look-Alike Angels
  4)  Angel Diaries: Daniel 10
  5)  Lord of Angel Armies
  6)  Angels: My Personal Hegais
  7)  What an Angel Wants
  8)  What Angels Don't Have
  9)  Personal Angels - Our Match Made in Heaven
10)  Worshiping Angels (with video overview)

Angel Extras:

Seeing in the Spirit

Back to Eden: Restoring the Super to Our Natural

Going forward, new posts will appear in the blog list below.  Enjoy! 



Living to a Different Kingdom

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“The Kingdom of God is within you.” (Luke 17:21 KJV) The word Kingdom means the domain of the King. It is where the King has dominion and where He rules. Although we absolutely want to experience the glory of His Kingdom manifest in our natural world, it must first manifest within us—in the hearts and minds of the children of the King.

New MP3s & Our Sid Roth Interview

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You’ve been asking and they’re finally here! The teaching that we just recorded at Catch the Fire Toronto last month is now available on MP3. Dad leads six interactive interpretations with audience members, translating each aspect of their dream using the DAESI Dream Work Method.

Video: Why We Dream of Things from Our Days

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Are our dreams just recycling leftover events from the day? Does everyone really dream every night? What’s the one thing in our dreams we should always take literally? Did God speak through weird dreams with strange symbolism in the Bible?

EFT: Studies, Statistics and Survivor Stories

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Therapy at the speed of light? Dr. Joseph Mercola has built the most visited natural health website in the world, reaching 25 million readers each month. He is a Christian who sees tapping as a gift from God and teaches “EFT is done through you, not by you.” On his training DVDs, Dr.

New EFT Book, New Seminar, New Website!

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Scripture tells us that we comfort others with the comfort we ourselves have received (2 Corinthians 1:3–5). To the degree that we are healed and comforted, we can offer those same gifts much more freely to others.

New Dreams Book - Free Chapter Download

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We had an awesome time at our Dream Interpretation Workshop in Toronto this weekend! God honored us with His presence and the filming went beautifully. Over 250 of you joined us and it was especially wonderful to meet so many of you personally!

Ant Attack - A Dream Interpreted

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Now that we are familiar with the DAESI Dream Work Method, let’s apply it to a real life dream. The following night vision is from Kathy and illustrates many key principles of interpretation including one of the most important: how the dreamer herself is the most qualified person to interpret the dream’s message. Below is Kathy’s dream work in her own words.

DAESI Dream Work Method

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I am asked how I make sense of my dreams as people often feel their night visions don't mean anything at all. They have trouble figuring out how their dreams actually relate to their waking lives, much less how they can be translated and understood to be revelatory messages from the Lord.

Kingdom Emotion: Our Spiritual Armor

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We have been looking at the ineptitude of our spiritual enemy and examining the potential access points our negative feelings make available to him. Today we will consider several Scriptures to learn more about the armor God has provided to keep us safe in battle.

5 Enemy Entry Points You Probably Haven't Thought Of

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Now that we have firmly established the enemy is not a scary threat to us, we will examine how he does try to sneak in and affect our lives. Genesis 3:1 says that the serpent was the most crafty and cunning of all the animals. The enemy’s strategy is so subtle, the devil and his cohorts prefer we not even realize they are infiltrating.

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