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4 Keys Song for Children Now Available!

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Special thanks to Linda Harper, Children’s Ministry Volunteer at Inverness Vineyard Church, for creating a beautiful song on the 4 keys to hearing God's voice for kids. Bless you, Linda! Now you can train your children and grandchildren up to hear God's voice through music. Thank you, Linda, for your gift to all of us!

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Here is the Vineyard team that produced our "Hearing God's Voice" theme song. From left to right:

  1. Brady Wilson (Producer, Guitar)
  2. Steve Cole (Worship Pastor, Keyboard)
  3. Linda Harper (Song Writer)
  4. Stacy Cole (Vocalist & Steve's wife).

Brady and his wife Melissa also work in our Children's Ministry.

Click here for an additional song by Linda Harper, "In Your Presence".



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