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Dr. Charity Kayembe has been guest posting on her father Mark Virkler's blog. We received so much wonderful feedback from her angel series! Thanks to everyone who emailed and commented on them. All of these posts have now been pulled together and put in one place.

Going forward Charity will continue sharing more on angels, dream interpretation, the supernatural realm and how quantum physics integrates with living and walking by the Spirit, with her more recent articles posted further down this page.

We invite you to check out her ministry website at and follow her on Facebook. Be blessed! 

Everything Angels (The Series)

  1)  Angels: God's Servants, My Friends
  2)  Angels: Guardians of Joy
  3)  Look-Alike Angels
  4)  Angel Diaries: Daniel 10
  5)  Lord of Angel Armies
  6)  Angels: My Personal Hegais
  7)  What an Angel Wants
  8)  What Angels Don't Have
  9)  Personal Angels - Our Match Made in Heaven
10)  Worshiping Angels (with video overview)

Angel Extras:

Seeing in the Spirit

Back to Eden: Restoring the Super to Our Natural

Going forward, new posts will appear in the blog list below.  Enjoy! 



Dreams That Changed the World

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Harriet Tubman dreamt of escape routes as she conducted the Underground Railroad. She said God spoke to her powerfully through dreams, showing her maps and helping her find safe houses to guide slaves to freedom. By honoring her dreams and acting on them, she became a hero and saved the lives of hundreds of people.

What If I Remember TOO Many Dreams?

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We recently discussed how to improve dream recall and several practical things we can do to begin remembering the dreams we have each night. On the other end of the spectrum, another question I’m often asked is what to do if we recall too many dreams – long epic sagas – every single night? The following email echoes this common concern, so I wanted to share the answer here as well.

Surrounded by Angels

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"Do not fear, for those who are with us are more than those who are with them!" Then Elisha prayed, "O Lord, open his eyes that he may see."  And the Lord opened the young man's eyes and he saw: the mountain was full of horses and chariots of fire all around Elisha. (2 Kings 6:17)

EFT – Healing the Emotional Component of Our Physical Pain

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When we have a physical injury – a stubbed toe, a broken arm or worse – we automatically assume we “should” hurt. We figure obviously we ought to be in pain, because something is physiologically wrong with us! However, sometimes our physical bodies have already healed, but the emotions surrounding the injury have not yet been addressed, which leaves the residue of pain still lingering.

7 Tips for Improving Dream Recall

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I am often asked what to do if you can’t remember your dreams. It can be frustrating to know that you had a dream, but you can’t quite put your finger on what it was. The good news is that there are several ways we can improve dream recall, including:

Down Under Diaries: Final Trip Report

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We have just returned to New York and are incredibly blessed by all God has done over the past two months of ministry. We continue to receive testimonies from those who joined us at the events Down Under and I can’t keep all these encouraging stories to myself!

Down Under Diaries: ISIS & the Ends of the Earth

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Leo and I had a wonderful time at our last events in Australia. One team of six people came for the dreams workshop to learn how to interpret dreams for evangelism. They are going to practice all they’ve learned together, mastering the skill of dream work. Once they are fluent in the picture language God speaks at night they’ll head to the New Age fair near them and set up a “spiritual reading” booth to help people translate God’s messages of love and encouragement to them through their visions of the night. Awesome!

Down Under Diaries: Kiwi Tour Expanded

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New South Wales, Victoria and South Australia We have had an amazing time ministering in churches throughout Southeast Australia. About the same size as America, Australia is divided into only seven large states, and we have now visited five of them. It’s been a great adventure and we are so blessed by the love, honor and hospitality we receive everywhere we go. 

Down Under Diaries – Queensland

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We’ve had a wonderful time in Australia so far and are excited that we’ve only just begun. I started by teaching on the 4 Keys to Hearing God’s Voice at Access Church’s School of Ministry near Brisbane, and then we moved into hearing God’s voice through our dreams at night as well.

Down Under

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I am so excited about the doors God has opened to spread His message of intimacy through dreams far and wide. The invitation Last summer I received an email from the pastor of a church in Queensland saying, “We have been reading your blogs all the way over in Australia and we’d like to invite you to teach at our School of Ministry, imparting the revelation of hearing from heaven to our students.” Praise GOD. What an opportunity!

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